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Prices apply to private motorists only and include VAT. Offers correct at time of going to print and we reserve the right to amend prices without prior notification. Discounts only available in centre and apply to standard forecourt prices. Tyre offers apply to selected sizes and we recommend that valves are fitted to tubeless tyres and that the wheels are balanced; a charge will be made for this service. Claims must relate to the same product, part and manufacturer including guarantees.

In January, The Champion reported how Waterloo resident Mark Holt received a five figure compensation pay out after CCTV images showed he was wrestled to the ground having been told he was too drunk to travel. And since the story, The Champion has been sent four letters backing up Mr Holt with similar claims that security are overly aggressive and strict when it comes to denying access onto the trains.

But Merseyrail, who employ a firm called Carlisle to carry out their policies, are sticking by their choice of security. They also revealed that Carlisle have helped reduce the number of accidents on escalators, with 49 incidents in dropping to only 19 in On January 18, Merseyrail introduced a new scheme to ban alcohol being consumed on trains, but the complaints that The Champion received concern the decision to deny entry through the barriers at Central and Moorfields Station despite drinking in nearby pubs and bars.

We are here to stop people who are staggering and in a bad state who are a risk to themselves and others. We train our staff to keep our network safe but when you deal with hundreds of thousands of people every month a few mistakes can happen.

Of course we get the odd complaint about our staff refusing to let someone travel. Rail bosses back under—fire security firm despite passenger complaints Report by Tom Martin Dr Alison Wint Feeling bloated, most days, for 3 weeks could be a sign of ovarian cancer.

One woman is particularly pleased to see the campaign roll out across the region. Joyce Stephens, 60, from Liverpool put her persistent bloating down to what she was eating and drinking until she went to the pharmacist to see if they had anything to settle it. I put it down to a number of factors, even thinking it was related to the menopause, or that it was just trapped wind, but I was wrong. When I went to the surgery, my doctor was very calming and reassuring but following an examination, she instantly referred me to a specialist.

It was a huge shock — it seemed like only yesterday that I was visiting the pharmacist looking for a simple tablet to clear it up.

The treatment was of course a little more complex than that, however, after a hysterectomy and chemotherapy I was on the road to recovery. Women need to know the signs to look out for and listen to their bodies. For more information on ovarian cancer visit nhs. Call our helpful sales team on or see our website at www. Letters and emails were sent on national offer day March 3 , informing parents and carers about the offer of a school place for their child for September, In total there were 2, applications, with Councillor Ian Moncur, cabinet member children and schools, said: As part of the changes, it gives details on the introduction of plastics and cardboard recycling with properties set to receive a new brown wheelie bin for this service.

The introduction of new wheelie bins for plastics and cardboard recycling will be phased and rolled out across the whole of the borough over a number of months - starting in north Sefton. Information on the new service has started dropping through letterboxes in the Southport area with bins being delivered in March. The phased roll-out will then continue during April and May covering the rest of the borough. Residents who currently have grey and green wheelie-bins can expect to receive a letter and a new collection calendar via the post during March or April, a brown wheelie-bin will then be delivered within a month of receiving the letter.

Under the changed scheme, the brown wheelie bin will be collected on the same day but on alternative weeks to the grey non-recyclable household waste bin. There will be no changes to the current weekly recycling collection service via the green box, blue bag, pink bag and food caddy which is for the collection of glass, cans, paper, textiles and food. There will still be no charge for this service.

All the collection days will be clearly highlighted on the new calendars currently being delivered. Recycling facilities across the whole of the borough. Now in its seventh year, the Sefton Eco Champion event recognises individuals who go the extra mile to protect the environment. Adult supporters parents, teachers, teaching assistants, scout and brownie leaders are asked to nominate them and provide a short testimonial and photographs of their specific project.

An additional award will be introduced this year in memory of Jeff Argent, former Eco Centre attendant, who died last year. Shortlisted applicants will attend a prestigious daytime ceremony at The Ramada Plaza Hotel, who are kind sponsors of the event, on Wednesday, June For more information, call Darren or Julie on Take a look at our Event Calendar Updated regularly at champnews. Because last Sunday I abandoned my earlier principles and got down to some really serious pruning of prickly hedges and tidying including the removal or at least attempted removal of some ivy.

