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A friend wrote me for advice on playing an unusual poker tournament. In both of these traits, I'd have to say that they exceed the capacity of at least some human poker player, who display zero ability to perform such complex tasks. Hart , la prima biblioteca di versioni elettroniche liberamente riproducibili di libri stampati. Put another way, I would expect them to play without regard for what stage of the tournament they're in. This is not your point play money this is a hidden thing they do and not every one checks and as soon as you check out it is gone.

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Too much togetherness, even with the best of friends, is…. Great post and I can relate to most of what has been said here by everyone. Especially the waiting issue. Gary, the only times I have been to Vegas other than solo, there has only been one other person. Someone just might get pushed into the Bellagio Fountain. I did my first solo trip to Vegas last year. I went to sleep when I wanted. I slept in when I felt like it. No schedules, no hurry to certain shows, just a man in his favorite town.

Plus sure does help when you hit a big jackpot the first day to pay for the rest of the trip. I plan on doing it again this year. Did you really hit a big jackpot? That definitely improves a trip. Just thought of another one, or one that was sorta thrust upon me last week. Oh gosh, Rob, sorry to hear that. But you remind me of something: In the Flamingo GO rooms, the wall to the bathroom is just frosted glass.

It would be kind of awkward. Gray, they have the same type of bathrooms at the Rio. If you are in the bedroom, you can see directly into the shower! And unless you close the shower curtain, you can see into the rest of the bathroom.

And of course, if you are taking a shower you can see directly into the bedroom. Oh, I shudder to think of what it would be like to share a room like that with a business colleague. My wife and I vacation in Vegas often. A solo trip is a totally different experience both good and bad. No time restriction in a town that never sleeps is the best. I love afternoon shows like Mac King or Lance Burton so they are usually a must see when solo.

I do find that machines seem to know when you have a dinner date with your wife and tend to get hot two minutes beforehand, lol. I miss my wife and sharing the experience with her.

Even though it is her choice not to go, I do feel some guilt that she is not there. Hi, JB, thanks for sharing your experience!

I can see how if you enjoy traveling with your SO, you would miss her when you travel solo. I will be going to L. I really appreciated your blog about being solo. It took away my fears. Now I can look forward to it even more. Oh yeah, I just booked my very first solo trip to Vegas about 2 hours ago.

A little nervous but I know I will have fun. Oh well, I will have fun all alone. Do what I want when I want, right? I mostly enjoy my own company anyway believe it or not.

Not going until the end of July but I will keep all posted! We really enjoyed it. Las Vegas is my favorite city. I have enjoyed it so much I have create my own website, much like yours for the same reason. It is a great city. Glad to hear from another Vegas fan! Have a great trip, CJ! Be sure to stop back in afterwards to let us know how it went! I just booked my first solo trip to Las Vegas next month.

Not a gambler here, though. Is it customary to make reservations for a party of 1? Lots of great places to eat there, some cool bars, the pool area is very attractive, and yeah, a party atmosphere. If you tend to eat late, make a reservation just to be on the safe side. I tend to eat early, so I wing it a lot. Thanks for compliment about my site.

Have a great trip, David! Come on back when you get home and let us know how it went. Thanks for the tips! I will be there on the weekend and probably eating late, so I will be sure to make reservations. Love all the posts here. I sometimes enjoy the freedom to come and go as I please and not be on a schedule.

I booked a trip to Vegas for this August 2 weeks and before I booked I talked to an old college roommate to see if he wanted to come along.

I have a pal who will be out there with his family for the weekend for an event and if I want company I can hang with him. I like the way you think, Jay! What do you want to know? I was only there in the morning, so it was pretty mellow—not too loud or crowded yet. Drinks were overpriced they make you buy like a liter of water at a time! Seemed like a decent amount of sun and shade. Really glad I stumbled across this page… Such a wealth of information and advice that has answered most of my questions and concerns.

I am going to Vegas solo in September for my first solo trip. Dining solo had me somewhat nervous, but now that I have read these posts, I have no issues at all. So happy to have found this page.. Or playing video poker. You could probably meet some other solos there.

I kept it limited because I wanted to watch the expensive ones. I saw Le Reve and Jubilee the topless one. I absolutely loved Le Reve. I would actually see it again. Jubilee was cool but I was more into the costumes. They sounded a little too corny or something but it was a classic. I did some shopping because I am a shop addict and I ate at the buffet which was surprisingly good. Oh and I saw the fireworks at the Treasure Island.

It was all very simple but I wanted to save my money to shop and visit casinos I didnt last year. I really enjoyed myself and didnt feel uncomfortable at all.

There are too many people there to talk to to feel awkward. I might do it again. Sounds like you had a great time. Congrats on your successful first solo Vegas trip! Check out this post: So glad to see there is a site devoted to singles or solos visiting LV. I usually travel by myself on Vacation. I have been to Vegas about 3 times but never by myself.

I am going in a week for a week and really looking forward to some time by myself to do whatever whenever. Gray, you mentioned something about making dinner reservations. Is that also required if you plan on sitting at the bar? But if you like to eat late, you might find the restaurant pretty full, even at the bar. Depends on the restaurant, of course.

