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Poker hraju i ve skole. The March 31 menu will feature cod, baked potato, steamed mixed vegetables, tossed salad, dinner roll and a mint chocolate chip ice cream brownie dessert. Dreher said he guessed about 40 people. Konkel said that many details need to be worked out. Roach presented two options and provided an obligation-free reservation letter for the city to submit if it is interested in more information. The ones down here are charging us North Dakota prices.

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The city receiving PFA loan approval for the awarded project. After discussion, a motion was made that the city remove the wall to the left upon entering into the locker room from the gym. Law enforcement was asked to look into the situation. Drewes relayed that none of the required fixes are his suggestion, but instead are mandated to meet Minnesota Pollution Control Agency MPCA guidelines. Until he receives all of them, there will not be a meeting to view the videos. Jones discussed options for managing waste if they set up in campers for an extended period of time.

Dennis thought the organization would possiblybe in town for three to four months. The next regular meeting will be July 5, , at 7 p. In conjunction, a 6: Lowry Community Covenant Church will host an old-fashioned sing-a-long at 7 p. On Saturday, June 25, the Lowry Lions will host a pancake breakfast at 8 a. The softball tournament will start at 9 a.

The bike rodeo will start at 11 a. Also from 11 a. The popular street dance featuring Stone Road will run from 8 p. At dusk there will be fireworks. During the street dance, Lowry Days food stand will be open from 10 p. Lowry Days food stand. Lowry sets bid opening date for water projects By Zach Anderson news. Lowry is closer to finding out how a new water treatment facility and new water tower will cost.

On May 3, the city council set the opening bids process for water projects for May 19 at 1: The projects will be bid separately. Jeremy Anderson of Design Tree Engineering said there are two water tower shapes that will be put out to bid. Council members expressed that they would like a simple city identification on the tower, similar to what is on the current water tower.

Owen also reported that he will hold a bike rodeo during Lowry Days. He has received the reports, and is reviewing them. If no problems are found with individual service lines, they will be removed from the list of those that need to be fixed, and notifications for that will go out at the same time.

The city council, along with Jeremy Anderson set the date of June 15, , from p. She will find out if the project is feasible. Insulating the roof would help with heating expenses during the winter. Billye Coenen has joined Lowry State Bank as a residential lender. Because of this unique relationship, Coenen serves as a "residential lender" for both institutions.

She enjoys traveling, photography, scrapbooking, knitting, singing, and watching her sons play baseball and participate in theater. She and her husband, James, live in Alexandria. Lowry State Bank is a locally-owned community bank that has been serving the Lowry area since Super-hope Lowry girl brings message of hope for kids with epilepsy nationwide through Medikidz comic book By Deb Mercier dmercier pctribune.

Twelve-year-old Hannah Poshek has words of advice for those walking in her shoes: Diagnosed with epilepsy in May , Hannah, a fifth-grader at Minnewaska Area Middle School, is now in the unique position of being able to spread her message of support nationwide through a comic book starring U.

Medikidz Explain Playing Sports with Epilepsy is a story in comic book form about Hannah, a young athlete who struggles with her epilepsy diagnosis and is on the verge of giving up her dream of playing hockey.

Hannah gives Chanda confidence to keep playing despite her seizures; back in the present day, Chanda returns the favor. Chris said the family was notified in early November that Hannah had been selected. And with that, the Posheks were off and running. Ultimately, I was able to play ice hockey, and I was very successful as a hockey player. So I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of something like the Medikidz books that help kids and families understand that despite their seizures they can reach their full potential.

Bringing the story to life Sheila said the process started with a questionnaire asking random questions such as, "If you had a friend who was just diagnosed with epilepsy, what would you say? The Posheks had the opportunity to go through the text before it was set. They sent in pictures of Hannah for the team to accurately depict her character physically, as well. When a draft was ready, the Posheks were able to review the pencil drawings.

It was a really fun opportunity. Chris said the whole comic book process was amazing. Everything from the Band-aid on her hockey helmet to the dolphin on her bed was done right. Reading through the book and looking at the artwork, Sheila said, "It was definitely her! Just the way she carries herself—they picked up really well on that.

Seeing the finished book in her hands left Hannah speechless. Along with their families, Hannah and Chanda were there to celebrate and participate. Chanda said, "It was really cool to see the other children and families affected by epilepsy responding to Hannah—signing autographs or handing out copies of the comic book. She was the perfect character. The National Walk for Epilepsy brought out some big names, all with connections to epilepsy.

A highlight for Hannah was being able to talk with former Golden Gophers football coach Jerry Kill and give him a copy ofher book, said Sheila. Hannah chimed in with a grin and an, "Oh yeah! But for Hannah, her favorite part of the Washington, D.

