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Maybe you have not met with this kind of situation. If you continue to side with these people, one day it may be your turn. Miss Nasir, I have great respect for you to challenge the horrible people who tried to put you down. What you did, although is smaller scale, is similar to what Rosa Parks did for the African American back in the days where blacks were treated as second class citizen.

Miss Parks refused to give up her seat in a bus to a white passenger because she believed she has the same rights as anyone else.

Miss Nasir, I applaud you for being a strong headed woman and I hope there are more women like you around. She has broken the law of this country and the law of her own religion! Those are the facts. Are we supposed to condone these kinds of actions? Did you just say that you are going to applaud people who [get] without [their] ICs and [who break] the syariah law and then make a big fuss [about] the police?

You can blame the guy for caving in to their demand, but is taking a bribe not a sin under your religion? Why did you only pick on the girl? Will this self-righteousness get you to heaven? What more when these self-elected moral guardians themselves display abhorrent, hypocritical behaviour? What qualifies them to even BE enforcers?

I doubt they are well versed in Fiqah either. These people do nothing to improve their OWN spiritual acumen, much less others. At the end of the day, what you choose to practice and believe is between you and God. What Ms [Nabila] did or did not do is between her and God. Who are we mere mortals to judge? Have you not sinned before my friend? Who gives you the right to question who we like or not? Each to his own! Fortunately, God has given me a clear conscience to make a judgement that whoever seems to have broken the law shall be subjected to the course of the law.

The subject has broken the law so what is the choice we have?? Haswandi, people like you is why a problem like this arises in the first place. A struggling multiracial nation like Malaysia does not need [people] like you. You are preposterous to mix your radical thinking with freedom of speech.

The fact is the action is morally wrong. Morally wrong to kiss another human being in public? Or defending yourself to corruption, racism and intolerance? Please stop moral policing and instilling hypocritical teachings. Religion is supposed to uplift human deeds and values by teaching about love, faith and hope, not set rigid rules and regulations. Helloooo…if u guys look deep into every religion, it is a sin to bribe, to kiss, to touching, even to take pork.

Just dig in, ok. Not only for Islam or [Judaism], even inside the Bible itself it is written no pork please. I get what you are trying to say but you are certainly wrong. The BIBLE says it too, in fact almost every other religion out there believes in the same thing, no pre-marital sex, no touching, no consensual sex, etc.

You got a point. Note that the point that everybody has been arguing about is moral policing. Religion is a personal matter between you and God and no holier-than-thou moral guardians should tell and forcefully restrict us what and how should we carry ourselves.

I really have no idea why you are only highlighting Ms. Who are you to judge? In all your comments, you never touched on the topic of the police taking bribes or extorting from them. So now the police could do wrong and you say nothing of it?

You too have condemned [other] Malay[-Muslim Malaysians] with your lack of knowledge in terms of religion and moral values. He should join the useless religious police force…where khalwat is strongly prohibited but extortion is highly recommended. The police are guardians to the civil law. All these rules you quote are based on Islamic values and laws of which jurisdiction is given to the Syariah authorities.

PDRM has no authority over Syariah law. Even then, why do you feel it is necessary for there to be a moral police telling Muslims what to do? Is she hurting you? What if she was a Shia Muslim and not a Sunni. Are you going to get the police to arrest her as well?

Yes Nabila broke Islamic law but that is besides the point. And it is clear that the police officers involved had only one aim and that was to blackmail the couple to bribe. That is the point of this story. Muslims drink and gamble and have sex all the time.

Prostitution is a controlled industry in this country — controlled by the police. Give me a break, Haswandi. Not everyone is a Muslim just because their identity card states that they are Islam from birth and have no personal choice.

I know a good number of readers familiar with the niceties of the Malaysian police will breathe a sigh of relief that her partner took the calm approach. Unfortunately, not many people have the courage like Nabila Nasir. Those cops should be ashamed of themselves. As for Nabila, her relationship with any man is strictly private. I admire her honesty and frankness; basic requirements of a good journalist.

Is this the kind of behaviour that we would like to promote? Is this the kind of new generation that we would like to develop in the future?

Yes, we should not promote corruption. But most of all, we can not promote this young lady as having the guts to stand against the enforcement.