And I must confess, I felt a glow of pride in myself at the result. Later that evening I noticed a small pain from the back of my right hand but thought little of it until Monday morning dawned and I found it had become somewhat swollen.

By Tuesday the whole of the back of the hand was puffed up like a balloon and very sore indeed. Concerned people who saw it — and you could hardly miss the reddened and very warm to the touch appendage — all said I should seek medical advice. Now, as you know, this runs against the grain for me. Though I confess that by now I was indeed getting rather concerned about the whole thing.

Sure enough, the receptionist did at first say that doctor was fully booked for the rest of the day. But when I showed her my rather grotesque right hand she said it was indeed urgent I should seek medical advice and go to a drop—in centre, suggesting that the one at Ormskirk Hospital was probably the best. Anyway, my doctor soon diagnosed an infection probably caused by my messing about in ivy, gave me an injection and a prescription and two days later the hand is virtually back to normal.

Now all this has taught me three important things. Firstly, if I again succumb to the temptation to tame my Bellamy Garden, then I should invest in a new pair of strong work gloves with good protection extending well over the wrist. Secondly, if it is considered by those who know that your medical problem is urgent, then it is still possible to see a doctor at least at my GP surgery the same afternoon.

And thirdly, that it is indeed vital that my home town of Maghull should be given its own medical drop—in clinic. Long before any cuts provided a good excuse to condemn the residents of one of the larger populated areas of Sefton to somehow travel to Ormskirk or Litherland, even less accessible to those without a motor. Scarisbrick Hotel, Lord Street, Southport from The incident happened on Churchill Avenue in Southport just after 5am on Saturday, March 1 A woman was woken and alerted by a smoke alarm to the fire which is thought to have been caused by the food having been left cooking unattended.

Two fire appliances from Southport Community Fire Station attended the call—out. A fire appliance from Formby Community Fire Station also attended. For free fire safety advice call or go to www. Ron has been leading the excavation at Lunt Meadows on behalf of the Environment Agency. The Mesolithic settlement could prove to be one of the most important archaeological sites in the country.

By looking at the types of stone tools found, and analysing the layers of soil from which the tools were extracted, the team of archaeologists have been able to determine that the remains are around 8, years old. This was an age when it was thought humans lived in small bands, moving from camp to camp with the changing seasons, taking advantage of the coastal areas in winter, and moving further inland during the summer.

The light huts in which hunter gatherers would have lived while at a temporary camp leave next to no trace in the archaeological record. Three structures around six metres across, leaving a very definite series of post holes in the sand. For more information about the talk call Seven world class pyrotechnic companies will fight to win the much coveted title in the Autumn at Victoria Park, home of the Southport Flower Show.

Each spectacular display will be performed and synchronised to a wide selection of music from classical to chart favourites and will last around 20 minutes. The competition will get off with a bang on Friday, October 3, with a performance from Wiltshire based Distant Thunder who will be followed by Allstar Fireworks.

Allstar are from Hillingdon, Middlesex and won the competition in Saturday, October 4, welcomes three wonderful competitors all making their debuts — Classic Fireworks from Blackburn, Smart Pyrotechnics based in Salisbury and Gala Fireworks who hail from Northampton. The final evening, Sunday, October 5, hosts displays from Solihull Fireworks and Flashpoint Fireworks who close the championship. They are from Surrey and won the event in Visit our Facebook page: The great novelist was famously reputed never to have bothered to post his letters.

He would stamp and address the envelope and toss them from his window, reasoning that the people of Britain were honest and public—spirited enough to pick them up and pop them in a post box. Twenty letters were stamped and addressed to Champion staff, and left in places where people might have forgotten them, phone boxes, bus stops, benches, restaurants and train stations. Southport came up tops with all five letters returning to the Champion office, revealing the majority of people in Southport are public spirited enough to post a lost letter.

Maghull and Formby came joint second with three of out five letters left being posted by someone. But unfortunately only one out of five letters left in Crosby were returned to us at the time of going to press. That is why we have such strong communities with an abundance of community spirit. They will go out of their way to help others. Put your answer with your name, address and daytime telephone number on a postcard or the back of a sealed-down envelope.

Post to the Champion to arrive before the closing date shown above. Normal Champion rules apply. For full terms and conditions visit www. They received five and three years respectively. The duo were responsible for at least 36 separate burglaries in 17 counties, including four in Lancashire in a single day and a raid at the Royal Birkdale club on Waterloo Road on September 20, The pair came to the attention of the National Crime Agency following an investigation into a corrupt criminal defence lawyer who was sentenced last year for perverting the course of justice.

