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Have pushed the buttons on the odd occasion and the only reward was a presentation of sounds fit for a kids party and a kaleidoscope of colours that had me bumping into machines on my exit as my eyes refocused. The list of related phrases is also based on surfers search queries. But the sky on the monitor is the same shade of green as the walls of his spacecraft, rather than the shade of blue used for the sky. Our venue, the New York World's Fair. Now we must buy a humble plot of bottom land, where we shall sow the seeds of victory.

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The World Domination Plan T. Their name is but an innocent sounding smokescreen to divert attention from the group's true purpose, to rule the Earth. Their membership roster is a virtual who's who of Earth's most powerful people. Tonight, two new names will be added to this elite list. Once we are members of T. I think so Brain, but I prefer space jelly. So the mice become participants to get in.

The World Domination Plan "I hold in my hands the only remaining evidence of radio host Rush Limbaugh's failed singing career in the s. The contents of this record are extremely dangerous. I'll experience it's full impact only when we arrive in Cleveland. The heart of residential Cleveland is where, according to my research, the optimal electromagnetic field in the world currently hovers. There, I will construct a giant FM antenna, to broadcast Rush Limbaugh's acapella version of "Dream Weaver" throughout the planet 24 hours a day.

I'll be driving them to the brink of insanity, thereby providing myself with the time I need to take over the world! After arriving in Cleveland Now we shall join the cast of 'The Real Life' blending in amongst an artificially assembled household of testy misfits and wannabees.

We'll be using them as stepping stones in my ruthless quest to satisfy my bloodlust for power. Yes Brain, but if our knees bent the other way, how would we ride a bicycle?

But when Heidi says, "The people are liking Brain so much," Spike has two rings on his left ear. The World Domination Plan "My little impromptu concert was a test of my latest invention: We shall place a pair of gigantic stereo speakers on the North and South poles of the Earth. Once our speakers are in place, we shall broadcast the incessant sound of a dripping faucet across the globe. Unable to comprehend the source of the sound, the populace will be driven temporarily mad and we shall seize the planet.

I think so, Brain, but how will we get three pink flamingos into one pair of capri pants? When Brain asks, "What do I have to do to take over the world?

Itch appears and offers Brain control of the world in exchange for his soul, but Brain refuses. In a shocking twist, Pinky sells his soul to make it happen and Brain soon decides to get his friend back. Children of Earth, you are now my unwitting puppets in an intricate scheme of world domination. For I am The Brain. You will do whatever I say. Oh Brain, I certainly hope so. Burrows Summary Pinky and Brain assume the identities of Pinky Steve and Brainy Jack, a pair of hippies, so that Brain can try to create a peace chain to send a subliminal message.

The World Domination Plan "I shall become Brainy Jack, defender of hippies, gaining the trust and admiration of young people everywhere. Thus earning the opportunity to use them, like so many hygenically challenged hand tools, in my greatest plan yet. Here it is, plan B, the amazing chain of electric teeth. Modern dentistry has provided a boon to subliminal broadcasters everywhere. Under the proper electrostatic conditions, the metal alloys in dental work can receive radio signals.

My plan is to get all of America's young people to link hands at a specific time while my transponder is broadcasting a low frequency message of world domination. Then, by rubbing my feet on a small square of Herculon carpet while simultaneously holding a door knob, I will send a static electric charge through this motley human chain, causing them to receive my secret message on their dental work so that they absorb it subliminaly.

I think so, Brain, but Tuesday Weld isn't a complete sentence. Freud is treating for depression. Instead, Brain ends up talking about his childhood and why he really wants to take over the world. My appointment with Dr. Freud is only a ruse. When he tries to hypnotize me, I will use a pair of mirrored glasses to reverse the process thereby hypnotizing Freud himself.

When Freud is under my spell, I will order him to hypnotize the Emperor into giving me, the Brain, his right to the Imperial throne. Allowing me to take over the world! One bite of its tail renders anyone who eats it unable to move for 24 hours.