This is really memalukan!! Yes, we can not [sweep] everything under the carpet. Yes, we understand that it is happening everywhere. But this is not the way to guide our [younger] generation! Is this another adult-versus-rebel-kids or I-should-be-respected-because-I-am-adult case? Instead of condemning Nabila for her retort, the officer should have shown a better example to [youths by not asking] that question in the first place. Hello adults, lead by examples, lah….

It is happening everywhere lah. There is no need to sweep everything under the carpet. Even my neighbour, a Malay [Malaysian] girl is doing it. She once told me that she and member-member dia suka Cina, especially the Korean-looking types. Dia pulak kate jantan-jantan Melayu memalukan. This is a problem that can be solved by good parenting.

Why would you want to put disproportionate powers in some arbitrary group of people? Extort money from an innocent foreigner.. As a non-Muslim Malaysian, I am confused. Was that a valid khalwat case??

Is the article about moral policing or police corruption?? Any other ways to settle it beside the typical pay-off Malaysian-style?? Maybe TNG should solicit contributions to tackle a particular topic more in depth.

At this point he started to grovel and squirm. He extended his hand in friendship and said lets forget the whole thing. The end result is: I was allowed to cross into Greek Cyprus without an entry stamp! This presented other problems on exit. Stand up for your rights and challenge the Executive. We pay their wages and sustain them. The Greek Cypriot police do not carry firearms whereas the Polis di Raja do.

This would definitely put a different complexion on my approach! Well, what do you expect? No country in the world recognizes Turkish Cyprus except, well, Turkey. Of course the Greeks were pissed. I feel your pain. I had a Malay [Malaysian] girlfriend once upon a time. And we had something real special. However our relationship was always burdened by fear and secrecy. Everything had to be done ninja like.

Love has no boundaries. But in Malaysia apparently it does. Why is it the likes of […] never seem to realise that moral policing as practiced in Islamic countries always comes with a huge double standard. The people who unquestioningly abide by their [dictates] are just as ignorant and responsible for how much sway these equally ignorant and uneducated religious authorities hold over their lives.

That has always been a problem with the majority of Asian cultures — a cultural artifact of the days of the maharajas. Malaysians need to learn to hold figures of authority accountable for all their actions and publicly voice their dissent.

Not just on internet forums and newsgroups. In a multicultural society, it is still relatively rare to see Malay-Chinese [Malaysian] couples. Perhaps it is not only the ignorant Majlis Agama which still holds a negative view on interracial coupling since it takes two to tango after all.

Having dated a Kelantan Chinese professional footballer once, I must say he was far more a gentleman than any Malay [Malaysian] men I have encountered. Unfortunately, this country has people […], supporting suppression, intolerance, censorship and unfounded racism. The problem with this country that a lot of the time, I find unfortunate to call home is that our government and our laws are focused much to much on religion — and mainly the promotion of one religion and the oppression of all the other religions that exist.

They have NO choice whether or not to become another religion or become an atheist. Forcing non-Muslims to convert to the Muslim faith just because they are getting married?

What you are promoting is a communist, Big Brother state where all our actions are being controlled by the powers that be, with NO freedom of speech, will and most of all, love. The more you speak like this and think like this, the more this country will be drained of any sort of expression and diversity.

Who is to say that the power of the people cannot change laws? It is just that there is too much fear, corruption and backward thinking that blocks it from happening. The 60s were so much freer than we are today in this country.

Did you ever stop to think that bribing the police officers was the only way they could get out of the situation? I applaud Nabila for standing up to her rights [as] a human being.

In any other country where people actually have freedom and rights , she would be able to report these […] to a higher power for human rights violations. You are completely true that the government is promoting one religion.

Islam is the official religion of this country and if you want to change that, go to Parliament. But you are also completely wrong to say that the government is oppressing other religions.

As long as they follow the rules. Are you saying the US government is also practicing religious oppression? I am not only saying that the government only promotes one religion — but promotes one race as well. And I would say that there are parts of the US that oppress religions other than Christianity. Our laws should reflect society and society in Malaysia is made up of different types of people.

Governments should be pushing the agenda of the betterment of the people and not pushing the agenda of their religion. All I want to say here is that intolerance and lack of education in religion is what is tearing communities apart. And where did you get that about NY not building mosques? Or all over the USA and the western world? You are naive and just plain ignorant. In the Western world you are given the right to practice Islam. You are treated as an individual. Prove me otherwise, mate.