At the time police had asked for information on two men they believed had struck 60 times while clubhouses were open for business by posing as golfers and brazenly raiding lockers. Steve Baldwin, NCA head of regional investigations, said: We proved they had stolen equipment from hundreds of golfers, which they disposed of here and overseas. The duo moved around clubhouses in golf attire and even chatted to other golfers. Gaining access to changing rooms they stole full sets of golf clubs, shoes, clothing and even cherry— picked the more expensive clubs.

Report by Ollie Cowan Daniel Lloyd. Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm Saturday 10am - 4pm Saturday 10am - 4pm What do we offer that others don't?

We can do a small job or a complete service which includes everything from design to laying tiles or other flooring. The grading included a variety of punching and kicking techniques, knife defence, stick defence, free fighting, forms and wood breaking.

Peter was said to be absolutely delighted when he received his black sash grading award and thanked his instructor Richard for his efforts. Peter is seen receiving his coveted Black sash and certificate from Ainsdale club instructor Richard Lowther left.

Anyone interested in joining the club should contact Richard on Why not get in touch with our Southport reporter via ollie. Lorna Carroll, of Andrews Lane, Formby, has recently launched her own eBay style shop which has been designed to give money back into the community.

Lorna, who also works part time as a counsellor at the Formby Wellbeing Centre said: Anyone who donates their items to Second Chances are reminded they only receive a percentage of the selling price once it is sold.

Largest selection of sofas and armchairs in the area — all at rock bottom prices! You will not find better value for money anywhere in the country! Police visited a large number of off licenses, convenience stores and bookmakers in a recent operation to carry out security and safety assessments and offer suggestions and advice.

Some businesses were given access to forensic sprays to security mark stock, fogging devices, which can be set off by shopkeepers to disorientate offenders and trackers which are put in items within the shop so that they can be traced if they are stolen.

During the operation 17 people have been arrested; 12 people were arrested on suspicion of possessing class A and B drugs, one person was arrested for being wanted on warrant, two people were arrested on suspicion of possessing ammunition and two people were arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply cocaine.

Police also searched three premises and seized seven vehicles for various offences. The operation comes on the back of a number of robberies across the county during January. The majority of premises targeted were convenience stores, newsagents and fast food outlets. Offenders have been armed during the majority of offences and have predominantly targeted premises for cash and large quantities of cigarettes.

Chief Inspector Jenny Sims, said: Either way, I like to serve it with toasted Irish soda bread and mustard and cress. Separate the clear butter from the white liquid at the bottom of the pan, place in a large saucepan and keep warm. Pick through the white crab meat removing any trace of shell. Skin the salmon fillet and remove any brown flesh.

Dice the salmon into 5mm cubes. Season with salt and reserve. Peel and finely dice the shallots, peel and crush the garlic and add to the butter. Bring to a simmer and cook until the shallots are soft, add the salmon and cook for a further two minutes. Add the chopped herbs and nutmeg and gently fold in. Be sure to add plenty of butter so the crab mix is well coated. Chill immediately then take the potted crab out of the fridge 30 minutes before serving so it reaches room temperature.

Serve with freshly toasted bread, salad and lemon Tel: We also carry out alterations and extensions and provide and manage all building services to clients requirements. Taking place on March 12, No Smoking Day is an annual health awareness day that promotes the benefits of giving up cigarettes. They will be back at the Feelgood Factory again on Wednesday March 12 throughout the afternoon where people can drop in for a coffee and a chat about the best methods to stop smoking.

They will also be joining the Brighter Living Partnership on the Parenting bus in Southport town centre on March 12 to help spread the V for Victory message. On Friday, March 15 you can see them in Maghull square between 10am and 1pm where they will be partnering with the Cancer Information Van iVan.

Victory is in sight for smokers wanting to quit! The brand new centre, which will provide state of the art facilities for students studying Art, Media, Film, Performance, Theatre and Drama, is due to open in early College Principle Adele Wills said: Assistant Principal, Jan Regan who is in charge of the building project, added: The park is particularly interested in attracting older people to apply.

