GW2 Ascended gear and infusion recipes

Properties, houses, hotels and currency retained their usual colors, based on the US Standard Edition. Next day I checked it the blue was k so I think I got a great price. Feats as in Heroic and the righteous feats with part virtuous?. Interested in hearing more. This is a limited edition item made available to employees only! Teaneck Township Edition Teaneckopoly 10th Edition. U havent missed anything.

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University of Tennessee Edition Volopoly. University of Texas at Austin Edition Texasopoly. World of Warcraft Collector's Edition. Atlantic City standard edition. First issued by Parker Brothers in Mega Edition featuring more Atlantic City streets released in Boston, issued in , , and Boston Historic issued in Cedar Rapids, Iowa , issued unknown. Charlotte issued in Dana Point , issued in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin , issued in Fox Cities , Wisconsin , issued in Grand Rapids , issued in Jacksonville , issued in Kansas City , issued in Menomonie, Wisconsin , issued in Menomonopoly.

Palos Verdes , issued in Rochester issue date unknown. Teaneck, New Jersey , 10th ed. Wilkes-Barre , issued Texas , issued in , also available in a container in the shape of the state. Napa Valley , California , issued in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. This is a reproduction of a Monopoly set specifically the Deluxe Edition 9. The board has the imprint ", Chas B. Darrow" in the Jail corner, and the Parker Brothers signature in the Go corner.

Many of the graphics are the same, though the icon for Community Chest had not been designed. Property values are omitted from the board they were not printed on the original — a Banker's Rate Card is included with those values, as well as Mortgage values, and the required interest and repayment rates if a property is mortgaged.

Monopoly figure, and had not been seen since Some boards came with two packs of currency, instead of the usual one. The dice are a standard black pips on white dice, and the houses and hotels are both wooden.

A lantern, an iron, a thimble, a rocking horse, a purse, a battleship, a cannon, a tophat, a shoe and a car. Only games were ever produced, the minimum run allowed at the time by USAopoly. The game was distributed in the year by the American Express Funds Company to its captive network of financial advisors. The intent was to reward advisors who sold a high volume of American Express Funds and to encourage other advisors to increase their sales of AXP funds.

The game was designed so that the advisors could also give the game to their clients or use it as a sales tool to introduce AXP funds. Because securities are a regulated industry, the game had to meet NASD legal requirements, which required careful wording of everything to avoid misleading investors. It is now Ameriprise Financial, Inc. To reduce costs, the traditional pewter tokens were used.

A package of 32 Asset Allocations 12 Comprehensive Plans were also included. The Beatles Collector's Edition replaces all normal properties with Beatles albums and other points of interest, and includes every single known album ever produced by The Beatles, listed in chronological order from their release dates. It also includes special Fabs versions of the pewter tokens.

Many other aspects of the game are changed. For example, the railroads are concert tickets, chance and community chest are The Fab Four and Beatlemania, the houses white and hotels black are listening parties and concerts, and money is called love, a reference to All You Need Is Love.

This was a special edition to capitalize on the dot Com craze of the late s. The properties feature the logos of many Internet companies, including Yahoo! Houses and hotels were changed from their familiar green and red colors to blue and red, and were renamed Households and Offices. The four railroad spaces became four companies involved in telecommunications: The two utilities became Linux and Sun Microsystems. Trademark disclaimers were made for all participating companies in fine print on the game board itself.

Eight pewter tokens were available, plus a special Mr. Monopoly at his computer token that could be used as a game piece, or for a special rule variant. The other eight tokens are: This edition introduced an offline rule, for optional use with the Mr. Monopoly at his computer token.

This token is moved onto any space that has a Title Deed card whenever any player moves doubles. That space is considered offline, and no rent can be collected for it unless someone rolls doubles again and moves the token, or someone lands on the space and moves the token bringing the site back online, thus rent can be charged for it again the next time someone lands on the space, provided the special token was not returned there in the meantime.

This is a special edition sold only in Disney theme parks. The game comes in a tin with a quarter-fold board. Properties have been replaced by various attraction in Disney theme parks around the world.