The US constitution makes sure that every citizen has a right to profess whatever religion they want. What are you on about?? This country makes it hard for non-Muslims to practice their religion.

You only hear about Muslims getting oppressed even though banyak benefits and everything works in your favour in this country. Just google it la. See how many NEW mosques there are all over the western world. And compare with how many new non-Muslim places of worship there are in Islamic countries. What about building churches and new temples in this country? Section 13 Shah Alam? Give me a break and stop playing the oppressed faith. And by the way, keep your faith to yourself.

Just because it says Islam on your IC , it does not make you a Muslim. And just because your faith is the official one in this country, it does not make you master of all. Another full round applause from me!

You are truly one of the many voices of reason over here LOL. You have no idea. I am sorry if you had ever been oppressed simply because of your faith. However, be advised that taking off your hijab in airport is solely for security reasons. You have every right to wear it back as soon as security check is over. Frankly, I have a friend who used to work in an airport and they occasionally discover contraband hidden within the hijab. Perhaps the officers should had done that in your own privacy instead.

Furthermore, I believe there is no compulsion in Islam. If Nabila decides how to live her life is good, then so be it. Her personal life is HER business and no one elses.

Where does it end? Any Muslim that needs the police to make sure they are act morally is no Muslim at all. If morality depends on the police, we can be sure there will be no morality and no Islam. Morality becomes a thing which is only followed when one sees the police around.

Just like a child will only do homework if they know their parents are watching! Certain Malaysian Muslims need to free themselves from the fundamentalist thinking [where] very word of the Quran [is believed taken] in the literal sense and adherence to all rules [is done] without thought, reasoning and perception of change.

It is no longer about faith but [it] becomes a holier-than-thou competition to see who appears to be more Islamic. These are the fundamentalists who make a big fuss about separate paying lines in banks and supermarkets, and over women [who wear] lipstick. The biggest problem with modern Muslims in Malaysia is how they surrender their cognitive faculties to religion without questioning the relevance. Most Muslim groups here in Malaysia speak as if religion is the only authority on morals and morality.

Nor did I do it to declare how un-Islamic I am. I did it because I believe more Malaysians should know what other Malaysians go through, they should know about their rights, and that there is strength in numbers.

I am saddened by the mysoginistic and narrow-minded replies in this thread, [and] I am humbled by the support and encouragement. Well, my advice is, you should either repent immediately, or renounce Islam all together…. Thus as a fellow Muslim, Mr Edi was obliged to advise her; repent or renounce. I really like to use Surah Al-Kafirun in this argument for non-Muslims and to remind other Muslim not to be afraid to uphold the Islamic tenets:.

If Ms Nabila believe she cannot follow the Islamic teaching, the best thing is for her to leave this country since she will be prosecuted if she become apostate in Malaysia. Do you submit to God every second of your life? I highly doubt it. Who has not done wrong before God? Should women wear the hijab or not?

Can you wear makeup? Are you not under the same syariah law? Are you going to stone her? Who are you to judge her? Why are you so paranoid about people leaving your religion? I agree with you, Ms Nabila. In Malaysia, a great majority of Malaysian Muslims are still engulfed in the sick trend of religious exhibitionism. Liberals are instead deemed as extremists.

Objective thinking is almost nonexistent. Unless the people themselves become more accepting and open-minded, Malaysia is bound for destruction by its own people. Always remember, race 1st, religion 2nd and Malaysian 3rd. This is the mentality that will forever put us in 3rd world mentality. Malay [Malaysians] will make judgment and rules based on race and culture first. These two elements influence how religious rules are made or are interpreted by them.

To make matters worse, these two elements influence on how the current old mentality leaders think. We must free ourselves from these two elements so as to come to better, more logical, sensible and thinking. That is so true. Nabila Nasir is one gutsy lady who stands her ground for what she believes in. She follows up with this real-life interview without the need to be anonymous. For me, that is reason enough to applaud her. In this day and age, we need more people who can think critically and make statements, rather than people who merely conform and become like drones which is what the authority wants and we have an abundance of.