After a winter of significant investment in infrastructure, rides, hard and soft landscaping and one or two surprises for , the park is almost ready as it heads towards opening day April 5. In the meantime the park is hosting two recruitment events at Pleasureland on Monday March 17 and Tuesday March 18 from 4pm at the Casablanca complex within the park to find more than people of the right calibre for the season.

To find out more about the positions visit southportpleasureland. The local charitable organisation provides disabled people with a place to get creative and start up a new hobby, the group meet every Wednesday afternoon from 2.

Arts club appeal for new members Othello — Thursday 20 March 7. No fees for groups,Theatre Card Members or in person bookings. Phone line open Mon — Sat 9am — 10pm Sun 10am — 8pm Lilibet, owner and founder of the quaint French Patisserie, said: The competition includes eight categories: With her expertise we are excited to see who will be crowned baking champion.

We hope that people from across the area will get involved with the Cake Bake this year and help support the O—Very campaign. On average, less than a third of patients survive more than five years after diagnosis. Although figures are improving in England and deaths from ovarian cancer have fallen by a fifth in a decade there is still work to be done. Entrants can enter cakes from 11am and the winners will be announced between 5—6pm.

All proceeds will go to NWCR. Entrants can also pre—register through www. All MEPs will now vote to select the winners in each category who will be presented by The Parliament magazine with their awards at a ceremony in Brussels next month March.

Euro MP in line for eco award Feature For all your hygiene needs With lawsuits surrounding hygiene and health hazards taking place every day and the media reporting on food poisoning and workplace accidents every week, it is now more important than ever to make sure you are covered in every area of health and hygiene.

Shorrock Trichem is a leading hygiene and janitorial supplier based in Atherton, Manchester and have supplied various health authorities, educational, restaurant, hotel and leisure sites throughout the UK for the last 20 years. They have a full range of hygiene and cleaning materials available that are more than capable of maintaining any standards that are set and have all the latest technology available for any new and innovative products that are available in the marketplace. As a company, they can offer the following different packages: All chemicals can be dispensed via Shorrock Trichem dispensing equipment fully installed by our in-house technicians.

These machines are maintained and serviced by our qualified engineers including installation and extended warranties. We are also capable of maintaining all makes and models of machines with service available days per year.

We have a full range of hygiene and cleaning materials and services available that are more than capable of maintaining any standards that we set. We have all the latest technology available for any new and innovative products that are available in the market place including hand sanitiser to help combat Ecoli, Salmonella and MRSA. As a company, we can offer the following different packages: The nursery, which recently gained an outstanding judgement from OFSTED, provides childcare for children aged 2—3 years.

Mrs Jennie Staunton, Nursery Manager, said: And more join in the fun across resort! This uplifting story and score is one not to be missed and will be performed by SONG from April 8— Simply design a coat for Joseph using any medium you like! It could be paint, crayons, collage etc. Let your imagination run wild! Create your design on an A4 plain piece of paper and include your name, age, phone number and address on the back. Please hand in your entry at The Atkinson. There are two age categories for Primary and Secondary aged children.

The winners may choose their preferred evening on either Tuesday 8, Wednesday 9 or Thursday There will also be an opportunity to come and meet the cast and watch them rehearsing for the show. The two winning entries will be notified and featured on the SONG website. More information at www.

With him, his reluctant wife, Kay Joanne Wasilew whose range of exasperated expressions conveyed exactly how she felt about her husband. Only two mates turn up. Mark Haygarth, strutted about the stage like an apologetic penguin as the hapless Malcolm, who works at the Co—op and lives with his mother.

But Tommo gets a shock when his wife, Shirley Helen Haygarth turns up, and a bigger one when she reveals she has been seeing Malcolm behind his back. But the second half brings a change. The tables are turned and each of the group have to reevaluate their lives which brings a rewarding depth to the play that was really well acted throughout by all the cast of this talented company.

What amazes and saddens me is that, despite full advertising, only about a hundred people turned up on the first night, just weeks after a play by the same author filled the seat theatre for eight nights running. The concert was basically divided into two parts. The first half consisted of material from the later days featuring hits like Gypsy and Little Lies with the girls swapping leads and Amanda showing her talent on the accordion.