The railroads are replaced with a form of transportation used in each of four Disney parks: Houses became Main Street Buildings, and hotels became Castles which came in two designs, one modeled after Sleeping Beauty Castle and the other after Cinderella Castle. The money is slightly smaller than the original and are referred to as wishes instead of dollars; however, they are included in the same denominations and colors as the original game.

The game also includes a black plastic tray with slots which can be used to hold the banker's wishes in a vertical position. Tokens are pewter and include a Splash Mountain log, a monorail cab, a Mr. In the newest edition there are different tokens than in the first edition. Also they added Expedition Everest as the best property. In December , the Dominick's division of Safeway, Inc.

Community Chest and Chance became Plastic and Paper bags , respectively, with themes such as "Store Manager caught standing on a milk crate! Tokens are pewter and include: Properties, houses, hotels and currency retained their usual colors, based on the US Standard Edition.

Houses and Hotels also retain the same shape, but are known as New Products and Merchandise Displays respectively. The currency features the Monopoly logo in a banner scroll at the top of every bill, and each uses the Chicago skyline as a full backdrop. The varying denominations each have a different Dominick's corporate logo from the company's history, with the exception of the 20, which uses the logo for the now defunct Omni Superstore, a former Dominick's division.

This is a limited edition item made available to employees only! Rumor has it only of these games were made. This Monopoly edition is based on the Godfather Saga. The six tokens include a horse head, a cannoli, a Genco Olive Oil tin, the Don's limo, a dead fish and a tommy gun. Traditional houses and hotels have been turned into Hideouts and Compounds, and the game features new "Don" cards allowing each player to align with a particular family and employ a potentially lethal strike.

The Corleone card, for instance, entitles the bearer to a kidnapping of an opponent while the Tattaglia card affords its owner a single money laundering opportunity. This is the Golf Edition of Monopoly. The gameplay is the same as in the regular version. The only noticeable differences are that the regular properties are replace with Golf Clubs and Championships, and that the Income Tax is renamed City Tax.

A car, a Top Hat, A shoe, a thimble, an iron, a battleship, a horse and rider, a wheelbarrow, a dog, and a wheel. In April , Hasbro launched a promotion through their monopoly. Like the UK edition, the US version has been updated for the twenty-first century, with higher property values and updated scenarios on the Chance cards and Community Chest cards. But unlike the UK edition, properties that appear on the US version were selected by visitors to monopoly. The voting lasted for three weeks.

The landmark with the highest vote total per city is displayed on the final board, and the cities that received the most total votes have the highest property values, while those with the lowest total votes received the lowest property values.

The railroads became the four busiest airports in the US: There are eight pewter tokens: A two-page document about the voting process and protests by cities which were not included as candidates for the final board is included with the game, particularly that by Atlantic City, New Jersey , which remains the setting of the US Standard Edition and the Mega Edition.

Houses and hotels retained their familiar shapes, but became blue and silver plastic, respectively. Similarly, the tops of the Community Chest and Chance cards are no longer yellow and orange, but became blue and silver, respectively. This edition focuses solely on James Bond movies, though the three non- Eon versions have been omitted.

The only property on the board that is not a movie is Assignment; the twenty-first movie, the Casino Royale is included. The Chance and Community Chest spaces have been replaced by: Bond Women and Bond Villains. There is a different colour photo on top of each card. The railways have been replaced by: The Luxury tax space has been replaced by Casino Tax.

This board was released in and represents The Legend of Zelda video game franchise from Nintendo. The board features images of characters, items and locations from nearly all the Zelda video games. All of the paper currency has been renamed after the Zelda video games' currency Rupees. Properties are locations from the Zelda video games. The train stations have been changed to Link's methods of transport through out the various games — Epona, the King of the Red Lions, Link's Loftwing and the Spirit Train.

The plastic houses and hotels retained their usual shapes, but became "Deku Sprouts" and "Deku Trees" respectively. Five golden collector's tokens are included in all editions of the game: A sixth, exclusive golden token was included only in GameStop editions of the game: Two editions of this game were released, a GameStop exclusive edition and a standard edition available everywhere else. Besides having one exclusive token already listed above the GameStop edition also included some other exclusive items: This was a numbered, limited edition board.

