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Or use your PokerNews account: While Adelson's push in didn't reach a head until December and the lame-duck session, it's expected to be a serious threat from the beginning this time around. Ray Lesniak said in September that he believed PokerStars would be approved to operate in the state in a matter of weeks. Cash Transfer Poker Sites In Best Online Poker Sites In Online poker and gambling is legal in New Jersey.

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After there were no Congressional hearings regarding Internet gambling last year, there likely will be House committee hearings this year called at Adelson's request to discuss a ban. This could be good news, as Adelson's hypocritical claims against online gaming always do better when they can go untested in commercials than when they are picked apart by informed opponents and legislators. In the sports world, it's often said that the best defense is a good offense.

The optimum way to combat Adelson's Internet gambling ban would be for California to pass legislation adopting online poker. There was progress made in California last year in terms of the different factions wanting to be involved in online poker coming to a consensus on many of the details desired in a bill, but the state never got close to moving on a bill.

Some key differences remain, mainly on the issues of a bad actor clause and inclusion of horse tracks. Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer indicated when he shelved last year's efforts in August that he planned on introducing a new bill first thing when the new session began in December that already had amended language agreeable to all sides.

That it's January and this still hasn't happened perhaps indicates that disagreements have not been worked out. In the meantime, Assemblyman Mike Gatto introduced his own online poker bill. Assemblyman Gatto told PokerNews that he believes there is a chance of online poker being approved in California this year, and that a decision probably won't come until August.

Nothing else could deal a blow to Adelson's crusade as big as California passing a bill to legalize and regulate online poker. He'll have a hard time getting a bill through Congress when it directly opposes the will of the most represented and perhaps influential state on Capitol Hill. The other big development of could be the return of PokerStars to the U. New Jersey State Sen.

Ray Lesniak said in September that he believed PokerStars would be approved to operate in the state in a matter of weeks. Lesniak often has been optimistic about time frames regarding online gaming in New Jersey, but when he says something will happen it usually happens at some point.

The direction of online poker in the United States is difficult to predict entering , but it's clear that this could be a pivotal year in determining if regulated online poker will continue to spread among the states or be abruptly folded. Online poker does face some opposition here. Brand new to the casino game, and with such a pretty face, Maine would make a lovely interstate online poker partner.

However, it remains a wallflower. With a healthy paranoia that it is missing out on the online poker industry, lawmakers began to push for it in Look for another push in and beyond.

Cautiously optimistic is how online poker players in Beantown should feel. A large casino industry will fuel the push toward online poker. State lawmakers seem to be wary, though. With a strong casino industry, it would seem Minnesota would be further along with online poker legalization than it is. It may catch up soon. An online-gambling bill failed to make it out of committee in , but a multi-billion dollar casino industry will have a say. Another state with a significant casino industry, but with no real movement toward online poker or gambling legalization.

It will join the game sooner rather than later. Poker is considered gambling here, and online gambling was outlawed in the state in With no pending legislation, it may be awhile. Poker-playing multi-billionaire hedge-fund manager Warren Buffett lives here and he hates the thought of online gambling. Poker is sadly included in his categorization. Online poker is legal in Nevada, and several rooms are live for real-money play.

For such a small state, New Hampshire has more online poker players per capita than anyone else. Online poker and gambling is legal in New Jersey. Online poker will be available in November New Mexico's 20 Indian casinos will have a say in the legislation of online poker here. Tribes have threatened to stop payments to the state if it legalizes online gambling.

New York may very well be the fourth state to legalize online poker in It has the support of the governor, as well as many lawmakers. No real online poker push is coming from North Carolina. Check back once other states start to go live. This was once the first state to try to legalize online poker in ; the feds put an end to that. Online poker legalization is on the backburner. A state late to the casino game, online poker legalization has a real chance in or , particularly if Pennsylvania beats Ohio to the market.

This state allows tribes to operate online poker rooms, with one major caveat: They can only do business with people living in other countries.

Oklahomans will have online poker sooner rather than later. They have shown to be a savvy lobbying group. With one scrapped bill that would have legalized online poker and gambling, be sure another will come in Although facing resistance in committee, online poker should be here by A prime candidate to partner with Delaware.

Industry insiders say a contract is in the works. The online-poker industry faces major resistance here. Any talks of gambling expansion are immediately quashed. But with a strong Indian casino industry, look for that to change in A strong religious base makes it difficult to move online poker legislation anywhere. Like, harder than shoving a mule through keyhole.

Home of the congressman behind the Internet Poker Freedom Act of , several bills that affect poker, online and otherwise, currently reside in committees. Texas looks like it wants to finally acknowledge the game. Online poker players in Utah at least have Nevada just over the border. Other than that, Utah is a desert for online poker players. Once more states allow online poker, watch for Vermont to follow.

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