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Days Inn by Wyndham Bullhead City. The LFC has supported massive live concerts as part of the much-praised LEO linear large-scale sound reinforcement system, and was used to test the human response to extreme low frequencies in a Mythbusters experiment. Nrnjelsc order cheap cialis without prescription, http: The hall's acoustics and reinforcement system were both designed by Norwalk, Conn. Ogjrzcza go veg username!

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The exceptional audio clarity has prompted positive reviews amongst local press, including Connect Savannah. Paul's Girls' School in London, two new Meyer Sound CAL 64 column array loudspeakers provide vibrant and life-like reproduction for speech, live music performances, and video soundtracks. Custom-colored to match the surrounding oak woodwork in the historic auditorium, the two slender columns employ precision beam-steering and -splitting technology to deliver uniform coverage across the seating areas.

According to theatre management, the systems create such realism and excitement that they have given the cinema a clear competitive edge. Auditorio Nacional del Sodre in Uruguay has chosen a self-powered Meyer Sound MINA line array loudspeaker system as the first permanent reinforcement system in the 1,capacity venue.

The upgrade has ushered in a new era for the vibrant local arts community, which now has a performance space that shares high-quality reinforcement with MINA-equipped halls such as the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and the Festhalle in Germany. Designed and engineered from the outset to combine architectural and electronic acoustics, this luxurious new performance venue has since scheduled a mix of international and local music acts as well as Broadway musicals like Chicago and Singin' In the Rain.

Serving the main floor and mezzanine areas, the system presents musical fidelity for daytime background tracks and boosts the energy level for live music showcases during the weekends. The result shows that even and intelligible audio coverage is possible in sonically challenging spaces when acoustical treatment is not an option. The result is a suite of Crestron modules in development that will allow customers to seamlessly implement Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeaker systems in environments controlled by Crestron products.

Amsterdam's architecturally resplendent and acoustically magnificent concert venue, The Concertgebouw now joins two other world-renowned orchestral venues, Vienna's Musikverein and Konzerthaus Berlin, both of which have installed Meyer Sound CAL systems within the last year.

With the upgrade, the venue joins the likes of Moscow's Svetlanov Hall, The Appel Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center, and more than 50 other prestigious venues that rely on the variable acoustics of Constellation to deliver an extraordinary live experience.

With technology covering concert sound reinforcement, cinema, and active acoustics from a Constellation acoustic system, the complex is the premium arts and entertainment destination on the Norwegian coast.

With the power and linear response of both products, the crew can easily adapt the system for a wide range of venues, which includes casino showrooms, arenas, large theatres, outdoor amphitheaters, and festivals. Oliveto Restaurant Collaborates with Meyer Sound December 3, Oliveto Restaurant and Cafe, the innovative, Italian-inspired dining destination in the heart of Rockridge in Oakland, unveils a new look — and sound — this week.

Addressing the industry-wide issue of noise pollution in restaurants, Oliveto has found the perfect balance in its new partnership with Berkeley's pioneering Meyer Sound, installing a state-of-the-art acoustic solution in addition to making enticing aesthetic changes as part of the restaurant's first major renovation in 18 years.

The facility is the ministry's second venue to deploy Meyer Sound, following the success with a CQ-2 and MSL-4 loudspeaker system on its main campus in Gainesville. These events range from hockey games to national programs such as the Nobel Conference, the first ongoing educational conference in the United States to have the official authorization of the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden. With the power and clarity of a Meyer Sound LYON linear sound reinforcement system, the audio team overcame the event's technical complexities and offered a sonic experience that was both clear and immersive.

