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Should I play multi-hand video poker? A true Bet Max is set at the highest coin denomination offered. Do not risk blowing it all in one session! There are no 'loose' Wheel of Fortune machines. Always play maximum coins on those machines or play another machine. Pets Only in Las Vegas

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Penny Slots vs. Dollar Slots

If you select a coin denomination of 0. Slots that offer 0. A maximum bet is an optimized bet of all possible paylines wagered at the highest number of coins per line possible. A true Bet Max is set at the highest coin denomination offered. Be careful though as sometimes a max bet can be as high as several hundred dollars per spin, though this is more common in online slots.

Megabucks by IGT is a perfect example of when betting max is essential - if you don't bet max you can't win the huge jackpot. Bet Max simply means the maximum amount you can bet on a spin. There are many slot games nowadays that incorporate a Bet Max button or tab that automatically places the maximum bet with 1 click. We don't recommend playing progressives unless you intend to play max. You are much better off going for a non progressive slots. This is because you can hit the top winning combo and in some cases get nothing because you are a few coins short.

In other cases you will get a small consolation prize but this is always just a fraction of the main progressive jackpot. On slots with a bonus game there is no set rule as to what to bet. In some cases you will be required to play max to win the jackpot and in some cases you will not have to. Before playing any bonus game slot be sure to read the pay out table to find out if max bet is required.

If you are playing a three reel game with more that one pay line then it is always a good idea to play max bet. This is because in most cases each additional coin activated an additional pay line.

Quite often the highest jackpots are only available on certain lines. If you play less than max you cannot win them. This is where things get interesting as there are so many variations.

In general you do not have to play max bet on video slots unless there is a progressive jackpot involved. We suggest playing max lines but not necessarily max bet. This is because on many games you can bet more than one coin per line.

For example a 20 line slot with the option to bet 10 coins per line has a coin max bet. In most cases you will be fine with just one coin per line and can therefore play for as little as 20 a spin. There is a minor catch - your jackpots won't be as big. You should be shot if you are playing that machine without playing max credits.

Not only that, but if you ever did hit the jackpot not playing max credits, you would probably want to jump off a bridge. NEVER play these games without max credits bet. A common mistake that many people succumb to is when they are down to their last credits. With the introduction of video slots things have changed dramatically. This advice is no longer viable for many machines.

As a player you are better off playing one credit on a dollar denomination machine than 4 credits on a 25 cent machine. The reason is the higher denomination machines are usually set at a higher payback percentage.

What is Max Bet?