From newspaper articles to live TV, Hannah and her parents have been involved in a media blitz. Looking ahead "These books do a wonderful job of explaining epilepsy to kids," said Sheila. Life is still full of options. For more information on the Medikidz comic books, visit www. For 40 years, the Lowry Lions have honored commitment to community through the annual Lowry Citizen of the Year award. This year, Ron and Jeanette Stoen received that honor, becoming the 40th in a long line of celebrated Lowry residents.

They are still active in the business they founded, Stoen Farm Supply, which remains today as a thriving local business. Ron and Jeanette were married in , and moved back to the Lowry area in In , they bought a farm west of Lowry; by , their family had welcomed five children. In addition to farming, Ron took on commercial seed and crop oil sales at the request of Cully Wrolson in The business continued to grow, moving several times until settling in its current location in Besides farming and running a successful business, the Stoens gave back to their community, helping their children with 4-H projects, and being involved with church and Lowry Days parades.

Jeanette was a Lowry first responder, and Ron organized the first Pope County Expo at Lakeside Ballroom in the s as well as a local softball team.

The Lowry Citizens of the Year award acknowledges the many contributions made by Jeanette and Ron on both a personal and business level for the betterment of the area. P hoto by Deb Mercier. Lowry wrapping up sewer line televising By Zach Anderson news. A final letter will be sent out to the remaining homeowners in Lowry to coordinate televising the last of the sewer lines in Lowry. Jeremy Anderson of Design Tree Engineering told the council on April 5 that once they have all the information, he will meet with Chase Johnson from Johnson Jet-Line and will review the information and suggest how the council should proceed.

Jody Kruz is finishing up televising the service lines he has been able to get to. As the sewer lines were being televised there was a question whether there is a problem with the storm sewer. Bolton and Menk submitted the basic plans to the Mnnesota Department of health approval and Menk plans to request authorization to bid the project at the May meeting. Mayor Dan Sutton will negotiate the purchase of a model Kubota from Alex Power after receiving a bid from them.

Dan Sutton abstained from the vote due to Brian being his brother. Weisel said there are two other individuals with the same issue, and they would all three like their farmland to be taxed at a rate for farmland instead of residential.

Clerk Lisa Anderson made the motion that the farmland be taxed at a rate consistent with farmland. Anderson will call the Pope County Courthouse to address this concern.

Snider presented a blueprint drawing of a house he would like to build on a lot located at Poplar Ave. The council members reviewed the drawings, and council member Iris Scott made the motion to approve building permit for a house at Poplar Ave.

The council approved the permit. The council approved having chemical applications done to the lawns this year. Glenwood area native Kevin Wagner has returned to Glenwood and is now working as vice president of operations for Eagle Bank in Glenwood. Wagner, a graduate of Glenwood High School, is well known in this area and started his banking career at Lowry State Bank. He brings with him a vast knowledge of the technology side of banking as well as years of experience in banking itself.

He began working at Eagle Bank on March 7. I grew up here, and my mother and brothers are still here," Wagner said. In he helped start a new community bank "from scratch" in Lakeville and spent 10 years working there. He has been very involved in the technology side of banking throughout his career and has worked through the many technological changes affecting the banking industry.

Secure, sophisticated technology is very important," he explained. He joins 22 Eagle Bank employees in Glenwood. Technical problems delay televising sewer By Zach Anderson news. Johnson informed the council that there were some technical problems as he was trying to complete the televising of the sewer services in Lowry.

Johnson also said he works with a plumber who is willing to complete the televising. Council member Virgil Coziahr made a motion to work with the plumber and negotiate a price to complete the televising of the sewer services. The city did receive one bid from Buttweile Do-All. Roofing companies that have to travel may charge mileage to complete a bid.

After discussion, the council decided it would still like to pursue a second bid. The Lowry City Council agreed at its regular meeting to accept a request from Johnson Jet-line to finish televising sewer lines. The request from Johnson Jet-line stated it would like to finish the televising over a couple of days instead of just during evenings and weekends. After discussion, the council agreed that option is better for the city due to less. Clerk Lisa Anderson will call Chase Johnson to coordinate the televising.

The next regular council meeting will be Tuesday, March 1 at 7 p. Waste Management said the reason for the rate increase is the tipping fee for disposal has increased. The 3 percent will cover the increase in the cost of business for Waste Management. David and Carla Lundblad; second place: Glenn and Ethel Lundblad; third place: Bruce and Lori Larson.

The council would like to thank everyone who participated in the lighting contest. Dahlseng asked the council if the Lions Club should proceed with the project. After discussion, the council decided it would be good for the community center to have more frequent upkeep.

The city had received some feedback from members of the community that the community center needed cleaning. They will replace two that have stopped working. The donation is to be used toward a public project or annual celebration. The council voted to put the money into savings until it can specify a project for which the donation will be needed. In other action the council:. The letter states that council members will assist Chase Johnson from Johnson JetLine to finish up televising, and that notice will be added to the letter and sent by Anderson to residents letting them know jetting will be done.