Properties bear the names of actual Looney Tunes cartoons and characters. Currency was denominated as laughs 1 laugh, 5 laughs, 10 laughs, etc. Orange "What's Up, Doc? Grey plastic television sets replaced houses, gold movie theaters replaced hotels.

Set also comes with a pewter Looney Tunes Trophy which can be awarded to the winner. Extra tasks can be carried out depending on the value of the dice roll double ones, double twos, etc.

This edition is essentially a customized game board sold at Marshall Field's stores in The railroads consist of three CTA rapid transit lines and one station. Community Chest, Chance, the Electric Company and Water Works remained unchanged, although the Community Chest and Chance cards were updated for the new property names.

Currency bears the Marshall Field's logo and houses and hotels are the standard plastic green and red, respectively. The tokens are the same as in a U. Uncle Pennybag's Loose Change.

A simplified version of the board game Monopoly , aimed at young children. It has a smaller, rectangular board and instead of being based on street names it is based on a funfair , to make it more child-friendly. There are different versions of the game, such as Dig'n Dinos, [6] a Disney Channel version, and a Canadian version. This is an expanded edition of the classic game. The gameplay is expedited by inclusion of a third Speed Die which adds to or affects movement, or awards bonuses and by an additional deck of 16 Bus Ticket cards which allow forward movement to any space on the side currently occupied by a player's token; 3 of the cards also negate Tickets held by players by having them expire.

It is also enhanced by the inclusion of 8 Skyscrapers which can be built on full monopolies after Hotels are erected and 4 Train Depots which double the rent values of the Railroad spaces. The current group of eleven standard tokens are included cannon, boot, thimble, wheelbarrow, car, horse and rider, dog, hat, battleship, iron and money bag. Because of the additional properties, the gameboard is approx. In addition, gameplay allows players to build Houses and Hotels on a Color Group if they have a Majority Ownership own all but one of the properties in the Group , but Skyscrapers can only be built on a full Monopoly owning all the properties in the given Group.

This is a special edition of the standard U. Atlantic City board and properties. The set comes in a hardwood case, which can be folded out. A drawer in the front of the case holds the money, cards, tokens, houses and hotels. The houses and hotels feature new designs, and come in light blue and red, instead of the standard green and red.

As part of Disney's 75th anniversary of Mickey Mouse, a special edition of Monopoly was released with properties being many of Mickey's famous cartoon appearances. The four railroads are depicted by four television series: Six pewter tokens are included: Released in September to raise money for the National Trust , the properties are replaced by National-Trust-owned sites around the United Kingdom. This Collector's Edition features characters from Nintendo 's most popular franchises, including Mario , Metroid , and Zelda.

The property spaces are replaced with characters from the games. Each color set represents characters from the same series or game. The board background is also made up of a huge number of screenshots of Nintendo games from all series, systems, and generations.

Block cards, and the houses and hotels are called Power-Ups and Invincibilities. Epona , Gunship and Pikmin Onion. The board background is made up of a huge number of characters. This is a reproduction of a board and Monopoly set. It uses the standard U. The set comes in a wooden case, with a lid that slides off, and holds the board, with compartments for the cards, tokens and paper money. A brief history of the game is reprinted inside the lid.

The houses and hotels are similarly made of wood, and come in the original green for houses and red for hotels. Racecar, dog, top hat, thimble, locomotive and shoe. Slats cut in the box's wooden compartment dividers allow for storage of money by denomination during game play.

This game was released as part of a series of Parker Brothers Nostalgia Games, and was exclusive to Target until the line was discontinued in Other retailers such as Barnes and Noble Booksellers bought up the remaining stock for sale.

Target replaced the product line with the Hasbro Library series. This was a board released in to honor the comic strip Peanuts.

The board features artwork by Charles M. Schulz ; virtually all of the printed text on the box, the game board, the title deed, Chance and Community Chest cards, as well as the currency, is done in a style similar to the style Schulz used in writing out text in word balloons and thought balloons for his characters this includes the four corner spaces, which rarely change for any licensed Monopoly game set.