The upgrade projects will breathe new life into the historic, year-old music venue in downtown Memphis and give long-time patrons a world-class entertainment experience. With a CueConsole control surface, D-Mitri drives the play's audio mixing, matrixing, and loudspeaker processing. With an emphasis on exceptional audio quality and system reliability, the 2,seat venue chose a design based on M'elodie and MICA line array loudspeakers. Louisville Football Stadium with LEO October 26, To amplify the home-game atmosphere and bring the 55, fans closer to the on-field action, Papa John's Cardinal Stadium at University of Louisville has chosen the most powerful loudspeaker technology available today—Meyer Sound's LEO linear large-scale sound reinforcement system with the LFC low-frequency control element and SB-3F sound field synthesis loudspeakers.

Selected for its sheer power and remarkable ability to project sonic clarity and impact over long distances, the system was chosen by recently retired, long-time stadium manager K. SB-3F at Nebraska Memorial Stadium October 26, To project utmost audio clarity to the furthest of its 87, fans, Memorial Stadium at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has installed 16 SB-3F sound field synthesis loudspeakers, the Meyer Sound technology for projecting mid-high frequency energy over distances of up to 1 km.

Adding to Fox Sound's large Meyer Sound inventory of more than loudspeakers, the LYON system has supported a range of classical, rock, and dance events across the country. With a Meyer Sound LEO linear large-scale sound reinforcement system, founders Andres Cuadros and Guillermo Riera have grown the company into a rental powerhouse chosen for top international tours stopping in Peru. In addition to exceptional sound quality and reliability, the design team has named accurate sonic translation as a primary reason for the system choice.

Named Overland Park 18, this eastern Kansas theatre complex boasts close to Meyer Sound cinema loudspeakers. The new system replaces its trusty nine-year-old Meyer Sound CQ-2 loudspeaker system, which will continue to serve in a second Cross Pointe campus that will open in late Located in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Together with its existing Meyer Sound mono center cluster, the seat theatre now provides an exceptional listening experience to every guest. With a stage house and thrust stage originally built for non-amplified performances, the theatre now benefits from an architecturally pleasing audio solution that heightens vocal clarity and musicality for the audience, while making performing easier for the actors.

Starlight on LEO July 28, Supporting heavy metal festivals STHLM Fields and Sonisphere not only took tremendous sonic power, but also an intelligently designed loudspeaker rigging system built for mission-critical circumstances. For the festivals' headliners Metallica, Slayer, and Mastodon, Starlight built a massive Meyer Sound LEO linear large-scale sound reinforcement system with close to loudspeakers.

Within 24 hours, the system was flown and tuned for action for the two productions located km from each other. With the tour's truck space and trussing constraints, the production also needed a system with an exceptional power-to-size ratio and versatility. Tower of Power opens the show.

Designed to meet specific architectural challenges, the system was supplied by long-time Meyer Sound dealer TC Furlong, Inc. Voted on by a panel of experts from across the AV industry, the awards were presented by Installation magazine. Constellation at Enbridge Corporate Learning Center June 28, Calgary-based energy company Enbridge is the latest corporation to install a Meyer Sound Constellation acoustic system, with the goal of clarifying corporate communication and facilitating the free flow of ideas.

Eliminating the need for handheld microphones, the systems support a variety of functions in two adjacent meeting rooms located in the company's new Learning Center. To provide intelligible yet discreet background music for shoppers, Meyer Sound MM-4XP self-powered loudspeakers have been installed.

Kirby Center May 28, The F. As part of the restoration for the art deco auditorium, custom-painted gold arrays blend seamlessly into the gilt wood proscenium arch. Dave Grogan of Wilkes-Barre-based Effects Unlimited handled system design consultation and installation. Loudspeakers at Beijing Auto Show May 28, At the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, 20 car manufacturers relied on nearly self-powered Meyer Sound loudspeakers to provide visually unobtrusive and high-quality reinforcement.

Bartha sees LYON as a powerful tool that will allow the company to deliver the utmost audio quality for corporate events in convention centres and arenas as well as indoor and outdoor music concerts. To optimize the speech clarity in this space characterized by its resonant, rich acoustics, the Musikverein has chosen the steerable Meyer Sound CAL column array loudspeakers. Soundfirm Installs Cinema System for Dolby Atmos April 5, Soundfirm, which has received more awards than any other Australian audio post facility, has selected a Meyer Sound cinema loudspeaker system for its Dolby Atmos dubbing stage in its new Melbourne location.

