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It should be noted along with Lexcorp, that Wayne Enterprises is also teased at on the satalite that Superman and Zod crash through when they are fighting in space. I'm pretty sure that General Zod was the only Kryptonian who actually died. The rest of them were sent back into the Phantom Zone.

Or am I getting that wrong? There are a lot more DC Universe connections in this movie. First, the Utopia casino is seen as Superman flies after Zod in Metropolis, Second, Christina Wren appears in the film at the end playing Carol Farris, third, Blaze Comics logo on the side of a building that Superman and Zod are flying down in their fight.

R labs is mentioned. Don't know how to mention this last one but the open pod in the kryptonian Spaceship is hinted by the producers to belong to Supergirl. The fictional comic book company Blaze Comics is in the film, they are the company that create the Booster Gold comic book. The plot section has at least two mistakes. Although it is quoted from Imax, it is confirmed in the film that he is about 35, not twenty-something.

Also, for most of the duration of the film, he is not a reporter- yet. I know nothing official has come out to say that is the name of it yet. Alright just checking, for now the only movie in this planned shared universe is Man of Steel so we will have to see if this comes to pass. Not sure if sarcasm or acutely congratulating me. If this is a genuine response then I don;t know how you could have missed this news seeing as it was all over the internet since Comic Con, but either way, I was wanting to get the info out there to update the article.

I was honestly thanking you.