Dave Hedlin, a Lowry native, has published an entertaining, faith-based book inspired by the children of his congregation which has benefited children all over the world.

How old is God? Does God watch us all the time? Not only have they tried to stump "Pastor Dave," but they have proven they are not afraid to approach topics that even adults are curious about. It recently expanded this ministry by printing a companion coloring book and quickly sold nearly 2, in just months. Another favorite part is the collaborative effort of a group of fi ve people that took the suggestion of one of our members to put some of the questions in book form, and made it happen.

I was the source of the answers, but they did all the legwork, editing and so much more. Lutheran World Relief is well known for its amazing ministries, and its effi ciency in operating. Similarly, Feed My Starving Children is a cause that gets food to the starving kids of the world in a way that maximizes every dime. Questions Kids Ask About God is all about children and for children and their families.

They rose to the challenge of creating the fun, lively artwork for this vibrantly illustrated hardcover book, making it percent youth inspired. Hedlin said the high school students, guided by their amazing art teacher, made some amazing illustrations. Their questions are legit. If faith is interactive, God is more real," he said. These sporadic questions from kids in the congregation were the initial seeds of the project and sprouted into an open invitation to all kids to place their questions in a specially marked box in the church narthex.

Once a month, Pastor Dave faithfully answered them during worship service, a practice that continues today. A team of adults compiled the questions and answers into a simple, readable format, hoping that families could read it together and learn about God.

The seed will continue to grow," Hedlin said. He believes the book will reach out to kids of all ages and all faiths, churched and unchurched. It was designed to encourage families to explore the mysteries of faith and introduce biblical concepts in an amusing, nontraditional way — and to ask even more questions. I find it very exciting," he said. The book is available online at qkapublishing. Dave Hedlin grew up on a farm northwest of Lowry. His parents were Walter and Mildred Hedlin.

One of his brothers, Vern, still lives in the area, just west of Farwell. It was only after college Gustavus Adolphus that Hedlin left the area to go to seminary in Chicago. A connection to Starbuck was the annual 4-H Field Day on the grounds of the old high school, and a parade through town connected to that.

As an aside, his parents ended up retiring in Starbuck and spent their last years at the Minnewaska Lutheran Home. Hedlin and his wife still enjoy visiting the area each year. Lowry to regulate salaries of mayor, clerk, council members By Zach Anderson news. T he Lowry City Council approved ordinance dealing with the salaries of elected offi cials at its meeting last Tuesday.

The purpose of this ordinance is to regulate payment of salaries to the mayor, clerk and council members of the City of Lowry. Any special meeting that exceeds four hours in length will be considered two special meetings and reimbursed accordingly, it stated in the ordinance. Section III stated that the payment of salaries for mayor, clerk and council members shall commence for each meeting held after Oct.

The last pay raise for elected officials in Lowry was passed on Oct. The requests were in regard to stumps placed there, making the merry-go-round that is deemed unsafe safe again, and creating a walkway to Lions Park. The city council had no concerns regarding these requests, but the cost of the walkway in particular would need to be researched.

Anderson plans to send out a follow-up letter to those who have issues with their service connection for an update on status. Anderson updated the city on the water project status.

The project priority list PPL amendment was approved for a new water tower as the city moves forward with the water treatment plant. Currently, Anderson is working with funding agencies regarding a funding package for the projects, it was stated. Private sewer lines in Lowry that are in poor repair are allowing storm water to enter the sewer system in Lowry. Those lines were discussed at the Lowry City Council meeting last Tuesday.

City Ordinance under General Provision 3A states that, "No person s shall discharge or cause to be discharged any unpolluted water such as stormwater, ground water, roof runoff, surface drainage, or non-contact cooling water to any sanitary sewer. Homeowners were asked to have repairs completed by July 1, in the letter. Lowry Water Superintendent Troy Drewes explained what the system is able to handle, and what happens when it gets overloaded. Homeowners had questions regarding how the televising was done.

Johnson Jetline did the televising, and they used a camera to televise the main, and then used a lateral launch camera to televise private sewer lines. The council offered to hold another meeting where city residents who have been identified as having to do improvements can view the televising videos and decide how to proceed.

A discussion was held regarding the compliance agreement with the Minnesota Department of Health, requirements of the city to get into compliance, and options of ways to get into compliance. Funding options that are available look at the water service fee and the median income of a community, and require that the fee homeowners are paying be set at a certain number prior to making funding available for the project. Clerk Lisa Anderson said the water supply is currently in compliance but the city stills needs the compliance agreement to look toward a solution in case the arsenic levels rise again.

After the discussion, it was stated that the end result would be a required increase in the basic rate for water for all homeowners. Council members said they want to explore all options, all funding sources, and all alternatives prior to raising rates for residents of Lowry. Dog bite, loss of handheld computer add to city costs Lisa Anderson reported that she was bitten by a dog while reading meters last week. Rather than replacing expensive equipment and exposing Anderson to the risk of a dog attack nine months out of the year, the city is exploring the option of having homeowners report their own meter reading every month, and reducing the actual readings to less often.