The large mixing room is the country's first to feature an all-Meyer Sound screen channel and surround loudspeaker system. The church reports that MINA is helping break down separation between worship leaders and the congregation, bringing a greater sense of unity and participation to services. The self-powered system is designed to be flown and ready within an hour, and removed for unamplified symphonic concerts.

Bern Town Hall in Switzerland, voice intelligibility has been greatly improved with the installation of two steerable Meyer Sound CAL 64 column array loudspeakers.

The system is implemented in the Grossratssaal, the acoustically challenging main legislative chamber of the 15th century Gothic structure. From a total of nominees, 16 finalists have been chosen among eight different categories.

The winners will be announced in Oakland on February 13, , the day of Meyer Sound's 35th anniversary. With these latest tools, the DMC gives users of the room utmost flexibility for everything from film showings and interactive digital media presentations, to experimental music concerts and intimate meetings.

To improve the sound quality for daytime ambience music and live entertainment in the evenings and weekends, the pub has installed a Meyer Sound system based around UPJunior-XP 48 V VariO loudspeakers. The audacious multipurpose building project began when the local government realized funds were available for only one structure. As a result, two seemingly contrary uses were combined into a single, architecturally daring, and cost-effective new venue.

The Brooklyn post facility is now one of three Meyer Sound-equipped post houses in the New York metro area. Having previously selected Meyer Sound systems for two other areas of the church, Lubbock-based Moyers Group was called upon to design and install the new system.

The jazz club features a compact, self-powered Meyer Sound UltraSeries loudspeaker system installed by Kastrup, Denmark-based Stouenborg. To enhance the audio quality of its celebration-style worship services, the church recently installed a Meyer Sound M'elodie line array loudspeaker system in its seat sanctuary. The power, clarity, and beam-steering flexibility of the CAL loudspeakers make them ideal not only for lectures, but also for musical performances and cinema soundtracks. Covering over meters of the concert field with no delay towers, the LEO system made a strong impression on veteran FOH mixers.

To satisfy the varied demands of the seat hall, the university has installed a self-powered Meyer Sound MINA line array loudspeaker system. The hall's acoustics and reinforcement system were both designed by Norwalk, Conn. Dubbing Brothers Installs for Dolby Atmos December 10, Located on the outskirts of Paris, Dubbing Brothers is a world-leading postproduction center for adapting major films into foreign languages.

Its recently renovated Dolby Atmos mixing stage is now equipped with a Meyer Sound system, which has supported the dubbing and remixing of films including Escape Plan, Saving Mr. Banks, and the Dolby Atmos mix of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. The Sugar in Lyon, France is a popular new dance club and performance venue converted from a former sugar warehouse. Supporting the club's eclectic mix of electronic dance music and other arts performances is a potent Meyer Sound system based around JM-1P arrayable loudspeakers and LFC low-frequency control elements.

Performing to an arena of screaming fans, Sheeran and his acoustic guitar were supported by a powerful and transparent Meyer Sound LEO linear large-scale sound reinforcement system that kept the shows intimate, despite the arena's size. Blackhawk Audio of White House, Tenn. To ensure optimal audio quality for Graffiti's requirements, Cairo-based Modern Touch has installed a discreet yet powerful Meyer Sound system based around the MM-4XP self-powered loudspeakers.

The system works in conjunction with a series of 4K-ready atmosphere media display panels that deliver a variety of high-quality visuals. At the press of a button, venue operators can adapt the auditorium's acoustical characteristics to suit performances for the resident Antelope Valley Symphony Orchestra, Shakespeare plays and opera.