All of the currency features Snoopy: Properties are characters and situations from the strip's 50 year history: Peppermint Patty and Marcie are one of the dark purple properties, Schroeder is a light purple property, Suppertime! Community Chest was changed to Pitcher's Mound and Chance became Psychiatric Booth, and the texts on their respective cards also reflect the theme.

Houses were recolored brown, and have become nests. The Hotels stayed red, but have been renamed Dog Houses as Snoopy's own dog house was shown to be red. Railroads are replaced by holidays: Six pewter collector's tokens are included: Snoopy sleeping on top of his dog house, Snoopy's supper dish, Woodstock, a football on a kicking tee, Schroeder's piano, and Lucy's psychiatric booth.

This edition was released in in time for Penn State University's th anniversary of its founding as The Farmers High School in Alarm clock, bicycle, football, Nittany Lion Shrine, slice of pizza. This edition of Monopoly was issued to coincide with the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: It features special pewter tokens, money, and deed cards to items featured in the film and its predecessor, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Docks and Harbors were used in place of houses and hotels. Cursed Loot replaces the Income Tax space, various ships including the Interceptor, the Black Pearl , and the Flying Dutchman replace the railroads, and Davy Jones' chest and key replace the utilities. The printed money continues the movies' theme, printed to look like old cash certificates, but maintaining the usual colors for U.

The standard edition comes with six pewter tokens, representing Charmander , Meowth , Pikachu , Poliwhirl , Psyduck , and Snorlax. The collector's edition comes with six colored plastic tokens, representing Blastoise , Bulbasaur , Charmander , Clefairy , Mewtwo , and Pikachu. They are as follows: Unlike the previous edition, the Zephyr and Hive Badges, the first two obtained in the video games, take the place of the utilities, while Chikorita , Cyndaquil , Totodile , and Heracross represent the four railroads.

The collector's edition comes with six colored plastic tokens, representing Bellossom , Chikorita , Cyndaquil , Marill , Pikachu , and Totodile.

The same optional rules from the edition are also featured in this edition. This board was released in to honor the 20th Anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise. The board features photo images of characters, Zords, vehicles, weapons and locations from nearly every season of the show up to its 20th Anniversary. All of the paper currency features the iconic lightning bolt used in nearly every Power Rangers logo.

Properties are Zords, vehicles and locations from the franchise's 20 year history. Water Works is replaced by the Eternal Falls of Aquitar and the Electric Company is now a metaphorical representation of the "Morphin Grid" that powers the Rangers' costumes and abilities. Villains from the show represent the Community Chest while Allies from the show represent Chance.

The Income Tax is now a power boost and the Luxury Tax is now represented by a weapons upgrade. The plastic houses and hotels retained their usual shapes, but became red "Zords" and white "Megazords" respectively. The board also includes two traditional white Monopoly dice with black dots.

Six zinc collector's tokens are included: Goldar was the winning candidate from a fan voting contest that was conducted on the official Power Rangers Facebook page. The two losing candidates for becoming a token were a pair of Ranger Boots and a Juice Cup.

A limited edition Power Rangers themed Monopoly dice was also created for use in conjunction with this board, but was offered separately. The dice is black and features both the show logo's iconic yellow lightning bolt and yellow dots as the dice's dots. This dice was given away at San Diego Comic Con and could also be won in a giveaway contest along with other Power Rangers themed items that was conducted on the official Power Rangers Facebook page. Later the dice, while previously advertised as being created for Monopoly during its giveaway offerings, would eventually see a retail release with a completely different board game.

This edition of Monopoly was based on the Cartoon Network series of the same name. The box lid is made of a special reflective foil paper. The game board features locations from the series' fictional setting of The City of Townsville, illustrated with representative artwork. The four railroads also become City of Townsville locations: The utilities are the Power Plant and the Water Tower.

All of the currency features the face of The Mayor. This edition also features purple, stackable buildings in place of houses, and pink skyscrapers in place of hotels. Six full color plastic tokens were included: Keane and Professor Utonium. In addition three cardboard punchout tokens are available, which can be used as regular playing tokens, or for a special rule variation. A special, optional set of rules was included for the three villain tokens.

