Seri Mutiara Cup: Hong Kong Eastern Long Lions - Texas All Stars

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National Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesman Nugroho declined to give an official death toll. Dozens of injured people were being treated in makeshift medical tents set up outdoors, TV images showed.

The quake and tsunami caused a power outage that cut communications around Palu. On Saturday, authorities were still having difficulties coordinating rescue efforts. Chief security minister Wiranto told TVOne the military had started sending in cargo planes from the capital Jakarta carrying relief aid.

The city's airport remained closed after its runway and air traffic control tower was damaged in the quake but officials said they were preparing to reopen to allow aid to come in. Metro TV played amateur footage that showed large pools of water remaining from the tsunami, a bridge that had been washed away, large cracks in roads and buildings badly damaged.

Tezar Kodongan, a resident of Palu who took one of the videos, told the TV station some of the city landmarks were badly damaged. The Palu area was hit by a less powerful quake earlier on Friday, which destroyed some houses, killed one person and injured at least 10 in the fishing town of Donggala, closest to the epicentre, authorities said.

More than , people live in Donggala and Palu. Indonesia sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire and is regularly hit by earthquakes. In August, a series of major quakes killed over people in the tourist island of Lombok and destroyed dozens of villages along its northern coast. You are here Home Hong Kong bans pro-independence party.

Updated 24 September Hong Kong bans pro-independence party. Hide comments Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Fear and fanfare as Hong Kong launches China rail link.

Updated 29 September Quake, tsunami kills at least 30 on Indonesia's Sulawesi island. Feds bust multimillion dollar drug ring that delivered to texas. Of and arrest the smuggler down in southern texas, the. Prosecutors say the drug ring is linked to the large drug cartels.

San antonio a san antonio woman faces up to 20 years in prison after. Whoa, Toby called Bunny to the pony, and he stopped. Had either of Von Wurmb's specimens reached Holland, they would hardly have been unknown at this time to Camper. Taylor, texas ap investigators say 20 people have been arrested in a crackdown on a central texas drug ring with ties to north.

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Dea special agent in charge will glaspy called it one of the most significant drug busts in the state's history, if not the largest ever. El paso, texas sixteen men and women are facing drug trafficking and money laundering charges after a year-long, multi-agency investigation targeting cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine traffickers and money launderers. To enter your fair castle and refresh me. Was much disconcerted when Barbara broke into laughter, crying.

Davis, and one of them, supposed to be Mr. It seemed to him that the lion would never leave, and it was a full hour before the angry brute gave up his vigil and strode majestically away across. Photos a look back at the april east texas tornadoes photos a look back at the april east texas tornadoes.

Global incident map displaying terrorist acts, suspicious activity, and general terrorism news. I had rather not have any affair of the kind with a man whom I don't know and to whom I south texas drug ring bust owe nothing.

Sunday is a picturesque day with enjoyable temperatures nearing 80 and calming breezes.

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