Have fun on your first solo trip! I feel that I always would want to go solo!! Another reason that I like going solo is because originally I was suppose to go with family members who kept putting the Vegas trip off and it came to the point where I just left by myself and had a blast. At first I had second thoughts but upon arrival and meeting people instantly I knew that I made the right choice and will continue my solo trips here!

I absolutely love this blog! I too am an only child with a pretty small family and I actually enjoy being alone. I brought up the idea of a solo Vegas trip to my mom who completely shut down the idea without hesitation.

But I totally understand where my mom is coming from with the creeps and predators. Gray, what do you think? Celebrating a birthday in Vegas is a great idea, generally. However, your 21st birthday is a special circumstance. It sounds like the reason you want to go to Vegas is to party. But hey, you asked. Good luck with your decision.

I really wanted a relaxing time shopping at Ceasars and seeing Pink, and a few live burlesque shows and The Botanical Garden. But thanks for your advice and I will think about this carefully!

Like go see Pink! I bet her concerts are a blast. How about treating yourself to a spa day and a nice dinner? Now I am a bit more relieved! This is my last question, hopefully lol. I know that Brian posted about his experience on Caesars Palace, but could you give any recommendation on which resort to stay at between Caesars and MGM Grand? Reviews from Caesars are that the in room tv is small, many guests received poor customer service and rooms are a bit outdated.

The pool at Caesars is quite nice as well, but pools are a non-issue in January, trust me. When it comes to the cheapest, most basic rooms in both properties, MGM wins, hands down. But Caesars has more and better restaurants and a far better buffet and more to do on-site. I would add that the central strip location of Caesars is a bonus as well. Thanks for speaking up, Todd! You raise a good point: So far I have a cirque ticket to Ka, plan to stroll through the Bellagio winter theme display, see The Hobbit, eat out here and there, visit the Secret Garden if weather permits.

The only issue that made me hesitant was safety since Im a single female but I think a combination of common sense and being aware of my surroundings at all times will suffice. Thanks everyone for sharing your stories! Sounds wonderful to me. Congrats on the straight As!

I was very skeptical about traveling alone. I took my 1st alone trip and I loved it. This site is helping me get over my fear of going to Vegas alone. I was so glad to see this page! Last year, I ended up in Vegas alone by accident… Friend had an emergency, had to leave. Stress truly goes away when the only person you have to worry and deal with is yourself! Sometimes, we become solo travelers by accident, only to become solo travelers by choice. Thanks for your article!!

I am traveling to Vegas at the end of March to see Shania Twain! I have had a few friends and my Grandma call me crazy…why would I not travel with people.. But, its not gauranteed that shania will be giving concerts in the future. She is on my bucket list of people to see, so I decided to stop letting it stop me.

I want to explore vegas, but I dont gamble.. I want to go to a club one night to see how different it is from back home, but I dont know where a good one for solo travelers would be. There are so many things to do to keep busy.

But have a great time! I need to get out of Seattle and need the sun. If anyone wants to meet up for a drink. I am going solo to Vegas March 9, , and am very apprehensive about going alone. I am really apprehensive about hitting the clubs solo, but i like to just hang out sometime and people-watch.

Ok, so this might cover me for one-maybe two nights, but im going for 7!! I kinda figure on doing one of the evening ghost hunt tours, so theres 3 days……now what? I really wanted to go with another person, but everyone is tied up, either financially or other responsibilities.

I have put this off for the last 3 years because i figured i would look like an oddball going by myself. Please help me with any ideas. I figure i deserve to be pampered a little. Here are things I do to fill my evenings: Go to a dueling piano show or 2, there are several ; see a show or 2 Blue Man Group is at the Monte Carlo and they are fun ; head downtown to Fremont Street one night to check out the scene there stop and watch the spray paint artists, go ziplining under the canopy, watch the overhead light show, etc.

Hey Melissa, I am also a female going by myself 27 tomorrow. Las Vegas is amazing. I have been there twice, and there is always so much to do. These run around 30 dollars. Also more hot tub time! There are so many people there. I would hang out where classier people are if you want to find people to chill with. Last time I went I met two really cool guys from Scotland. I ended up going out to dinner with them with my friend.

Just a pleasant dinner with great conversation! Europeans are great to talk to. Check out some bars and see if some cool non agenda seeming people want to hang out. If not, move spots! The weather and pools are amazing right now and great for relaxation and getting tan, the spas are unbeleivable, the nightlife is second to none and the shopping is fabulous. Everyone is a tourist in vegas and looking to have a good time.. LOL I look forward to my experience…………!!!! Totally solo in Vegas right now been here just 12hrs.

Traveling to Vegas in a couple of weeks alone. Once with a friend, and once alone. I do whatever I want, whenever I want. I did have fun with my buddy the other time, but not everyone wants to do everything I want to do. Hi, Rob — Great to hear from you! I wish I were going to Vegas in 3 weeks. Have a great time!!! I cannot and should not shop with other people. Oh, Jayne, I hear you on all counts.