I will capture a pair of Mugu, breed them, and market the tails throughout the world as 'Cappy Brain's Frozen Fish Sticks'.

While the populace is immobilized, I shall implement my plan of world domination! There's only one catch. The gipponicus is so rare that the only known specimens are those bred in captivity for the dining pleasure of Japan's most elite sumo wrestlers. I plan to become one of Japan's most elite sumo wrestlers. I have modified my suit to fit the precise specifications of a champion sumo wrestler. With the adjustments I've made, I'll be able to flip a pound man.

But, That's Not All Folks! Brain plans to use the information gathered from people who answer his infomercial to overload the postal system with the world's most complete mailing list.

The World Domination Plan "Our plan will unfold in less than one-half hour. If you'll notice, those wires I've hooked up to the lab's surveilance camera run to a powerful 40 megawatt uplink, which I have built from common household tin foil, a standard wire coat hanger, a 3 salad fork and that big pie plate from last Thanksgiving. With which I've located and stealthily tapped into an abandoned CM satellite orbiting our globe. This idle transmitter was yesterday but a floating piece of space flotsam.

But now it is a workhorse, broadcasting my infomercial to every man, woman, and child, reaching the Earth's entire population as we speak. I've compiled the ultimate list of advertising phrases. No one viewing this infomercial will be able to resist making a purchase. Using my own modification of Caller-Id technology, I have set up this massive computer to automatically answer the phone and store each caller's personal specifics.

The important puzzle piece of this plan is to get everyone's address. The world's most complete mailing list. Then we shall overload the global postal system, choking every single PO box and mail slot with gross amounts of unwanted junk mail.

The useless of it all will surely drive everyone mad. But I shall be the savior. Put me in charge of your world, and I promise to remove each and everyone's name from all junk mail lists. Jumping at the opportunity, people will only realize, too late, that I'm their new, ever powerful, and unimpeachable ruler.

It's our key to world domination. Using Winny and my command of the sea lion language, we shall recruit a vast army of aquatic mammals. Since most of the world's oil travels by sea, we shall blockade all harbors and ports and disable oil tankers by tangling their propellers with seaweed. No one will be able to attack our sea army because they look so darn cute. Energy supplies will be disrupted and I shall be absolute ruler.

My first act will be to free all aquatic mammal prisoners. Sacket John Moschitta Jr. Summary Disguised as Japanese industrialists, Mr. Kawasaki, Pinky and Brain study the operation of a factory that makes a popular brand of inflatable shoes so Brain can replace the air with helium, allowing him to implement his plan to shift the tilt of the Earth one millionth of a percent, using the Axis Shiftatron.

When the shift upsets the production of coffee and everyone switches to drinking tea, he will destroy every tea bag in the world except his own. The World Domination Plan "We will sneak into the Socko Kicky Sack Sack-Kicker factory and alter their assembly line so that the air being pumped into the Kicky Sack Sack-Kickers will be replaced by helium gas, causing millions of Kicky Sack Sack-Kickers to rise into the air, thus lifting thousands of people of the earth, and then Even that tiny change in weather patterns will have a catastrophic effect on coffee bean crops.

This will force everyone to switch to tea drinking. And this ray will destroy every tea bag in the world except mine. As the owner of the world's only tea bag world, I will rise to prominence. The only way the Axis Shiftatron can successfully change the Earth's axis is if the Earth suddenly loses weight.

I think so Brain, but then my name would be "thumby". The World Domination Plan "Camp Davey, a sleep away camp for the children of the visiting world leaders. I will get us jobs as craft counselors at Camp Davey, and have each camper make a log pencil holder for each world leader parent.

Each one will contain a microscopic listening device attached by yours truly. Eavesdropping on the world's leaders will provide me with the information I need to take over the world. I think so Brain, but I find scratching just makes it worse. Lyrics to Brain's baseball song The World Domination Plan "This leather repellant spray is part of my most ambitious plan for world domination. Once people are exposed to the formula, they will be unable to touch their wallets rendering them incapable of spending money.

