Dragon Quest V: La prometida celestial

Maps Maps x 4. Dinosaur Island Area 2 x Court Court x 3. Double Eruption x Computer and Video Games NGamer.

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Retro Reels Extreme Heat. Bar Bar Black Sheep. Aces and Faces Poker. Fruit Fiesta 3 Reel. Fruit Fiesta 5 Reel. Jacks or Better Poker. Retro Reels Diamond Glitz. Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword. Game of Thrones 15 Lines.

Goldilocks and the Wild Bears. Magic of the Ring. Aces and Eights Poker. Cash and Fruits Plus. Voodoo Candy Shop Deluxe. Huangdi- The Yellow Emperor. Year of the Monkey. The Heat Is On. Welcome to Hell Back to the 70's. King of the Jungle. The Land of Heroes. Queen of the North. Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

Coastal Clash Area 3-B: Salamander x 2. The Desolation x 7. Pyramid Crypt Area Pyramid Crypt x In The Abyss x 7. Shipwreck Salvage Area Shipwreck Salvage x Oak Forest Area 4-A: Misty Haze Area 4-B: Misty Haze x Armored Fish Area 4-Boss: Armored Fish x 2. Fossil Lair Area Fossil Lair x In The Abyss Area 5-A: Blizzard Peak Area 5-B: Blizzard Peak x Bone Horror Area 5-Boss: Bone Horror x 3. Bone Crossing Area Bone Crossing x 7.

Blizzard Peak Area Bottomless Pit Area 6-A: Perilous Plunge Area 6-B: Ice Crab Area 6-Boss: Ice Crab x 1.

Fire Gorge Area Fire Gorge x 8. Shaft Of Darkness Area Shaft Of Darkness x Thunder Clash Area Thunder Clash x 7. Coastal Clash Area 7-A: Perilous Plunge Area 7-B: Doom Moth Area 7-Boss: Doom Moth x 1.

Double Eruption Area Double Eruption x Bottomless Pit Area 8-A: Coastal Clash Area 8-B: Alien Spaceship Area 8-Boss: Alien Spaceship x 1. Aliens x 2. Magic Kingdom Park Park Overview x For the Japanese version, see Mad City J.

Maps Maps x 3. Gizeh Cave Stage 1: Gizeh Cave x Gaza Forest Stage 2: Gaza Forest x King's Tomb Stage 3: King's Tomb x Ral Lake Stage 4: Ral Lake x Gauss City Stage 5: Gauss City x Ancient Temple Ruins Of Balba x Phase 1 - 1st Air Fortress Approach x Zone 1 Zone Be Prepared For Your Mission!

Get Full Power With Points. Ride On The Turtles. Keep Going With The Turtles. Watch Out For Skelton Monster. Ride On The Clouds. Maps Maps x Thundard Meet With Enemy Cliffs x 5. Various maps at GameFAQs. A Journey Through Transylvania Daytime x A Journey Through Transylvania Nightime x Trapped In Castle Dracula Daytime x Green Planet Level 1: Red Planet Level 2: Blue Planet Level 3: Blue Planet x Yellow Planet Level 4: Salvage Chute Level 6: Center Of Magma Tanker Level 7: Stage 1 Round 3 x Stage 1 Round 4 x Stage 2 Round 1 x Stage 2 Round 2 x Stage 2 Round 3 x Stage 3 Round 1 x Stage 3 Round 2 x Stage 3 Round 3 x Stage 3 Round 4 x Stage 4 Round 1 x Stage 5 Round 2 x Stage 6 Round 1 x Stage 6 Round 2 x Stage 6 Round 4 x Maps Of The Month: World World 1 x 3.

Level 1 Level 1 x Gang Tai Cave 6 - Mt. Gang Tai x Po Yang Cave 7 - Mt. Po Yang x Da Xing x 4. Cavern 1 Cavern 1 x Forest x River x Ice Cave x 7. Big Tree x 6. Rising Tree x 5. From Cave To Water From Cave To Water x Bubbling Canyon x Pirate Ship x Up In The Clouds Up In The Clouds x 5. Scrolling Clouds x 6. Door Maze x Giant Fan Room Giant Fan Room x 8. Haunted Woods Day Haunted Woods Day x Haunted Woods Night Haunted Woods Night x Castle x 7.