Was she going against the law, syariah or otherwise? I bet you will be criticised by certain people. And we know about it. Please do not encourage corruption! Who is more evil in the eyes of your Allah? Recently, I have switched from white sugar to brown sugar. It smells good, it is natural, wholesome and it keeps you healthy. I was momentarily taken aback upon reading the interview title, then I imagined how Ms Nabila Nasir and others in her position would have felt upon being asked such a horrible question in person.

I think this incident highlights a glaring incident of rudeness on the part of person in power. Oh yea, betul ke, kalau tak suka Malaysia janganlah sampai fitnah polis, pegilah tinggal di negara lain.

As if what they were doing were anything to be proud of: Harassment, abuse of power, soliciting a bribe. Will the officers ask themselves how they can stoop to such despicable behaviour?! Shame on the officials, and kudos to Nabila, for being brave, knowing her rights, and standing up for them in the face of such corrupt, racist individuals.

Using the same logic, Jais then should act the same on morally wrong and equally haram offence of rasuah, especially the practice of Ali Baba projects which similarly involve crooked pacts by Malay-Chinese [Malaysian] business[persons]. And this rasuah Ali Baba practice has caused even bigger leakage and losses of billions of wang rakyat. Billions have been lost and gone into the pockets of people who are in power — royalty, politicians etc. Have they ever been called up for any sort of ethical, moral questioning?

Islam is a beautiful religion, but this country is screwing it up by making their own rules. It will remain so because the law is from the Creator, not from human beings. But if you are Muslim you are bound in totality to adhere to the strict rules of the religion.

That is the beauty of Islam. So kenapa you sibuk kalau that girl nak cium orang Cina? If you are a Muslim then follow the religious rules and regulations, before you want to speak about the religion.

In simple analogy, if you want to play soccer, do not insist to play with a tennis ball and make a huge cry of being discrimaination. As a Muslim saya menyibuk disini disebabkan Miss Nabila clearly [disclosed] her name, [going by] which in this country [it is presumed] she is a Muslim and is try to make a mockery of the Islamic syariah law of the land. Itu yang saya menyibuk. Kalau dia cium and keep it to herself, that is her business. Kissing in public is prohibited to all Muslims, irrespective of whether you are religious or not.

But there are basic teachings which are commonly agreed among the mazhab and very clearly stated and not open for futher deliberation…for example kissing bukan muhrim. So I am not the Judge Dredd that you are looking for….

I am somewhat surprised — wait, or am I? I am curious on your standpoint regarding that. Assuming what you say is true, even if Ms Nabila did break religious laws, does she and her ex-boyfriend deserve to suffer and bribe the police silently?

Is their right to make this situation known stripped from them as well? Your law of the land was abused by people who cloaked themselves with religion, used in a blatant manner to sexually harass a young woman who did with her boyfriend what any person in her age would do , extortion, plus racist comments.

Jadi adakah perbuatan Cik Nabila yang awak kata salah membatalkan kesalahan orang-orang ini, hanya kerana mereka melakukan semua ini atas nama Tuhan? And yeah, I do hate this so-called khalwat law. Kenapa orang miskin and middle-class je yang jadi mangsa undang-undang khalwat? If you want to talk about fairness of law, them get them all. Because apparently, divine law is inferior to hotel policy.

If this is the case, then why bother doing it at all? I think the title of the article itself is very provocative to Malay [Malaysians]. A good Muslim girl would not have responded in that manner, even though she had already committed a sin in the eye of her religion. Let us pray according to our own faiths that Nabila will regain her senses and adhere to her religious doctrines for a good lifestyle.

You mean, the ones who would get cowed by inconsistent, harassing moral-policing? The ones who would then commit further sin by bribing the officers? This society is simply too focused on sex, permitted or otherwise. For a society that supposedly frowns upon sex and its associated acts, we simply think about it too much. Honestly, why do people care so much about what other people do in the privacy of their own home and property?

I feel that this sort of thing should not be policed because it leads to abuse of power. How does two people having sex affect you? A good Muslim girl would not have responded in that manner, even though she had already committed a sin in the eyes of her religion…simple as that. The point of the story is the fact that she and her ex were extorted of money!! And that moral policing itself is a corrupt exercise in this country, where fear is used to extort money from people. A good Muslim man would not have sexually and racially harassed two young people by using dirty language and morally bullying people.