Economies around the globe will fail. As chaos ensues, I will rise to power. By releasing a concentrated amount of leather repellant high into the atmosphere at the instant atmospheric conditions and wind patterns are right, the mist will be blown to the far reaches of the globe. According to my calculations, the spray must be released at exactly 10 P. In order to do that, we shall become star players of this expansion team. I think so Brain, but shouldn't the bat boy be wearing a cape?

I spared no expense. This machine is actually an extremely advanced cybernetic clone of one of Hollywood's most powerful figures. And if his box office numbers are any indication, he has the potential to become ruler of the world.

After swapping places with the real Steven Spielberg, I will rise to power in the Schpiel-Borg and take over the world. Lyrics to songs from Mice and Angst The World Domination Plan "I will add one simple little word to the label on every bottle of shampoo in the world.

The directions will now read: Then, while everyone in the world is lathering their way to oblivion, I will rise to power. I think so Brain, but why would anyone want a depressed tongue? My plan is to secretly replace all the artificial sweeteners in the world with real ones. Thus, rendering the world's population fat, slow moving, and completely toothless.

I know the location of a veritable Fort Knox of honey, right here in Acme Woods. Umm, I think so Brainie, but why would anyone want to Pierce Brosnan? I will begin my plan for world domination by opening large stores filled with flimsy, impossible to assemble wooden furniture. Frustrated millions, their minds weakened by years of following nonsensical instructions, will automatically follow these instructions: King Hamlet, his father, is dead.

And his uncle Claudius has married Queen Gertrude, his mother, and is now the king, ursuping Prince Hamlet's place. I shall set one against the other and then in the ensuing chaos, rise to power.

Methinks so Brain, verily, but dost thou think Pete Rose by any other name would still smell as sweaty? He also uses a Particle Accelerated Magnetotron to align discarded satellies to spell out a message about Brain. The World Domination Plan "Tonight's plan involves space junk. There are hundreds of discarded satellites orbiting the Earth. Tonight, as the discarded satellites pass within mere miles of each other, I will manipulate the world's largest magnet to move them into position spelling out 'Brain is your ruler'.

That tobacco executive stole the test results that prove once and for all that cigarettes are addictive. If I could find those results, and show them to the world, I'd be proclaimed a hero. I think so Brain, but wouldn't his movies be more suitable for children if he was named 'Jean Claude Van Darn'? Once they think that we are the kings of cool, they'll fall at my feet to wear my hypnotic sunscreen: Brain de Soleil, for the smart set.

When applied, it will render the unfortunate fools helpless to resist my will and they will do whatever I say! But the next time the surfboard is shown a few shots later, the tape is missing. Brain puts suntan lotion on Chicky using his bare hands, but neither get stuck in place.

The most educated people all around the world spend hours each weekend deciphering its complex web of interlocking verbiage. But change just one clue, and the whole puzzle becomes impossible to solve.

I will change one clue in the crossword puzzle in every newspaper around the globe, throwing the intelligentsia into a hopeless dither. While they frantically ripple through their dictionaries and thesauri, I will step into the breach, and take over the world! I think so Brain, but why does a forklift have to be so big if all it does is lift forks? When Pinky's plan is on the verge of succeeding, Brain steps in to finish the job, by using a satellite to disable the snooze alarms on every clock radio in the world.

The World Domination Plan After an unsuccessful attempt to steal a valuable jewel. We will combine your luck and my genius to finish the job of taking over the world!

First, you will call another press conference and tell the press you don't like satellites. Thus, lowering the price of satellites to mere pennies. Then, I will customize the satellite so we can relaunch my plan to disable the snooze alarms on every clock radio in the world. I think so Brain, but if it was only supposed to be a three hour tour, why did the Howells bring all their money? The World Domination Plan Brain's film is destroyed "There goes my plan to distribute this film to every school assembly on Earth.