For the show tour, Stockholm-based sound provider Starlight provided a Meyer Sound LEO linear large-scale sound reinforcement system. With Constellation, San Francisco Exploratorium Educates October 11, Billed by the New York Times as the most important science museum to have opened since the midth century, San Francisco's Exploratorium has recently opened its new multidisciplinary theatre, the Kanbar Forum. To fully support its programming diversity and inspire original works of multimedia art, the Exploratorium has become the first museum facility to install a Constellation acoustic system, supplemented with a palette of other audio tools from Meyer Sound.

Liseberg Amusement Park with D-Mitri October 11, In celebration of its 90th anniversary, Liseberg amusement park in Sweden has completely renovated its children's area to create Rabbit Land, a 10,square-meter play area where children can interact with animals and rabbit-costumed actors. To carry the actors' voices, sound effects, and incidental music throughout the park, system integrator One Two Sales of Gothenburg has outfitted Rabbit Land with Meyer Sound's D-Mitri digital audio platform and Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers discreetly placed throughout the area.

The upgrade has markedly improved both vocal clarity and sound distribution for the hall's variety of events. Featuring a retractable active acoustic canopy formed by 40 miniature loudspeakers, the Constellation system provides an environment that helps musicians hear each other better and hence improve their sense of ensemble. Featuring a lineup that included will.

Despite large reflective surfaces and tall ceilings, announcements and music are projected with a crispy clarity rarely heard in transportation facilities.

Two large shows took place on Central Park's Great Lawn, where Meyer Sound loudspeakers covered a widely dispersed audience estimated at more than 50, Designed and supplied by Warsaw-based Polsound, the new system was installed in the historic, earlyth century auditorium just prior to the opening of its latest production, Singing in the Rain.

Oslo Konserthus in Norway has relied on the durability and longevity of its Meyer Sound equipment since A quarter century after installing eight UPA-1 and two USW-1 conventionally powered loudspeakers, the venue again turned to a Meyer Sound solution when it came time for an upgrade. More than Meyer Sound loudspeakers are installed in 14 separate systems in the school's classrooms, athletic facilities, and main theatre.

All audio systems were provided and installed by Cairo-based Modern Touch. Meyer Sound Brings Resolution to Dallas Audio Post August 13, Dallas Audio Post has built a new 10,square-foot facility from the ground up to offer world-class film, television, and multimedia sound editing and mixing.

The complex features Dallas's first Dolby-approved dub stage, with monitoring handled by a Meyer Sound cinema system based on the Acheron 80 screen channel loudspeaker. UP-4XP in Venice Biennale August 13, At the 55th Venice Biennale in Italy, an ambitious exhibit entitled Polartide invites participants to reflect on the relationship between oil prices and rising sea levels.

The exhibit is open to visitors through November 24th, David Garett Tours with LEO August 13, Known for his boundary-crossing repertoire that includes classical arrangements of rock, pop, and punk music, violinist David Garrett recently performed a series of open-air shows across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Movie screenings at this seat theatre will be heard through a cinema system from Meyer Sound, who is a festival sponsor for the third consecutive year. Casablanca-based Touareg Prod' supplied Meyer Sound systems for the festival's two principal venues, including a MILO line array loudspeaker system for the more acoustically challenging space. The new system was initially deployed at the Vive Movistar Festival in Caracas this summer.

By subtly augmenting the theatre's reverberant characteristics, Constellation creates an immersive acoustic atmosphere and enhances the audience's sense of envelopment.

To ensure clarity for speech and music, this new worship hall has installed a Meyer Sound MINA line array loudspeaker system. Through a Meyer Sound MINA line array loudspeaker system, audiences of up to 1, are drawn into intimate, thought-provoking conversations with leaders of thought and culture.

The system was provided by Montreal-based Solotech. Life Is But a Dream. A Meyer Sound Constellation acoustic system and a MICA line array loudspeaker system were installed here to provide flexible sonic enhancement for Eastside's contemporary worship band and musical events. Constellation allows these venues to optimize their room acoustics for orchestral, chamber, or choral performances with the press of a button.