And then it was back to the glory days for the last half hour, culminating in a fervent Go your own way before they returned for the obligatory encore. By the end of two hours, the long guitar solos had started to merge. But for the majority of Fleetwood Mac fans, who are unlikely to get a chance to witness the original group perform again, this was as good as it gets. Close your eyes and it IS Fleetwood Mac. Follow the signs to Burscough Ind. No need to book - just turn up - 5.

Sun - Thurs 5pm - Black pudding, bacon and egg salad served warm with a coarse grain mustard dressing Mini lamb and mint pie with potato croutons Stilton and mozzarella fritters with a cranberry compote and garnish of mixed leaves Salad of mixed leaves, toasted nuts and fruits with Parmesan shavings H. We have sittings available at 12noon, 1pm, 2. Promo msgs, text stop to Brand new — boxed. In calls only, no witheld num- bers. Brown cane and beige cushions.

Box and user guide. Paper backs by Mary Braithwaite. Brand New In Box. Plays Movies, Music etc. Top Of The Range. Top Of the Range. Knee Injury forces Reluctant Sale. See our events calendar at champnews. Adjustable back and seat. There are none that can withstand your powers. Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee 3 Times. Sweet Mother, I place this cause in your hands 3 times.

Thank you for your mercy towards me and mine. This prayer must be said for three days and after that the request will be granted and the prayer must be published. Take a look at champnews. This time I ask for one special favour. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your favour, not mine. Amen Say this prayer for three days, promise publication and your favour will be granted. Never to be failed. You will need to be a driver to join our team. You will need to be a driver with with access to a vehicle however previous experience is not access to a vehicle however previous experience is not necessary as full trainingwill be given.

To apply Please complete an application form online from our website - www. Lancashire Music Service lead partner of Lancashire Music Hub is seeking applications from music tutors to work on a self employed basis from September The service requires tutors in all disciplines including brass, woodwind, strings, keyboard, guitar, percussion, singing and curriculum support. Work will include small and large group tuition and whole class instrumental teaching, where suitable experience or expertise is demonstrated.

You will be a creative and innovative music teacher able to demonstrate a high level of ability on your instrument. Good organisation skills and computer literacy is essential, as is a willingness to partake in professional development opportunities.

For more information regarding the service please see our web site: Successful applicants will be contacted and invited for interview. This includes established weekly out patient clinics and in-patient assessments within Woodlands Hospice. We have an excellent opportunity for an experienced healthcare professional to develop the Woodlands lymphoedema service. The postholder will lead on this service for the Hospice, with a hands on clinic three times weekly 7.

As a practitioner you will have: The post holder will work over a minimum of four days as part of a multi professional team and will lead on discharge planning for patients with a South Sefton GP. For application pack please contact Debbie Edwards, Clinical Administrator, on or email debbie. The Governors of St Richard's Catholic Primary School are seeking to appoint a school Site Supervisor who is enthusiastic, conscientious and hardworking to join our committed school team.

The successful candidate will under the general direction of the Senior Leadership Team contribute to the smooth running of the school by carrying out a range of cleaning and caretaking duties to the agreed quality standards, including security and supervision of the site and related equipment. It is envisaged that he majority of time will be spent on cleaning the premises to a very high standard.

They must also be flexible to fit in with school activities at different times of the year. This is a part-time, year round post working The successful candidate will, undertake general site maintenance and will play a lead role in ensuring the health and safety of our school. This is an excellent opportunity for an outstanding person with the necessary expertise to deal with the challenges of managing and maintaining the school premises.

The post involves working a split shift pattern, hours are as follows. Ability to use powered tools and equipment relevant to the role e. Experience of undertaking manual tasks e. Call the headteacher on The post you are applying for is covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Exceptions Act If successful you will be required to apply to the Criminal Records Bureau for a 'disclosure'.

Parkhaven Trust is a unique Merseyside charity providing a range of excellent residential and support services across Maghull for people with dementia, older frail people and people with learning disabilities.

We are seeking a highly committed individual to manage the Kyffin Taylor residential home, providing care to 29 people with dementia. With exceptional leadership skills, you will be innovative in problem solving and able to prioritise your workload to ensure you meet the standards required by CQC and lead a staff team to deliver the highest standards of care in a safe and homely environment.

You will receive a full induction and ongoing support from the Residential Services Manager. We offer opportunities for continuing professional development, a competitive salary and company pension scheme, which includes employer contributions. For further information, please visit www. The governing body are looking to appoint a TA2 a to join our friendly, hardworking team. The successful candidate will predominantly work supporting teachers in Key Stage 2 classes, but will have the flexibility to work across other Key Stages.