SunShare commercial sales associate Kyle Roach was not able to attend the meeting, but scheduled a time to meet to fi nalize the contract. Lowry City Ordinance 87 sets wages for elected. Council member Iris Scott seconded that motion, but then asked that since the wage gets reviewed so rarely, if that amount would be adequate.

The motion passed unanimously. Drewes will explore getting an up-to-date bid. Fire claimed a house northwest of Lowry on Sept. The residence owned by Justin Anderson at State Hwy. Lowry, Starbuck and Glenwood Fire Departments got the call shortly after 10 p. No one was injured, but the family dog died as a result of the fire. The home was originally owned by Lynn Anderson. It was moved by his son south of the original site on Highway several miles north of the RR tracks.

We have edited the lowrymn web site for over 15 years and we think this home was the only one that has burned down in the Lowry area. Several homes have been declared "unfit for habitation" and have been burned down under control conditions. Proceeds from the dinner will go to the Lowry Fire Department. Lowry hears request for walking path By Zach Anderson news. John Dahlseng presented a request Aug. The council discussed the feasibility of that project and that discussion led to the possibility of other local organizations providing funding for such a project.

Bryan Coons inquired as to whether or not the city planned to repair any streets in town. There were repairs to Poplar Ave. Recent work to the sewer system required tearing up of asphalt on north end of Poplar in addition to other areas that are breaking down on that street.

The council discussed and asked Coons to look at Poplar Ave. Sewer maintenance fix suggestions from Troy Drewes. The council would like to see more competitive pricing before proceeding. The agreement was forwarded to Jan Nordmeyer for review. A plan was discussed on proceeding with getting the areas of concern repaired. No further developments have occurred with water treatment facility issue. A few Lowry residents found their own swimming spot right in Lowry last Thursday when an afternoon storm moved through Pope County dumping more than 3 inches of rain in Lowry within an hour.

The rainwater, combined with warm temperatures, provided the opportunity to do some swimming in a low area along Highway just south of Lowry. Roach presented two options and provided an obligation-free reservation letter for the city to submit if it is interested in more information.

Council members decided to submit the obligation-free reservation form to receive more information. Becky Behm attended the meeting to request the billing for the water for their building and business, Memory Mercantile, be adjusted because she said she is not using any water. The council discussed it but did not adjust the bill because it is a requirement for all who have water available to pay the basic fee. Late fees have been added to the billing due to nonpayment, it was stated.

Behm also requested the late fees be removed. The council declined to do that as well, so no changes were made to the billing. Jeremy Anderson reviewed fi ndings from the televising Johnson Jetline has done to the sanitary sewer system. Anderson prepared a map of the city and color coded the service lines in greatest need of repair. Council discussed and decided for those that use the basketball hoops, if they are willing to assume liability, they are welcome to do the necessary adjustments to put the hoops at the appropriate height.

Those items include insulating sink pipes in bathrooms and repairing cement at entry doors. It was agreed that the city would get needed supplies and complete maintenance items as required. Lowry to request more bids for sewer maintenance By Zach Anderson news. The Lowry City Council went over an estimate for fixes required for sewer maintenance at its June 9 meeting. The council plans to request bids from two more contractors.

Traut Wells made an error digging on land on the west end of town. The site was not put back to its original condition, although they came back in and attempted to do so. The attempt led to more ruts than were there originally, it was stated. The plan now is to wait to see if grasses regrow satisfactorily before doing anything further. The council plans to have city clerk Lisa Anderson call the contractor as the roof was recently replaced, and the ceiling should not be leaking, it was stated.

Vendors will have fresh garden produce, farm fresh eggs, baked goods, jams, jellies and more. Registration starts at 10 a. Vendors will have fresh garden produce, farm-fresh eggs, baked goods, jams, jellies and more. The Lowry American Legion is now open Sundays at noon with food and pulltabs available. Lowry working on funding water treatment facility By Zach Anderson news.

Anderson and Nelson are working with the city on funding this project currently. The City has met the May deadline for low interest loans for this project it was stated.

At this time, both the City and Holmes City First Responders are in learning stages of what this would mean, and how this would be done, so until more information is obtained, the issue was tabled.

Test wells find no acceptable water, Lowry will get on Project Priority list for a water treatment By Zach Anderson news. Jeremy Anderson of Design Tree has been in contact with Traut well drilling. That shows a diligent effort to locate an acceptable water source, and further drilling most likely will not result in finding an acceptable water source. Traut is willing to repair areas affected by the well that was dug mistakenly.

Anderson requested the city find out from the property owners what repairs they expect, and communicate that information to him so he can relay that information to Traut. City Clerk Lisa Anderson will contact the property owners regarding their expectations. Troy Drewes made recommendations for immediate repairs to be made to the sanitary sewer system.

