Phil Ivey’s Edge Sorting Case Versus Borgata Takes Another Twist

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Casinos don’t like Phil Ivey taking advantage of them

His every hint of money will be gone after, mercilessly and tirelessly until he's paid up. Someone above said he's hinting that he won't pay. He can't simply refuse to pay hence a possible bankruptcy. Originally Posted by pokerbeastsu. Bankruptcy wouldn't save him, because the basis for the judgment was fraud, which is non-dischargeable. He had a mope face back when he was making Main Event final tables and superusing on Full Tilt. He has a real reason to look like that now. I'm confused about the freeroll argument.

Is there some law that says there are no situations where you can win if you can't lose? Would not the exception be if the "can't lose" part requires you to win a court case even if it is a slam dunk.

I'm pretty sure that when casinos spot what they are almost sure is cheating they let it go on for a while if the player is losing and not so much because they want to make absolutely sure. They know that when they bar him or arrest him they keep the money if he is losing and confiscate his winnings if he is not. If you think about, it was Ivey who was free-rolling the casino! Originally Posted by chillrob.

Originally Posted by 2pairsof2s. This point is just as specious as the rest of the "Casino freerolled Ivey" argument. The math was presented in either this thread or the other Ivey edge-sorting thread. Once he got to play with the edge-sorting deck, he was indeed free-rolling the casino. The casino didnt freeroll ivey, they lost at their own game, with their own rules, and went crying to mommy to get their money back. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is News, Views, and Gossip For poker news, views, and gossip.

Page 24 of Send a private message to chillrob. Find More Posts by chillrob. Find Threads Started by chillrob. Send a private message to PTLou. Originally Posted by txdome They were not playing by the rules of the game that the casino had laid out.

Originally Posted by DCJ The casino chose to not play by the rules of the game that the casino had laid out. Send a private message to whosnext. Find More Posts by whosnext. Find Threads Started by whosnext. Send a private message to Sir Huntington. Find More Posts by Sir Huntington. Find Threads Started by Sir Huntington. Originally Posted by MacauBound I'm pretty sure they were playing by the rules the casino allowed. Send a private message to Monorail. Find More Posts by Monorail.

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When he's not teaching high school math and business, Bart writes about the NJ online casino industry and US online poker. Borgata To Phil Ivey: Because each casino saw the potential for a big win, they allowed Ivey and Sun to dictate aspects of play such as: Borgata contends Ivey's edge-sorting strategy violates New Jersey gaming laws, but Ivey asserts it was simply the result of skill.

Borgata responded to the counterclaims , asking the court to dismiss it and instead narrow the scope of the case to the legality of edge sorting. Sun, cheating or unfair play? Complimentary drinks do not change the answer.

Cocktail servers do not change the answer. Back in May of , Ivey ran into similar claims and even admitted to using edge sorting at Corckfords Casino. He released a statement at the time explaining that the casino should have recognized it and that was not his fault. Ivey, disappointed by the ruling, filed papers at the Court of Appeal in London in late to reconsider the decision that December.

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Rule lands in Gemaco’s favor