This is a fixed term contract to start asap until 31 March , with the possibility of extending further pending budgetary review. This is also a term-time, variable hours contract and the successful candidate could be required to work between 5.

For the duration of the fixed term, the postholder will be required to work 21hrs worked equally over 4 days per week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The school is committed to the safeguarding and well-being of young people and the post is covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Exceptions Act We are an Equal Opportunities Employer welcoming applications from all sections of the community.

Working with, caring for or supporting children. Working as part of a team and individually. NVQ Level 2 in relevant area. Working within a school setting. If you require a hard copy application, please email: Please quote the job reference number. Return all application forms to Lynne Ward in the school office.

We have thousands of pictures available online Browse them all at you leisure champnews. NVQ level 2 required. Must be able to work to a high standard Please call Matron on Parkhaven Trust is committed to equality of opportunity for all.

Friday, 21st March We are seeking highly committed RGNs with excellent clinical knowledge and a passion and commitment to the care of older people to work at the James Page nursing home, which is a purpose built bedded facility.

You will have an innovative approach to service planning and delivery, with the ability to balance business demands with excellent knowledge of CQC and commitment to quality standards. With exceptional leadership skills, you will be innovative in problem solving and be able to prioritise workloads.

Strong communication skills and management or supervisory experience, leading a team to provide the highest standards, are an essential. Both posts are supported by a full induction process and experienced managers, with opportunities for continuing professional development.

Experience and good references essential For further information, and to request job description and application form, please telephone and speak to a Manager. You will also be a good and confident driver, both in the UK and abroad, to share driving.

A person with no commitments and be prepared to spend the Winter months in warmer climates. The ideal companion will be a good conversationalist and with a common outlook of enjoying life. A separate luxury apartment may be offered to suitable applicant. The post holder will be expected to work with the minimum of supervision and co-ordinate their activities to ensure an efficient service is provided. You will also be expected to work under your own initiative and prioritise conflicting work demands.

The successful candidate must have experience of working in a similar role and level within a Health Service environment and be educated to a minimum of level 2 GCSE or equivalent in English and Maths.

You will also require excellent IT skills with a Level 2 ECDL or equivalent qualification, previous experience of minute taking, audio typing and shorthand. Midnight, Sunday 23rd March The role will also provide administrative assistance to the HR Manager. The ideal candidate will have previous experience of working in a similar role, be educated to a minimum of level 2 GCSE or equivalent in maths and English and possess an EDCL level 2 or equivalent qualification.

You will also require excellent organisation skills and ability to prioritise workload. Using various existing reporting systems, the post holder will collate information for analysis for their internal colleagues as well as external bodies. The data requires regular auditing to ensure it is both correct and complete as well as providing on-going support and guidance to colleagues to continuously improve the quality of the data captured.

The successful candidate will have proven experience in a similar role in a healthcare setting and will have knowledge of medical terminology as well as an IT qualification such as ECDL level 2 or equivalent and have advanced key board skills with accuracy. As such, we are looking to appoint a Retail Administrator to help with the implementation and on-going support the system will require. The post holder will provide administrative support for the EPOS till system and process all areas of Gift Aid administration including maintaining up to date records of donors in line with HMRC guidelines.

The successful candidate will have a minimum of two years admin and clerical experience as well as previous experience in a retail or trading environment. If sufficient response is received these posts could be closed earlier than the specified closing date, so please apply as soon as possible to ensure that your application is considered. Only those individuals shortlisted for interview will be contacted. Queenscourt Hospice supports NHS pension scheme for employees with eligibility www.

A smile can hide the heartache, A tear can be wiped away, But the pain of losing you will never go away. My broken heart will never heal, But the memories pull me through. We love and miss you more than ever always thinking of you. Thank you to all the staff on Wards 10a and 11b at Southport Hospital for the outstanding care and everything you did for Norman.

Grateful thanks to Peter Goulding for such a lovely service and to the Richmond pub for the lovely refreshments. Thank you to Rev. Peter Knight for a lovely funeral tribute and to all the ladies at Leyland Road Methodist Church for the really tasty refreshments it was much appreciated.

