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Retrieved 4 September In September , the Emperor Edition was released, which added Mac support, addressed many of the technical problems in the game, as well as overhauling AI battles and upgrading the visuals. Morice View Profile View Posts. As of 31 March , the game had sold 1. This means early diplomacy must be carried out in order to secure flanks and allow expansion. The focus on the mid-to-late game works well and will make for some of the largest and most interesting strategic campaigns in the Total War franchise.

more building slots rome 2

Though the free politics overhaul shows promise.

I like a share of balanced and mildly accurate gameplay. Wayz View Profile View Posts. Can a custom port slot be made that is not a port? I havnt modded anything past med 2 so bare with me just thinking outside the box etc. Last edited by Wayz ; 18 Feb, Itharus View Profile View Posts.

Just chipping in here. I want more building slots across the board for every damned settlement. Itharus I am with you all towns should have opition of walls towns in them days had walls. Originally posted by donaldclarke Genghison View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Itharus:.

They've said so themselves as well - that they aim to make this franchise into something the "livingroom gamers" can also enjoy. A nice way of saying "we're going console and casual" without uttering those exact words ;. Rome 2 set in the fractious era of the late third century.

You can play as ten factions split across five cultures, covering the divided and troubled fragments of the Roman Empire, the Germanic Kingdoms, the Britannic Celts and the rising Sassanids to the East. The pack includes some new mechanics that reflect the unruly nature of the times, and showcases the new politics system rolling out across all Rome 2 campaigns.

The Empire Divided campaigns feel like they start mid-flow; most of the factions start with plenty of territory. In the case of the Sassanids and Rome this feels like having a binder of info dropped on your desk. You have a huge pile of money, lots of empty building slots to fill, and more buildings to think about. Empire Divided adds cults, banditry and plagues to the world to reflect the collapse of order across territories, and the new buildings are largely geared towards managing public order and keeping down bandit levels high banditry saps food, leading to unrest.

The cult structures are the most interesting of the bunch. These free buildings let you welcome in Christianity, Mithraism and Manichaeism for stat bonuses, but the introduction of new ideas creates civil unrest over time. The maximum number of armies a faction can have is based on the amount of power that faction has with the Creative Assembly comparing this to the Fame System in Shogun 2. This has been implemented to make battles more decisive and have a bigger impact on a war. Army traditions meanwhile make each army you can have even more valuable as each will be unique and due to the limits that have been placed it will make players less likely to throw them away in no-win battles.

When you create a general and begin training your troops the army enters 'muster mode' and it cannot move while in this stance. Players will have the ability to name their generals and change their emblem. Generals also acquire skills and traits; skills can be chosen by the player as their general levels up while traits are based on what a general actually does in game. Another new feature is the forced march stance which allows armies to move quickly around the map, however, this comes at a penalty of not being able to attack in the turn that it is used and troops will suffer a morale penaly if the enemy assaults them that turn.

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