He identified three major areas of concern to address. One is a homeowner who has her sump pump directly plumbed into the sanitary sewer. The homeowner needs to correct that issue as per Ordinance A letter will be sent. The second concern is two individuals who have a large amount of water being discharged into the system that needs investigation as to why the large amounts of discharge are occurring. Drewes recommended having those individual lines televised to determine the problem.

There is also a tee on Isabella Street that needs repair. Jeremy Anderson recommended the first determine the cause of the large amounts of water that are being discharged into the system and then hire someone to fix both the tee and the discharge issues at once. Council Member Shelley Svec mentioned they need to do the one call prior to building. VanOverbeke acknowledged they would do that. Council approved building permit Signs will be posted around city to increase awareness. Lowry Lions President Ken Weisel congratulated the Dahlsengs and presented them with a commemorative plaque.

John Dahlseng, who owned Lowry Manufacturing for many years, said being selected was an honor. We are lucky to have ended up here," Dahlseng said. The Dahlsengs moved to Lowry in the fall of and have lived there since.

They are dedicated to our family and always found ways to help the kids with creativity. They are dedicated to the community; they are proud parents, grandparents and proud citizens of Lowry. Whether it was music at church, being a Lions Club member, serving on the Fire Department, they served as an example to their kids what charity should look like. They set the bar for me on how to be the best version of myself.

Another letter read, "John and Judi are two of the kindest people I have ever met. They are generous but in a humble way. Another piano student said by letter that Judi was an inspiration to her in music, and that Judi was such an important mentor, teacher and supporter to her. Lowry State Bank President Dave Lorence said that when he moved to Lowry 10 years ago, the Dahlsengs were very welcoming to him, and they are wonderful people. The council made a motion to support the Fire Department by continuing to look at options of purchasing a new grass rig fire truck.

Weisel and Tolifson discussed replacing the grass rig Unit 2 and also said the Fire Department would like to replace the pickup with a new pickup. A third topic of discussion is the department would like to add onto the Fire Hall 6 feet to make room for the equipment. The council only passed a motion on the grass rig at the meeting. The Pope County Assessor informed the city that the farmland needed to be removed from the city limits in order for the taxes to be reduced and that no changes can be more for Weisel said he is looking into other options in addition to removing it from the city limits.

The new contract will be in effect until December 31, The council approved their official bank for as Lowry State Bank, official newspaper as the Pope County Tribune, city attorney as Jan Nordmeyer and insurance agency as Lowry Insurance.

Lighting Contest Winners for contest were announced: Rick and Aja Mayer, 3rd Place: Josh Walker and Kelsey Heinsius.

Clerk Lisa Anderson will check with the county assessor for more information. The Ordinance holds accountable the individual or individuals responsible for underage drinking on property they own, lease or control. Impartial judges will be looking at lighting displays one evening the weekend of Dec 20th. A newsletter will go out to residents announcing the contest. All residents are asked to remove vehicles off the street so streets can be properly maintained.

Not doing so would be a violation of Ordinance , Regulating Public Nuisances it was stated. Approving fees for We have added the Pope County Web site to our family of links.

Just look on the left side of our web site, go down the list of links, and click and enjoy. The below paragraph sumarizes the site contents. Our thanks to Keith for letting us know about the site. This site is dedicated to the people of Pope County, past and present.

Pope County includes the following cities: Pope County was first settled in the late 's, and depopulated during the Civil War because of the Dakota War of This site is intended to be a genealogical and historical research tool.

The ATM is located on Highway Lowry State Bank is planning a grand opening to take place on Nov. They have been good to us," cashier Shanna. I think folks in Lowry were surprised to see the hours at the Lowry Post Office expanded. I think it was last year that the post office hours in Lowry were reduced to four hours per day.

Construction costs could prove problematic for Lowry townhomes September 29, Dreher said that he could see a potential problem that might happen during the construction phase. Anyone with skills can go there and find a job. It is sapping all the good laborers from here and puts a lot of pressure on our industries. Broadband is currently two miles away from Villard. The board will discuss going forward with the application at its next meeting. Made in Minnesota, with a sense of community SmalI-town manufacturers in the state's west-central region are helping fuel low unemployment.

The bins stood on a public street between two of the company's buildings - an arrangement with the city that underscores the importance of large employers in small towns. Klimek, an accountant who grew up on a farm near Evansville 20 miles northwest of Lowry, spent a year talking with the former owner of Lowry Manufacturing Co.

As Minnesota continues to climb out of the recession, manufacturers in this region have been good to their communities, too. They're doing their part to help fuel low unemployment and economic growth that has outpaced many other parts of the state.

In a report issued last fall, the Federal Reserve concluded that job growth in a nine-county region in this part of the state had gone "above and beyond the recession's downturn. More broadly, over two decades starting in , the manufacturing base in those counties - Becker, Clay, Douglas, Grant, Otter Tail, Pope, Stevens, Traverse and Wilkin - increased 53 percent compared with a national decline of 33 percent, according to the report.