During the lunar eclipse, I shall magnetically harness the moon to the Earth, giving me complete control over its rotation. I shall control the amount of sunlight the Earth receives at any given time. To succeed in our plan, we must create a superconductive hydromagnetic beam inside that mechanically modified aquatic tank. To create the ultraelectromagnetic induction, I must place millions of tiny magnets at the bottom of the tank.

Now each tiny magnet costs 2. One million at 2. Some of the movie posters: A Home in the Mountains, Truly Simple vs. I think so Brain, but if we have nothing to fear but fear itself, then why does Eleanor Roosevelt wear that spooky mask? After Brain takes them from their holders, in subsequent shots you can still see them. In the closeup of Irving Thyroid's hands when he's negotiating the movie deal with Brain, Irving has five fingers. But in every other shot, he has the standard four fingers.

Only it's seen from Pinky's point of view. Once everyone's pants have turned to gelatin, the world will be mine! I think so Brain, but what if the hippopotamus won't wear the beach thong? A mystery worthy of Elsa Klench. Smart enough to accept me as their leader! This is an extract of the Medulla Stem Piney Nut.

When combined with these other ingredients and then consumed, it can quadruple one's IQ. Oh, I'd say the odds of that are terribly slim. We are traveling through an artery inside the human body. That thumping is the beating of the heart which is propelling us to our destination: There I will implant my trachiomatic control chip.

When middle America hears my plea for submission uttered in Tom Bodett's dulcet tones, they will be unable to resist. But in the shot of the mice looking for the clown, the door is completely open. The First Lady hands Bobby Bob a piece of paper, and in the next shot he is holding the whole pad of paper.

The letters on the CD changes, misspelling the group's name. But it turns out to be his cat, Precious, and time is running out. I think so Brain, but "instant karma" always gets so lumpy. In the group's dressing room, the name of the band is spelled wrong on the posters.

Our actual goal, caviar! Hors d'oeuvre of choice for rich and powerful people the world over. Using the techniques of the great George Washington Carver, I have found a way to create a hybrid of caviar and peanut butter. When my new hybridized peanut butter is eaten by unsuspecting world leaders at their glittering functions, it will cause their tongues to stick to roofs of their mouths, rendering them more difficult to understand than Marlon Brando.

In the ensuing confusion I will step into the breach, and take over the world. In the second much later shot, the sign is flashing. All over the world, clocks will all chime at once. They'll chime and they'll chime, without signs of stopping, folks will plug up their ears to keep them from popping. Joyce Brothers Dick Clark Dick Clark Summary A special of highlights of their career is on the air, but it's really all a ruse so Pinky and Brain can hypnotize the viewers.

The World Domination Plan "Our pirate broadcast is now visible in every country in the world. Soon everyone on Earth will be watching our reunion special made up of entirely of cleverly edited home movies, computer imaging, and discarded footage from the director's cut of Kevin Branaugh's Hamlet.

Then I will broadcast my hypnobeam and the world will be helpless to resist me. I think so, Brain, but arrugala-flavored gelato? I think so Brain, but.. A Legendary Tail Broadcast Date: For I have entered all of these tall tales into the computer along my own vital statistics and programmed it to combine their most heroic elements into one great legend: The legend of me!

We shall distribute this legend to libraries and schools all across the country. Then I shall reveal my living breathing self to universal acclaim and assume my position as leader of the world. But if you get a long little doggie, wouldn't you just call it a dachshund? I think so Brain, but then I'd have to know what pondering is, wouldn't I? Once inside, we will seize control and rule the galaxy! Umm, I think so Brain-2, but a show about two talking lab mice?

It'll never get on the air! Brain's New Word Nympholepsy - To have a desire for an unattainble idea. April 15, Email me with comments or questions. Brain's New Word Gharnao - a raft made of inverted ceramic pots. Brain's New Word Groaking - staring at someone eating in hopes they'll give you something. Summary Brain sets aside planning world domination for a night to court Billie, a female mouse from another cage. Summary The mice adapt the famous War of the Worlds radio hoax for television.

