Concrete Poker

The poker is connected to an electric motor, sometimes a diesel motor, through a flex tube. Electronic Pokers Save time: It is driven by an electric motor. Including high frequency electric models available in volt and volt for export. With a concrete poker, users can minimise trapped air to allow maximum compaction of concrete.

Petrol (flexible shaft) Vibrating Poker Hire

Types of Concrete Vibrators

Remove air Vibration helps you remove the air voids from freshly poured concrete. Quality Vibration increases the density and makes the finished concrete stronger. Portfolio We offer a portfolio for different depths and concrete slumps as well as energy sources. Electronic Pokers Save time: Mechanical Concrete Vibrators High centrifugal force and rapid acceleration in a classic mechanical poker range. High Frequency Pokers Two models for thin layers of reinforced concrete as well as low to high slump concrete.

Pneumatic Pokers Run one or more pneumatic concrete vibrators on the same compressor simultaneously. Drive Units Petrol or diesel drive units with low fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Frequency Converters No fumes, less noise, lower weight and a stable power output. External Electric Vibrators High and normal speed electric vibrators with adjustable centrifugal force. External Pneumatic Vibrators High speed pneumatic vibrators with adjustable centrifugal force.

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Check your available gifts! Oztec Backpack Concrete Vibrator. Technoflex Excel High Frequency Poker. Technoflex High Frequency Electric Poker. Technoflex Silva High Frequency Poker. Multivibe Hummer Lightweight Concrete Vibrator. Technoflex 'Classic' Pendulum Poker. Technoflex Air Concrete Vibrators. Lightweight Concrete Vibrators See our range of concrete vibrators from lightweight concrete vibrator to traditional engine framed pendulum pokers.

We have a concrete vibrator for every job site application. The Hummer is our latest lightweight portable concrete poker. The Hummer is lighter and much more manageable than traditional pokers and gives greater performance and reliability.

It is especially suitable as a concrete slab poker. The hip mounted concrete vibrator has proved a great success as it is alot lighter than older backpack poker models. High Frequency Concrete Vibrators We have a complete range of Technoflex high frequency electric pokers.

Concrete Vibrator 1 HP 750W Electric Hand Held Vibrator 13000 Vibrations per Minute