It features a vaulted ceiling and hard walls that create reverberation times of over 10 seconds. To improve clarity for its speech and music programming, the cathedral recently upgraded to the new steerable CAL column array loudspeakers from Meyer Sound. The LFC has supported massive live concerts as part of the much-praised LEO linear large-scale sound reinforcement system, and was used to test the human response to extreme low frequencies in a Mythbusters experiment.

Outfitted with a Meyer Sound Constellation acoustic system and sound reinforcement system, the theatre is sonically suited to host a spectrum of events ranging from musical theatre to orchestral and rock concerts. Though it was determined that both a large auditorium and a smaller performance hall would be ideal for its range of events, their budget could not justify building and maintaining multiple spaces. A solution was soon found in the multi-use Cunningham Performance Hall of the Mansfield ISD Center for the Performing Arts, which utilizes a Meyer Sound Constellation acoustic system to provide the ideal acoustics for its varying room configurations and programs.

Big Thrill Productions of Weatherford, Tex. At Shanghai Auto Show, Meyer Drives Audio May 18, Throughout the week-long 15th annual Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, more than Meyer Sound loudspeakers provided quality, visually unobtrusive reinforcement for such leading automobile manufacturers as Ferrari and Maserati, among others.

The multi-site church's new system was created in partnership with WAVE, a design and systems integration firm headquartered in Charlotte, N. Among them is Tony-nominated sound designer, Peter Hylenski, who specified a Meyer Sound reinforcement system to showcase the venue's top-flight musical talent. Danmarks Indsamling , an annual charity show for African causes produced by Danish public broadcaster DR.

At the heart of the centre is the world-class Robert N. Miner Auditorium, which strikes a meticulous balance between the hall's controlled natural acoustics and the transparent audio reproduction by Meyer Sound's MINA line array loudspeakers. Broadcast Studio with JM-1P April 18, To accommodate a wide variety of musical and spoken word programming, South Korean broadcasting and multimedia company SBS has equipped its newest studio complex with a powerful and flexible sound reinforcement system built around Meyer Sound JM-1P arrayable loudspeakers.

One noteworthy ingredient in Khalifa's recipe for success is the potent Meyer Sound MILO-based reinforcement system powering his five recent tours. Frequently filling concert halls and arenas, Sardou is the latest artist to tour with the new Meyer Sound LEO large-scale sound reinforcement system as he brings his spectacle to France and Belgium.

The premium theatre features a foot curved screen, 3D-capable 4K projection, and immersive Dolby Atmos audio reproduced through a Meyer Sound system based on the Acheron screen channel loudspeakers.

UPQ-1P for Rhythmic Music Conservatory January 18, Once confined to concert venues and festival stages, popular music is increasingly found in the halls of academia. Newly equipped with a variety of Meyer Sound wide-coverage loudspeakers, the Rhythmic Music Conservatory Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium or RMC in Copenhagen has been at the forefront of contemporary music education since it was established in Today RMC offers coursework in music performance, music education, music and movement education, sound technology, music management, and songwriting.

Featuring the advanced precision beam steering technology in the CAL column array loudspeaker—which began shipping this year—Hamer Hall is now outfitted with self-powered Meyer Sound loudspeakers operating in three modes tailored to different acoustic and amplified events. In this first permanent LEO installation in the world, the sound system filled the vast ,seat Ohio Stadium with crisp voice announcements and fan-pumping music over the loud, energetic crowd for all eight home games.

The technology inside is anything but ancient: Meyer Sound UltraSeries at Drexel University December 5, Flux is Drexel University's multipurpose venue built to enrich the campus music scene and to provide a well-equipped facility for students learning to run a music venue.