A good Muslim man would not have asked for a bribe. Ms Nabila used to date a Chinese [Malaysian] bloke, and one day made out in a car somewhere in a public place.

Without proof whatsoever, Ms Nabila nevertheless suspected that the guy was a phony religious officer. An officer at the police station presumably the same one who was in the raiding party asked Ms Nabila and her Chinese [Malaysian] boyfriend an amount of exactly RM to settle the issue.

Ms Nabila contemplated that she would resist any PDRM officers if they dare to raid one of her parties. The whole series [is about] how corrupt moral policing has been in this country and how even well-behaved Muslim citizens are being harassed re: To answer your points: She demanded identification from the alleged policemen because it is her right to do so.

How can you question the fact that her ex was roughly handled by the police? Have you personally been through the same thing? Why are you ignoring the fact that the policemen were in the wrong? Why are you ignoring the fact that they, and many people in this country, are racist and most of the time, hypocritical?

She sinned by kissing a Chinese [Malaysian] man in public? And who created the rules in the first place — [hu]man[s]. As I said in my previous comment — who are we, as [humans], to judge what is right or wrong — let God do that. Harassing a young woman and her boyfriend, bullying them and being supremely racist. Is that how a good Muslim should act? Bro, she sinned by kissing anybody, except her muhrim and her husband and other classes of humans clearly defined in her religion , be it in public, or in private.

And where did I ever generalise Muslims? By saying that racist and sexually harassing remarks are wrong? Did the police have the right to do all those things just because she went against her religion?

And the fact that they were also harassing her ex who is not Muslim is another wrongdoing altogether. Other class of humans includes: Children below the age of puberty 2. And maybe a few other definitions. This is generalisation, you silly…. THAT is why I used that statement, not to generalise. If they had, then what? Malaysia is a multicultural country, with various religions and races.

Get that into your brain please. It a disgrace to all Malay and Muslim [Malaysians]. Her response to the interview does not reflect a brave act as recommended by some commentors […].

She does not represent the normal Malay [Malaysian]. Her parents must be real upset!! I think this article is more about the title rather than the way the enforcement officers performed their duty. Yes, we despise the act by that particular officer in the article, however, we should not forget that the great majority of officers are genuine and sincere. I am surprised that the author is Shanon, probably a Muslim. Look at the title and the publication of the way she responded in the interview.

Maybe she did not mean it, or maybe she did not do it at all. The response in the interview overshadowed the objective of the article about the wrongdoing of the enforcement officers. This article is painting a bad picture of Nabila in the eyes of her religion. Again, the article confuses readers about the meaning of bravery and good behaviour of a Muslim girl. Please stay in context. The column is on policing. What was highlighted was to shed some light to the public how policing is done.

Dear readers, stay in context. I think this is something that Haswandi and certain others cannot seem to comprehend. Not only had Nabila Nasir to endure policemen bullying her for kissing her Chinese boyfriend, now she has to read comments on Thenutgraph telling her to repent.

Is moral policing a symptom of systemic disempowerment? The next thing, she refuses to understand what is her responsibility to her religion and the most troubling thing was she wrote to this public forum to tell that she did nothing wrong! So, please see this from the right perspective instead of following the unhealthy trend nowadays of blaming everything on the police force. These sorts of rules are just archaic. The police in Malaysia is an errant force made up of people whose education is not very high, as their qualifications are a bare minimum.

In other words, we have given power over to people who are uneducated, undisciplined and unexposed in their worldviews.

Therefore, they need to be managed. In most civilised countries, everytime a person is given power, there must be laws set up to prevent them from abusing their powers. In Malaysia, existing legislation aiming to prevent abuses of powers are insufficient, and more often than not, they privilege those already in power. So, who should police the police? And Haswandi, have you sinned before? Lied to your parents? Should everyone of your sins be under the jurisdiction of the police?

Then they should no longer be under the purview of the civil law, which is to protect innocent people, not punish them. If some of your sins which hurt nobody else escaped the dictates of the laws, then please allow Nabila the same right. She hurt nobody in kissing her ex-boyfriend, so that action remains between her, her ex-boyfriend and their beliefs. It is not between her and your beliefs.

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