About 30 manufacturers in this region have at least employees, according to one survey, while several others have smaller work forces. Some of the largest, such as 3M, are located in larger cities like Alexandria and Fergus Falls. Many others, however, operate in towns of people or fewer. For instance, Carlos, a Douglas County village of people just north of Alexandria is home to Brenton, a maker of packaging lines, and Contech Engineered Solutions, which builds bridges, retaining walls and other structures related to water management.

Some of the companies are tied to agriculture, while others were started by entrepreneurs hoping to capitalize on the local culture, making them good fits for the area. Brenton was founded, initially, to build cable cars that could carry cabin owners up and down steep lakeshore banks.

Affinity for the region has also played a role in their staying power, said Greg Wagner, an economic developer for West Central Initiative, a community foundation in Fergus Falls.

Mark Suchy the vice president for sales at Massmann Automation Designs, a packaging line company in Villard, agrees, saying the company has no plans to move despite its size: It employs nearly in a town of And thinking about a move to the Twin Cities: Your cost of manufacturing goes up, property goes up, you lose 75 percent of your workforce.

Stories of lmmigrants and Refugees. Left to right are Kay Blauert, cham- ber assistant director; Dean Peterson, chamber board member; Stacy Gerdes, Hatchery owner; Pam Langseth, chamber board member; and Lloyd Campbell, chamber first vice president. Quinco constructed a new building this spring to house the Goss press configuration, which is much taller than the Harris press currently used at Quinco. The press installation will take a few more weeks and will be operational in October.

Quinco was established in by five area newspaper publishers. It remains a privately-owned company and now prints 31 weekly newspapers and a number of other publications. Above, Quinco pressman from left Matt Chan, Nathan Schultz and Bram Burginger in front of two, four-high press units recently installed in the new building.

Photo by Tim Douglass. Habitat for Humanity makes request Dreher said he had been approached by Habitat for Humanity about possibly chipping in some money to help complete a garage on the Habitat house being built in Lowry.

Lowry townhomes discussed At a past meeting the idea was brought up to explore building workforce housing units in Lowry. The Lowry EDA has been exploring uses for two acres of land it owns. Dreher passed out some floor plans to the board for two-bedroom, one-bath units that could be built on the two acres of land the Lowry EDA has available. Board member Allan Rutter said, "If this is the way it is going to go, it is a good opportunity to educate on what the HRA can do.

The board discussed two acres of land in Lowry where the Lowry EDA has interest of building workforce housing.

The site is west of Highway contiguous to the ball field and the city park. Board Member Allan Rutter said in Cyrus they are facing a similar financial situation with a water project in town. The ones down here are charging us North Dakota prices. Dreher stated that Stephanie Howe of studio e architects is working on a workforce housing project in Elbow Lake. He said he will take notes about what it cost to build there, because it will be similar to what would be built in Lowry.

Dreher suggested having a joint meeting with the Lowry EDA to define what roles each group wants to play in the possible project. It was stated that the units would not be age restricted and that right now it is looking like two-bedroom units would be built. Board chair Cody Rogahn asked how many employees were currently at Lowry Manufacturing. Dreher said he guessed about 40 people. He said that currently the Lowry EDA owns eight housing units, which are reserved for people age 65 and older.

Those units also have a large waiting list, it was stated. A budget will need to be made, said Dreher, to see if it is possible to build workforce housing and stay at that target rental rate. He also stated that the Lowry EDA would be willing to pay to extend existing electrical lines to the site.

New Alexandria Area High School! Cut and paste the below link into your web browser -- Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Opera -- in the address or search links. Photo by Zach Anderson.

The Lowry PD and many sponsors of the rodeo gave away eight bikes in a drawing. Winners were left to right: Other prizes were also given away. We knew it, now it's out for everyone else to discover - Alexandria is a great place to live.

Sarah Stadtherr, executive director of Alexandria Hotel and Hospitality, said, "I think people are proud to live in Alexandria. I feel like we 'hit the goldmine' for where to live in the world. Steering clear of big-city suburbs and communities considered part of a larger metropolitan area. Considering population and economic growth rates, comparing employment trends, cost of living and other economic factors.

Looking at a town's quality of life and amenities that attract relocating businesses and residents: A collection of lakes surround the town, creating an island-like atmosphere. We have a lot of things going on," Stadtherr said. That's in addition to Alexandria's strong manufacturing, health care, agricultural and tourism base. We've got the scenic byway that runs right through downtown and of course, our downtown is beautiful. I stressed all of those things in the application. Our fabric isn't just a surface-level look.

We have all the things that make it a nice, strong fabric. But we really do rock. We're really incredible," she said. There's a strong partnership to really look at the community growth and the economic vitality. He added, "We enjoy a balance most communities don't; a balance between our retail and manufacturing, health care, tourism and recreation. Sometimes we take that for granted, but it's such a well maintained balance and a nice amenity to have.