To ensure these future industry professionals would have hands-on experience with the most advanced equipment, Coatesville, Pa. The slender foot-high columns, discreetly mounted around the stadium's outer rim, provide an elegant solution that preserves the architectural integrity of the historic structure—inspired by Rome's Coliseum—while also providing extraordinarily high speech intelligibility despite the crowd noise in the 63,capacity seating bowl.

Regardless of the venue type or size, the band relies on a Meyer Sound MINA line array loudspeaker system supplied by Blackhawk Audio to deliver a consistent-sounding show.

Following a wall-to-wall renovation, the building's seat cinema re-opened this past summer, and its new Meyer Sound system was introduced to Twin Cities filmgoers during a showing of independent feature "Beasts of the Southern Wild" with critical acclaim.

It's also an ear-opener at every turn, with Meyer Sound systems installed in Revel's vast and morphing Ovation Hall, the lively Social theatre and nightclub, and exclusive lounge and gaming areas. At the Megabox COEX, the largest multiplex in Korea with 16 screens, powerful, low-distortion sound now accompanies upgrades to projection and patron amenities. Meyer Sound System at Telluride Film Festival September 5, At the Telluride Film Festival in the scenic Colorado ski town, a school gymnasium was once again skillfully transformed into a world-class screening room named the Galaxy.

Here, a Meyer Sound system based on Acheron screen channel loudspeakers played an instrumental part in creating an environment that left a favorable impression on festival guest director and English writer Geoff Dyer, who selected several film revivals for this year's event. As the name implies, the concept here is to give fans a privileged seat and then pull them into the game—a technological feat accomplished by a total of 72 HDTV screens and powerful surround sound systems incorporating 40 Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers.

Tokyu Theatre Orb with Meyer Sound M'elodie September 5, Dubbed "a musical theatre floating on air," Tokyu Theatre Orb is nestled inside a stunning glass atrium that sits wedged between the 11th and 16th floors of a new multi-use tower in Tokyo.

It is the largest venue of its type in Japan, with a maximum seating capacity of 1,, and it also boasts a reinforcement system based on Meyer Sound M'elodie line array loudspeakers.

To deliver their music with full impact across the 7. The systems were specified and installed by Paris-based The ,square-foot venue, which hosts university sports, concerts, speakers, commencement ceremonies, and more, anchors the emerging acre College Park District and is stimulating a revitalization of downtown Arlington.

Meyer Sound Upgrade at Flagship Buddha-Bar Paris July 4, When Parisian entrepreneur Raymond Visan opened the original Buddha-Bar in , he launched a fusion of dining and entertainment that awakened and satisfied the senses—an experience that blossomed into a global hospitality phenomenon.

To underscore its status as the premiere location, Buddha-Bar Paris recently installed new Meyer Sound systems to present its wide-ranging musical atmosphere with consistent, crystal-clear quality. Meyer Sound Libra and Constellation at Berkeley's Comal Restaurant June 4, Comal, a new restaurant located in Berkeley's lively downtown Arts District, is the first establishment of its kind to create an optimized aural environment using the new Libra acoustic image system and complementary Constellation active acoustic system from Meyer Sound.

This unprecedented ability to dynamically control the sonic ambience of the space has garnered the attention of publications like San Francisco Chronicle and Fast Company. With a touch on an iPad screen, Comal's management can maintain the desired level of energized "buzz" throughout the space while still allowing intimate conversations, all regardless of occupancy levels. Dual Meyer Sound Systems at Casino du Liban June 4, When Lebanon's Casino du Liban celebrated its grand re-reopening back in , the opulent gaming resort entertained visiting jet-setters in two completely remodeled venues—both featuring Meyer Sound technology.

Whether attending a headliner concert in the 2,seat theatre, an evening of acoustic folk music in the new pavilion, or an outdoor social event on the adjoining terrace, patrons appreciate the superlative music and voice reproduction provided by Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers.