Castle 2 x 6. Castle 3 x 7. Toy Castle x 2. Toy Castle 2 Toy Castle 2 x 7. Toy Castle 3 Toy Castle 3 x 9. Clock Tower x 9. Maps Maps x 4. Maps Maps x 6.

Mode A Mission 1 x China x 9. Japan x 9. Italy x Egypt x Court Court x 3. Region 1 Overworld x Alefgard World Of Darkness: Alefgard Port Town x 4. Alefgard Brecconaly And Tantegel Castle x Alefgard Cave Northwest Of Tantegel x Alefgard Garinham x 3. Alefgard Rock Mountain Cave x Alefgard Town Of Hauksness x Alefgard Town Of Cantlin x Alefgard Village Of Kol x Alefgard Swamp Cave x 4.

Alefgard Tower West Of Kol x Alefgard Town Of Rimuldar x Alefgard Shrine Of Honor x 1. Alefgard Castle Of Zoma x The Royal Soldiers Izmit Village x The Royal Soldiers Loch Tower x Princess Alena's Adventure Santeem Castle x Princess Alena's Adventure Surene Town x Princess Alena's Adventure Frenor x Princess Alena's Adventure Desert Bazaar x Princess Alena's Adventure Birdsong Tower x Taloon, The Arms Merchant Foxville x 9.

The Chosen Ones Hometown x The Chosen Ones Woodsman's Shack x 4. The Chosen Ones Branca Castle x The Chosen Ones Desert Inn x 6. The Chosen Ones Great Lighthouse x The Chosen Ones Kings Shrine x 7. The Chosen Ones Soretta Castle x The Chosen Ones Seaside Village x The Chosen Ones Santeem Castle x The Chosen Ones Gardenbur Castle x The Chosen Ones Cascade Cave x The Chosen Ones Rosaville x The Chosen Ones Royal Crypt x The Chosen Ones Dire Palace x The Chosen Ones Elfville x The Chosen Ones Gottside Island x The Chosen Ones Gottside x The Chosen Ones Zenthian Tower x The Chosen Ones Zenthian Castle x The Chosen Ones Dark World x The Chosen Ones Last Refuge x 4.

The Chosen Ones Necrosaro's Palace x The Chosen Ones Necrosaro's Mountain x Jekyll x Hyde x Amazon Amazon x Building 1 Building 1 x 4. Round 1 Round x Screens Screens x 3. Mongolia x 3. Mongols Kiyad-Borjigin x 4. Tatars x 4. Onggirats Qongirats x 5. Onguts Ongud x 4. Taichiut Taichiud x 5.

Jadarans x 5. Keraits x 4. Merkits x 5. Zurkins Jurkin x 5. Tumeds x 4. Oirats x 5. Naimans x 5. Kirghiz Kyrgyz x 5. Qarlugs x 5. World x 4. Mongolia x 4. Chin Empire Jin Dynasty, Jurchens x 4. Cumans Cuman-Kipchak Confederation x 3. Kievan Rus x 3. Teutonic Knights x 4. Poland x 4. England x 4. France x 4. Holy Roman Empire x 5. Hungary x 5. Byzantium x 5.

Rum Seljuks Sultanate Of Rum x 6. Khorazm Khwarezm-Shah x 6. Uyghers Kara-Khanid Khanate x 5. Xi Xia Tangut Empire, Minyak x 4. To Fan Tibetan Kingdoms x 5. Korea Goryeo x 4. Japan x 5. Al Muwahhid Almohad Caliphate, Morocco x 3. Ayyubid Dynasty Egypt x 4. Baghdad Abbasid Caliphate x 3. Delhi Sultante India x 5. Ghore Ghurid Sultanate x 6. Pagan Kingdom Bagan x 5. Map Map In-Game Map x 1.

Episode 1 Episode 1 x The Glory Of Heracles: The Bone Room Bottom Left. The Bone Room Top Left. The Bone Room Top Right. Secret Room The Dining Room. Secret Room The Landing.

Secret Room The Pond. Secret Room The Attic. Round 1 - Secret.