I think that speaks to any ranking when you look at your community. The AAEDC provided application information regarding Alexandria's demographics, population, employer growth and trends in the community. Growth of the community is one point that made Alexandria a finalist.

From to , Alexandria's population grew by 4. We have more jobs in this community than we have people. Not all the other communities have that," Murray said. Murray said some local companies are already using the "Alexandria named a Top 10 Small Town" as an employee recruitment draw. Stadtherr said, "Every opportunity starts with a visit to our community. So, if people come for a visit, they might come back for a visit.

If they come back for a visit, they might decide to buy a cabin here. Or they might decide to relocate here or start a business here. It always starts with a visit. Watch for signs along Highway The program will start at At the May 6 city council meeting, the Lowry City Council voted to credit residents who ran their water over the winter to prevent frozen pipes as the city requested, up to 5, gallons.

Jeremy Anderson of Design Tree reported by email that he is still waiting on a response from the state regarding the test well progress. Lowry resident John Vosberg has an upcoming wedding for which he would like to use the community center chairs. The chairs will be on a hard surface, he stated. The event is in August of this year.

Seeing no concerns with allowing the request, Iris Scott made a motion that Vosberg be allowed to use the community center chairs for the event as long as they are placed on a solid surface.

The handheld computer used for reading meters is no longer working. The unit the city uses has not been serviced for four years; the city got a quote from Fargo Water Equipment for a new handheld computer.

The council decided to table to decision until further information is available. Mayor Dan Sutton said he plans to research if he can find a new battery for the current unit, as that seems to be the problem. Another issue discussed was that the council received a complaint of dogs running at large, which is an ongoing issue.

It was stated that the Lowry Police are handling the complaint. Flashing a smile and a peace sign, Rachel Hedlin of Lowry passed the mile mark in the Boston Marathon held April On April 21, , shoes that recently pounded the pavement of Pope County hit the ground running at the th Boston Marathon. She ran the Boston Marathon in Then, in , two pressure cooker bombs exploded about two hours after the winner crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon, killing three people and seriously injuring an estimated others.

The bombs exploded about 12 seconds and yards apart, near the finish line on Boylston Street. There were still more than 5, runners on the course. Hedlin said the Boston Marathon bombing actually made her determined to go back. Her decision stemmed from part anger, part defiance. Her love of running began in high school, Hedlin said, when she literally followed in the footsteps of her sister, Sylvia, and took up running as a way to keep in shape for high school sports. Hedlin said her passion for running strengthened when she served in the Army from Running truly became "her time," providing a haven of stress relief away from work and away from her cell phone.

Hedlin said everyone trains differently, but it takes her at least four months to build up distance. In Minnesota, training is a challenge because of winter weather, she said, especially this past winter with its record-breaking stretches of below zero temperatures. Hedlin said she was able to ditch the treadmill for one mile run, one mile run and about three to four 10 or mile runs before Marathon Monday. Heading into the day of the race, Hedlin said a few people asked if she was concerned about security.

The enthusiasm and support in the city was just amazing," said Hedlin. That inspiration carried her to mile 16—the point in any marathon when Hedlin said mental roadblocks start cropping up for her and must be hurdled to finish the race. It helped that her boyfriend was at mile marker 17, cheering her on from the sidelines.

Mile 21 presented another challenge, what Boston Marathon runners have dubbed "Heartbreak Hill. She crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon in 3 hours, 44 minutes, 34 seconds.

Twenty-six miles and still smiling: Rachel Hedlin earned her medal for completing the th Boston Marathon. Hedlin offers a spirit of persistence and optimism to others thinking of taking on their first marathon. Grandparents on Mom's side, Dorothy and Gordon Moe. Council member Virgil Coziahr asked about the setback required by the state because that location is on a state highway.

Bullick said he would check on those requirements and get back to the council. He added that he wanted to get approval from the city as a first step in getting the business started.

Snow removal from city streets was also a topic of discussion at the meeting. The council reviewed ordinances searching for a directive for on-street parking during snow removal. It was stated that some residents leave their vehicles on city streets which makes it difficult to remove all the snow from curb to curb and at times creates an area where snow drifts accumulate.

While no directive was found, the council did indicate the city would add language to a current ordinance addressing that concern. The council also agreed a garage sale ordinance is needed, and they planned to do research and create one by this summer. The council spent some time viewing the preliminary website that has been started for the City of Lowry. They discussed what color they thought the site should be as well as adding links on the site for first responders and meeting times for the fire department and first responders and other important meeting dates.

The next regular meeting will be conducted at 7 p. We are a small hometown Bar open 3pm to 1am 7 days a week. We offer the best in service, a menu of good food with each night offering a different item as a special.