To properly present Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein's seminal masterpiece that was first performed in , Lyric Opera chose a large complement of sound reinforcement equipment from Meyer Sound. The night was a packed, memorable experience featuring a set from DJ Jean, who was flown in from Beirut for the occasion. To accommodate venues seating from 1, to over 3,, sound designer Kai Harada specified a Meyer Sound system based around MICA and M'elodie line array loudspeakers.

The excitement level recently kicked up a notch when Yuong-Sang, located in the Philadelphia suburb of Horsham, invested in a new sound system anchored by Meyer Sound MINA line array loudspeakers. As part of the multimillion-dollar renovation, a huge complement of Meyer Sound loudspeaker systems is installed throughout the 12,square-foot nightclub from the main floor and the VIP lounges to the bathrooms and hallway.

With its new sonic capabilities, Odense looks forward to broadening its programming and clientele. If you have special requests we will try to accommodate; we do not guarantee your request will be filled. Use the TribalHub Request to Connect to send a personal message to a point of contact.

Your contact information name and email will be shared with the receiver where they can then reply to your email. Any misuse, spamming, harassing comments or unprofessional use are not allowed and will not be tolerated. McLemore leads and consults on a multitude of technology initiatives including the development of many organization specific projects designed to improve technology in the healthcare environment.

Prior to joining IHS Mr. McLemore spent 20 years in the private sector working in the Electric Utility Industry specializing in Geographic Information Systems GIS , database development, and project management. David Owens began his gaming career in Las Vegas, Nevada in , working at Caesars Palace as a dice dealer from to David relocated to Oklahoma with his family in , where he worked directly with Tribes and developed and managed Casinos as a Casino General Manager, Director of Gaming and Vice President of Development.

He believes the fundamental purpose of HR is to help others, and to change lives for the better. Garrow has over forty years of IT experience in several industries. Cannaday has over 25 years of experience in public accounting focusing his practice on the accounting, financial, and tax needs of high-wealth individuals and their related business activities.

He also has a broad background in business consulting and accounting technology services. Cannaday was introduced to the casino gaming market in southern Oklahoma. In only 8 years, he progressed in the gaming industry from Controller, to Director of Finance, and CFO serving in various Native American and commercial casino operations.

He also has international casino experience serving as the Director of Finance and Acting VP of Finance for a luxury resort development in Nassau, Bahamas. She grew up in a military family traveling around the United States.

When she returned to Oregon, she became very active with her tribe and participated in tribal royalty for seven years. Recently Ashley graduated from A. She enjoys working with RPMS and other technology in the clinic. She grew up in rural South Dakota and made her way to Madison, Wisconsin to attend graduate school. After spending several years in Madison working as a Project Manager with electronic health record implementations, she moved to the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin.

While working at the Forest County Potawatomi Health and Wellness Center, Andrea has served as a clinical data analyst, meaningful use coordinator, and quality improvement manager. She has been involved with many projects including the implementation of new electronic health records and interfaces. Andrea enjoys collaborating with IT department and loves working in a health care setting.

He has worked with PRHS for 12 years in many roles. Health Informatics and Clinical Applications Coordinator are his main job duties.

He has worked with UC Davis Telehealth and other Telehealth programs to bridge the gap of rural health care. Health care has been going through some major changes in the last five years. It can be challenging or problematic to make our patients and providers comfortable with all these changes, but we have some great teams addressing these issues.

She is a member of the Peoria Tribe of Oklahoma. She has worked for the Chickasaw Nation for 23 years. During this time she has worn many hats. She has been involved with many projects at Chickasaw Nation including the implementation of the Electronic Health Record, VistA Imaging and many third party integrations. He joined CNO in after nearly twenty years as a technology professional in various industries.

Jimmy is responsible for leading all enterprise IT functions. He is also a member of the Choctaw Nation. He specializes in networking, but takes special pride in a talent he likes to call the Swiss Army Knife of IT; doing everything from help desk requests to project management for large tribal wide technology initiatives. Chuck then led the team to create and patent an app which allows fight fans to score their favorite fighter. Chuck holds a B. Raul has over thirty years technology and leadership experience in diverse industries, including U.