Enjoy your solo trip! You may not want to go back to traveling with others after this…. Is getting to and the Fremont Street Experience ok to do it alone or is it better to get a taxi. Expect the bus to take half an hour to an hour, depending on where you pick it up on the Strip and how bad traffic is.

Fremont Street is definitely worth the trip. I just wanted to say I really appreciate this blog. I have read through the countless post made by others describing their experiences and its really made me super hopeful and excited about my up coming trip. I have been to Vegas more times than I can count but never alone and decided to get myself an early birthday gift and will be Vegas bound in 2 short weeks!!

This will be my first solo trip, and figured the city I love would be the best first one. I was starting to have a few second thoughts though, more so because I was worried I would get bored alone.

But after reading some of the comments and looking your Top 10 Reasons, I am sold. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Baby!! Vegas is a perfect first solo trip, in my opinion. Flying out of LGB and staying comped at Luxor. Well, if I go it would be my first time. I was actually scared to take a cab by myself since the departure time is at And there is no better city on earth to pamper yourself than Las Vegas.

If you have the budget, definitely treat yourself to a little spa time. The worst that would happen is they might try to longhaul you. Just tell them not to take the tunnel. But why should I lose out on the yearly adventure!!! Tim bets, I peel, BTN peels. Turn is a Jack. River is a J.

He calls with J9os. Unfortunately a couple of hours in to Day Two I got it in with a combo draw vs 2 pair and didn't get there. It made sense to take a shot in a few tournaments while I had the opportunity in soft fields given that I had traveled all the way to Australia, but after not having the best 4 months online prior to this the bankroll depletion wasn't particularly well timed.

The few weeks after Oz didn't go particularly well either, which equated to about a 6 month spell of suckiness, by far the worst run in my poker career. Fortunately April was kind to me and things finally started to pick up, so hopefully I have turned a corner and I won't have to go job hunting just yet. Here's a few pics of Australia. I enjoyed the few days I was there, although being on my own was a bit of a bummer.

Melbourne is a really lovely city though, I enjoyed the touristy bits that I managed to do and it was pretty sick going for a morning jog alongside the river. Sick view from my room! Although there is no tangible reward, aside from my lobby and VPP count sporting the 1 million Hall of Fame badge booooommmm , it's kind of a cool milestone to reach. The good sports at PokerStars support provided me with a lifetime audit so I could work out a yearly breakdown of VPPs: Reaching this milestone would have felt rather underwhelming had I not recently managed to dig myself out of my largest ever downswing or at least after my high stakes cash game days pre It has been quite the most extreme ride on the variance rollercoaster over the last 2 months.

Consequently I was feeling pretty pleased with myself. I even made a couple of frivolous purchases; something I rarely do just because I happen to have experienced some positive variance.

Little did I know I was about to be brutally punished for this. I went on an absolute death run in everything. Those of you that have followed my blog when I used to update much more regularly! Still, I've taken a few swings that felt kind of rough before. I've never experienced anything quite like this, though. Perhaps I have been particularly fortuitous in my poker career to have avoided such a death run until now.

I can't deny I have had the odd particularly lucky bink Winning the Sunday Supersonic was ridiculous, so was my 3rd place in the Monte Carlo although it was kind of due but that's a difficult claim to make when it comes to live poker tournaments , but when you go on a death run, any previous fortune is quickly forgotten.

I suppose I was technically stretching the truth, as I did actually have a losing month in February However I only played games that month because my daughter was born then. Other than that though, it was true. Monthly Profit Chart does not factor in rakeback Well October changed all that. I sat down at my computer and just started losing. For the first few sessions it was a bit annoying as anything other than winning tends to be!

But then it kept happening. Not just losing but on a complete free fall where I couldn't win anything. The more it went on, the more I struggled to believe it was possible to run quite so bad.

We've all talked about the mythical "doom-switch", well I was starting to become a believer in its existence. It's a common theme amongst recreational players to say that sites are "rigged". You see it all the time. Obviously this is a completely ridiculous notion, and it's difficult to show anything but complete contempt for people that say anything like this. However, I got a glimpse into the mind of someone that does think like this last month. I've seen it all.

Yet I ran so bad in October that I was seriously beginning to wonder whether there was some kind of virus on my computer or something! If a fish was to run anywhere near as bad as me over a short space of time which is more likely assuming they are playing much worse than me I wasn't doing anything too much different than I had for the previous couple of years.

I guess the only thing which did change was I really went for it on each Sunday. Under the guise of working harder to try and grind through the downswing, I think I was looking for the easy way out. Just a quick-fix Sunday bink to get out of it. Unfortunately Sundays went disastrously, and were pretty soul destroying. I kept getting to 2 or 3 tables out in huge fields where there were big prizes on the final tables, but I diddn't quite get there.

Sunday November 3rd seemed to be no exception. Except this time I was blanking everything. In forma notevolmente differente permane invece in ambito archivistico. Nel Medioevo si fanno strada alcune innovazioni: Questo mezzo, permettendo l'accelerazione della produzione delle copie di testi contribuisce alla diffusione del libro e della cultura.

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