For the mention of our beloved sister Betty. Our journey to Glasgow with our mother, now at rest with our beloved daddy. A proud Royal Engineer Veteran. Devoted wife of the late David. Much loved Mum of Alexandra and Joanna. Elizabeth will be greatly missed by all her family, friends and work colleagues. Funeral service at Southport Crematorium on Monday 17th March at 3. Family flowers only by request, donations if so desired are being gratefully received by the family on behalf of Queenscourt Hospice.

Mother of Paul, Miles and Shirley. Mother in law of Tracie and grandmother of Lucy. Will be sadly missed by us all. Tel Adoring husband to Joan, much loved dad to Louise and John, a very loving Grandad and Great- Grandad, John will be greatly missed by all his family and friends. Funeral service at Southport Crematorium on Monday 17th March at Family flowers only please but donations are being gratefully received for Queenscourt Hospice.

Friday 7th March aged 96 years. Devoted and much loved husband of Maureen, loving father of Jacqueline and Catherine, father-in-law to Chris and Mark. Adored grandad to Tom, Katie and Fintan. Greatly missed by all his family and friends. Church on Wednesday 19th March at Loving Mum of Karen. Eileen will be sadly missed by all who knew her. The funeral service and committal will take place at Southport Crematorium on Tuesday 18th March at 2. Family flowers only by request but the family are gratefully receiving donations for Macmillan Nurses.

Family flowers only, donations in lieu if desired for the R. Greatly missed by all family and friends. Alice will be very sadly missed by all her friends in Southport, particularly those at the Promenade Care Home who have cared so dearly for her. Service at Southport Crematorium on Friday 14th March at 2: You can look at the application on our website at www.

Alternatively you can contact us to arrange to view the plans at Magdalen House, 30 Trinity Road, Bootle, L20 3NJ telephone between the hours of 8. If you have any comments about the application please complete our online form at www.

The proposed Order will continue in force for a maximum period of 21 days or until the works have been completed, whichever is the earlier. The works are due to take place on Tuesday 25th March, and are expected to take up to 1 day to complete. Access will be maintained for the Emergency Services and where possible for residents.

Maplin Westgate Building, A Yarn Story Walcot Street, Mo - Sa Wool Old Orchard Street. Mo-Th off; Fr Lisa Elliott Waterloo Street, 1. Myrtle Mee Flowers Bathwick Hill. Shirley Snells Brown Street. South Brent Flowers Fore Street. The Floral Touch Bruton Avenue. Shergold Funeral Directors Brown Street. BoConcept Castle Gallery, Phone: Lowden Garden Centre Opening hours: Cards Plus High Street, Opening hours: Chocol8 Poole Road, Dorset Gifts The Quay.

Adriano's Gloucester Road, Opening hours: Barber Shop High Street, 1 Opening hours: Beesleys Whitehouse Road Opening hours: Moss Saint James's Parade, Casa Fina High Street, Brewers Dorchester Road, Fired Earth Broad Street. Graham and Green Walcot Street, Homefront St Margarets Buildings, 10 bath. Laura Ashley New Canal. Mandarin Stone Milsom Street, Mandarin Stone Broad Street, Objets de Desir Boyces Avenue, 6 Email: Fraser Hart The Mall, Fired Earth Montpellier Street, 5 Opening hours: Nisbets James Street West.

Pearce's Gloucester Road, Opening hours: Launder Centre Edward Street, 49 Opening hours: Sibleys Launderette Porthcressa Promenade Phone: The Dolly Tub St. The Ironing Shop London Street. BH2 - fee Exeter Crescent. John Lewis at home Opening hours: The Dolphin Shopping Centre. The Shires Shopping Centre. Carphone Warehouse Bloomfield Avenue. FoneSolutions Silver Street Phone: On-site repair centre - No Fix No Fee". Mo "by appointment"; Tu-Sa Bridport Music South Street, Resolution Records Midland Bridge Road.

Surplus Store Winchester Street, 19 Phone: Farrow and Ball Walcot Street, Bath Pets Lambridge Place. Melian Pet Supplies High Street. Pets at Home Phone: Pets at Home Lower Bristol Road.

Roxfords Gloucester Road, Phone: Clifton Photographic Company Alma Road, Jessops The Mall, 3. Dr Martens Union Street, Running Bath high street, Street Life Skates Alexandra Road. Meticulous Ink Walcot Street.

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