Summary At the Kentucky Derby, Brain becomes a jockey to win the race and finance his plan to build a Reverse Geotropic Arrestor which will cause people to fly off the earth. McCann Director - Michael Gerard.

Summary Brain uses the tip of a pen to pick the lock of the cage. Summary To get out of their cage, Brain freezes the janitor, takes an icicle from him and uses it to pick the lock. Summary Brain picks the lock of their cage with his tail, so that they can borrow H.

Summary Pinky and Brain become stars, Noodle Noggin and Big Ears on a children's puppet show, then use a cryogenic chamber to freeze themselves. Brain's New Word Cynanthropy - disorder where the sufferer imagines he's a dog. Summary After escaping the cage by picking the lock with a needle, Brain plans to drink the strength-inducing Dr.

Brain's New Word Spheropygian - having full and rounded buttocks. Summary Brain must replace some dialog at the Warner Brothers recording studio. Summary While Thomas Jefferson writes the Declaration Of Independence, Brain writes an alternate declaration that would make him leader, if he can switch it with the real declaration. Brain's New Word Exophagy - cannibalism outside the tribe. McCann Director Greg Reyna. Summary Brain uses telekinesis to open the cage lock with a trowel. Summary By filling a bottle with water, Brain turns it into a rocket, which bounces around the lab until it finally flips the handle of a spoon into the cage lock and opens the cage.

Summary Brain uses a bone to pick the lock, and then gets a job at Fiero and Company to fund his latest plan. Brain's New Word Ultracrepidarianism - giving opinions outside of one's knowledge. Summary Brain converts a miniaturization ray into an enlarging ray to make himself and Pinky feet tall.

Brain's New Word Palinoia - compulsive repetition of an act until perfect. Summary When Brain realizes that his plans always fail because of Pinky's stupidity, he makes Pinky smart to help solve the problem. Summary Pinky and Brain perform a song about the brain. Summary To escape their cage, Brain picks the lock with a paper clip he bent into the shape of a key.

Summary When Brain discovers a probe is about to be sent containing evidence that man is the supreme race on the planet, he and Pinky pretend to be Werner Von Brain from the Braun Institute in Bonn and Werner Von Pinky from the Mink Institute in Pink, so that they can alter the evidence to make it look like Brain is the supreme being on Earth.

Brain's New Word Formication - the feeling that ants are crawling on you. Summary Brain uses a paperclip to unlock their cage and then manages to get on the game show Gyp-Parody to get money for his latest plan. Summary Pinky sings about cheese. Lyrics to Cheese Role Call. Summary Brain folds a piece of paper into the shape of a key, and then uses it to open the cage.

Brain's New Word Myomancy - divination by movements of mice. Summary By using the Great Capitulator, Brain creates a denture that gives him a smile that will mesmerize people into submission. Summary Brain catapaults a paper ball which lands on one end of a loaf of bread, causing a knife stuck in the other end to be thrown into the lock.

Brain's New Word Honorificabilitudinitatibus - with honorablenesses. Brain's New Word Omphaloskepsis - contemplating one's navel.

Summary While working on his latest plan to use a chain letter to take over the world, Brain comes face to face with his former friend and now enemy, Snowball. Summary In Victorian England's "Pompous Explorers Club," anyone who can travel around the world in 80 days or less will become club president, a position that invariably leads to becoming Prime Minister of the British Empire.

Brain's New Word Anophelosis - morbid state due to extreme frustration. Summary Disguised as Dr. Summary Brain takes up ventriloquism, using the Abraham Lincoln statue as his puppet. Brain's New Word Empleomania - obsession with holding public office. Mouse of La Mancha. Summary After a group of rodents break a hole in one of the cage walls to get away from Brain, he tells a story of Don Cerebro de la Mancha and Sancho Pinky and their plan to use windmills to take over the world.

The World Domination Plan "If we stop the windmills from making flour for bread, we'll bring the humans to their knees. Brain's New Word Floccinaucinihilipilification - categorizing something as worthless trivia.