On occasions there is entertainment like a band or a karaoke night. On Friday nights there is the always popular meat raffle starting at 6: On saturday night there is Texas Holdem. Pull-tabs are always available at the bar with ALL profits going back to local needs and charities. There is a meeting room that can be rented for parties, meetings and special occasions.

New to the Legion is a internet dart game that can be played On Line anywhere in the world that has the internet set-up. Every one is invited to make-up a team and set up a secluded to play. See our bar manager Bubba to get more information on the dart gaming. If you have never been to our Legion Bar give us a try, you may be surprised what you have been missing. MYBEP is a program designed to inspire youth interested in entering the beef cattle industry.

Through the generous donations of successful cattlemen industry professionals, qualified youth number of heifers awarded varies from year to year will be awarded a beef heifer to raise and care for, during the year. Goals of the program are to: The recipient with the highest overall score earns this prestigious award. Heifer recipients will be judged on how well they show their heifers using the skills developed during the MYBEP year.

Quarterly progress reports completed by the heifer recipients during the course of the year will be evaluated, including financial information, veterinary work, feed documentation and handling updates. During the showmanship competition, three judges will interview heifer recipients individually and evaluate their answers to questions about the experience of caring for and working with the heifer throughout the past year.

Lowry State Bank was selected as the official bank. Pope County Tribune as the official newspaper. Official insurance agency is Lowry Insurance. Jan Nordmeyer was selected as the city attorney. The mileage rate was set at 56 cents per mile for The council approved a compliance agreement from the Minnesota Department of Health MDH for the test well project the city is working on. This showed up in the Christmas letter from Myra and Gurvin Femrite. Gurvin enjoyed fishing from shore on many occasions We wonder how many fish houses will appear there.

I only remember carp being the primary fish with several snapping turtles in the mix and I can't remember ever seen a fish house on that lake. HfN seeks partner family for house project in Lowry Habitat for Humanity of Prairie Lakes is seeking a family to purchase a house to be built in Lowry this coming summer. Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit ecumenical Christian Housing Ministry that aims to eliminate poverty, poor housing and homelessness by making decent shelter a matter of conscience and action.

Through volunteer labor and donations of money and materials, Habitat builds or renovates simple, decent houses with the help of homeowner partner families. Habitat houses are sold to partner families at no profit, financed with affordable, no-interest loans.

Families may qualify if their incomes are between 30 percent and 60 percent of the median income in Pope County: Informational meetings are also scheduled at the Glenwood Public Library on Jan.

Councilmembers said they would have no problem having the gym open if there was an adult there to supervise rather than just leaving it open, allowing kids to run in and out. Mayor Dan Sutton said that in the past the gym was left a mess. Deb Piekarski suggested that Lowry do like the open gym at the high school and have children and their parents sign a waiver to reduce city liability. Clerk Lisa Anderson said she will check with the city attorney about liability issues and see if the gym can be open.

The idea was suggested that maybe a certain night or nights could be set up for the children to play basketball in the gym. Piekarski said she would be willing to be responsible for the kids.

If kids wanted to play basketball, she would open the gym for them. The council was agreeable and will work with Piekarski once the liability issues are determined.

An update was given that the city has reached an agreement with a landowner for digging a test well and will begin the digging process to find acceptable water. This reminder comes after a DNR conservation officer helped rescue a man Nov. The DNR recommends anyone heading out on the ice should: DNR clear ice thickness recommendations are: Photo by John R.

Stone A mountain of corn grew over the past few weeks as area farmers brought harvested crops to the Prairie Lakes Cooperative elevator at Lowry. Here, steam from the dryers form a background to the growing, golden corn mountain caught in the early morning light. Most area farmers have fi nished the soybean harvest, and much of the corn crop was harvested over the past few weeks, despite per- sistent winter weather last spring that pushed planting a few weeks later than usual.

Anderson said he had finished creating the letter of intent to purchase the property for the well if a quality water supply is found. Anderson said it would take about days to determine if the well is suitable. The current well house will be kept as a backup. Anderson said once he gets thoughts from engineers at Bolton and Menk Engineering, Inc. Johnsrud said he has talked to Cyrus Police Chief Bob Tirevold and the two of them would like to work together to pursue grants to be able to purchase the technology to e-fi le.

Another option Johnsurd said he is pursuing is getting on board with the county to share with that system. Once in the program, central air shuts off at peak times in the summer, to save on electricity and cost. Joining them is Pastor Joe Skogmo. He will be ordained on Saturday, Sept. All are welcome to join in worship every Sunday at 8: For further information go to www. The Lowry Fire Department will be holding its 39th annual dinner from 5: Tickets will be available at the door.

The Lowry Fire Department will be serving ham, roast beef, pork, potato salad, coleslaw and root beer fl oats. Monkey Go Happy Western 2. Battle for the Galaxy. Poker hraju i ve skole. Je to uzasna hra.: D ale dobra hra: Pooker umim a hraju ho nekdy s kamosi.

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