Navy, global electronics distribution, manufacturing, retail, and most recently 16 years in local government technology leadership. As IT Director for the Pascua Yaqui Tribe, Raul leads a department of 25 supporting and providing technology services to over 1, government employees across multiple locations of the 23, tribal members. The Pascua Yaqui Tribe is progressive and forward looking: Christopher has a diverse back ground in both business and technology operations.

His career leading technology operations has spanned numerous business verticals from government to construction and biotech to manufacturing. Christopher has lead teams which have received industry recognition for innovation, value creation through strategic application of technology and execution of leading edge thought of industry specific solutions.

Baca has over 18 years of successful IT leadership experience. Chris gained this experience while managing IT operations for different agencies for the State of New Mexico. Previously, as a member of the SCDC Board of Directors for 12 years, Baca was instrumental in the creation and upkeep of these businesses for the Pueblo. Arredondo has more than 16 years of successful IT leadership in a variety of vertical industries, including government, finance and emergency management.

In , Arredondo received a Bachelor of Science degree in business, summa cum laude, from St. Patrick Tinklenberg is the Vice President of Information Technology with Sycuan Casino where, for the last 4 years, he has been responsible for technology and strategy for the casino, hotel, and golf resort.

Previously to this position, Patrick was the IT Director for the Barona Band of Mission Indians for 7 years where he ran the IT operations at all tribal government service facilities, government-supported enterprises, and the Barona Gaming Commission. A veteran of the IT industry for over 20 years, he has worked with companies in Transportation, Medicine, Real Estate, Government, Manufacturing, and Retail to align business objectives with technology.

Since joining the Tribal IT industry in he has facilitated projects across all areas of government and casino operations. As a gaming operations executive, he has been instrumental in the implementation of innovative loyalty programs, digital content managements systems, CRM, and a number of strategic infrastructure initiatives. Highlights of government initiatives include: His team oversees infrastructure, data security, data Center Operations, portfolio management, application, project management, providing desktop support and audio visual for all aspects of the gaming and non-gaming enterprise.

Santini has extensive experience directing all aspects of IT and focuses on managing a cultural of change to create a professional environment based on mutual respect and open and consistent communications. Prior to Indian Gaming, Mr. Santini holds a B. In the IT organization was restructured from just the casino and some businesses to overseeing all IT operations for the tribe.

I have a staff of 20 Technologists over two different geographical locations supporting over 1, employees in the various businesses and government along with a tribal membership of over 1, The tribal history of the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians is quite impressive and shows the resilience of the people and their culture moving forward.

A good resource of information showing how the tribe was forced to disband and collectively were able to reinstate their rights and work as a cooperative partner with the community. Ram Patrachari is a forward looking IT entrepreneur with extensive experience in implementing and managing highly scalable information systems across a diverse portfolio.

His responsibilities included rolling out state of the art wireless devices to the enterprise wireless segment. Marlon Ortiz, Information Technology Professional. Highly skilled in information security, project management and planning with a strong background in data management, security, analytics and technical strategy. A proven leader who understands that the value of IT lies in delivering solutions to complex business problems within the Gaming and Hospitality Industry.

A leadership style that emphasizes the development of people, processes and tools to achieve specific strategic business goals. Focused on connecting IT to other departments within the corporation and delivering effective solutions for business costs and operations. John Ormond is a 14 year employee of the Chumash Tribe. Starting as a support desk tech, John has held several positions in the Technology Services department leading to his current title of Executive Director of Technology Services.

He is known in the gaming technology community to be a skilled practitioner in the strategic application of gaming technology. John is a member of several professional organizations and holds certifications in multiple technology disciplines. He attended Morehouse College on a basketball scholarship and is also accomplished musician. Information Technology professional with over 30 years of experience. I have ventured into entrepreneurial and corporate endeavors that have allowed me to experience many facets of the business world.

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