Summary After Brain captures two field mice for an experiment, he discovers they are his parents. Whoops sorry there appears to have been an error retrieving your friends. Your browser does not support iframes. Secret in the Shadows.

Hearts The goal of this classic card game of Hearts is to keep your score low by picking up the least amount of heart suited cards. Hearts Objective The object of Hearts is to have the fewest points at the end of the game. Broken Hearts Hearts are broken when someone plays a heart or the Queen of Spades in this classic card game.

Shooting the Moon Shooting the Moon is a special strategy in which a player tries to take all 13 Hearts and the Queen of Spades. Shoot the Moon and add points to other's score or subtract from your own. Take every card in the deck and add points to other's score or subtract from your own. More Games Like Hearts. Euchre Now Playing! First Class Solitaire Now Playing!

No Limit Hold'em Now Playing! Turbo 21 HD Now Playing! When you receive your cards, you must get rid of 3 cards by passing them to an opponent. Select three cards to pass by clicking on them, and then click on " Pass cards. Once you have passed your cards, the cards that have been passed to you become visible as soon as your opponent passes them. You must pass cards before you receive cards passed to you.

Once the passing round is complete, the player who is holding the 2 of Clubs will find it highlighted in his or her hand. Play begins when this player double-clicks on this card to lead it. To lead is to be the first person to play a card on a trick. She loves to hunt, retrieve and compete. She is a very mild mannered, loving girl. Storm , the sire of this litter, has an awesome pedigree as well.

His accomplishments have included JH and SH. He has never failed any hunt test he has been enrolled in. He is an intellegent boy, full of excitement and energy. He loves to hunt and has a "go lucky" attitude. The combination of these two will ensure another litter of superior puppies!! Their colors range from a deep dark chocolate to a lighter brown, very unique. Her next heat cycle is due in Dec.

We will try again. About the Litter This will be a first breeding between these two fireballs. We expect the puppies to be small framed, as Jorja is a mere 55lbs and Storm 65lbs. We are looking to have our hands full when this litter arrives.

About the Litter Daisy and Tuffy both have great personalities; they are very affectionate and obedient. They are great hunters, very determined and athletic. Their sizes should range from meduim to small as adults. These pups will be able to go to theuir new homes at 7 weeks, May 18, About the Litter This will be Decoy's first litter of pups. A natural breeding to Tuffy chocolate. Both parents are very obedient and very easy to learn.

Tuffy is the most gentle lab we own. Decoy is a beautiful yellow 60 lb ball of fire. She loves to hunt and loves to train. We expect these pups to be of small to medium stature, have the great potential to learn quickly, have a lot of energy, and be very loving.. Their past litter together made some awesome puppies. We have received many compliments on their behaviors, learning abilities, and appearances by their new owners.

They have stayed in the smaller range of size, between lbs, and are full of energy, obedience, and love. She is a very mild mannered, loving girl and has already become a dear mother to her 10 new babies. This is her first litter and is doing well. The combination of these two will ensure superior puppies!! About the Litter The last litter has shown great potential.

The combination of Jorja and Track is an awesome explosion of talent, trainability, and loyalty. About the Litter As the last litter, we expect these puppies to be just as amazing as their parents! Please read Kokie and Storm's pages for more information on their pedigrees, personalities, and charm! About the Sire 1.

He has a fantastic personality and very competitive. About the Litter They are all beautiful, plus her bonus son, the Jorja x Dusty pup. Notes Surgically implanted on March 13, Due to whelp May 11, Expecting yellow and black puppies.

This is a magnificant breeding. Please visit his site for more information downtowndustybrown. About the Litter Jorja had one pup, a yellow male, taken by C-section by Dr. We were very happy he was born healthy but disappointed there weren't any more. Unfortunately Jorja could not produce enough milk to accommodate her lad, so Daisy is raising him. Jorja misses her baby; she is such a good mother.

Matt Johnson of Lawrence, KS of blackshirtretrievers.

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