When using these rules, the three villains begin the game in Jail. Any of the three villain tokens can be moved from jail onto any property space owned or unowned. If a villain token is moved onto an unowned property space, players who have enough money for the space can fight for it through rolls of the dice — the player with the highest dice roll wins the right to buy the property at its full printed value.

If the villain was moved from jail to an owned property, the villain can prevent the owner from collecting rent. When another player not the owner lands on the occupied space, they must roll the dice. If a seven or higher is rolled, the villain is defeated and returned to jail, and no rent is owed.

If the owner lands on an occupied space, they too must roll — seven or higher returns the villain to jail, six or lower lets the villain token stay on that property. No penalty or forced dice roll is made if a villain token is moved onto a space already occupied by a player token.

This anniversary edition came in a silver colored collector's tin with an outer plastic cover. Some copies came with a card, imprinted with a code, which could be used for a special anniversary contest: The board is foil-wrapped, and the center artwork is done in a s-art deco style, as are the playing tokens, houses and hotels. These are chrome-plated art-deco renderings of standard tokens: A dog, a speedboat, a locomotive, a ladies' high-heeled shoe, a wheelbarrow, an iron, a tophat, a thimble, a sportscar, a sack of money, a cannon and a horse with rider.

Each of the twelve hotels has a unique design, and the thirty-two houses come in four distinct styles. This is a special The Simpsons edition. This gives you more points to put into feats that do something useful. The last thing I really have to say is you should consider finding out which players discovered things like the bugs with bys, or how pf works which you still have an inaccurate description of but anyhow , or that piercing light is bugged and give those players credits in your guide.

Those discoveries were their work, not yours and you are benefitting from it, the least you can do is thank them for it. They are neither you or a member of your guild, or alliance for that matter, so there is no way you could have asked them if they were ok with it. It shows respect for the work of others to acknowledge what they have done, especially if you are including the findings of their tests in your guide.

There was a big forum thread explaining it thru multiple people and I did indeed give thanks to all the forum people who made me understand these things. So try to not be a bitter liar here please.

So yea, you need to work on either your eyesight or something buddy. Even in the arc forums, I have yet again in the comments, multiple times thanked the fellow clerics for explanations on stuff. My last comment there was me yet again, thanking them for their knowledge.

When I originally made the guide, my guild was the one that encouraged me to do, my best friend and guild leader mainly pushed me to do it and a close friend of mines showed me the ropes as AC righteous since before I was DO. In level 73 content, the debuff is also further mitigated by a 0.

The simple and unique debuff multiply. For example, debuff mitigation was originally discovered by Kaelac and mythlond2, you at no stage in your guide iself acknowledge this. Proof they discovered it: Just scroll down to the debuff section.

Did you read anything of your previous posts?. Not only did you ignore everything I said, you hostilely answered in the previous post. Secondly, I have added the names, I know themselves tested this and many other things.

There is no way for me to put the names I exactly wanted to put so I had to settle with only the four names that I found to help me the most in some way with info, with answering questions on my guide while I was busy with real life stuff Like a normal person should.. And have you even watched my guide properly?. This post was completely fine, but the one previously especially, just watch it. Multiplies with defense debuff. Terror and plaguefire are mitigated twice by monster DR, the 1 layer is penetrated by RI, the second layer is not.

No mention of the specific leveled monsters here. Other tests made by me that you can find on the forum are Hastening Light formula and bugs, Condemning Gaze overstacking and the exact description of Bear your Sins. Hey Michela, I saw your post via Silverkelt of my guild a time about that Condemning Gaze overstacking and was really interesting to learn that.

Well thanks for at least taking time to be here as I can directly ask you my own question to find out the exact debuff numbers for the trans plague so I can finally understand properly. He clearly has something against me for no good reason. From mod 6 patch notes: Down from 5 Levels.

You can notice that level 73 enemies have their level displayed in red, this indicates the higher difficulty. Sharpedge noticed that base damage is reduced in these areas, while I noticed that also some debuffs are mitigated You could also be interested in this: Cool ok, I can read this.

As for the Frost, some guild mates already told me about it because on the test at that time before the new mod came out, told me Frost was acting weird again. It depends, since different enemies have different Damage Resistance. Furthermore, as pointed out by chemodan and whitestarua in this thread: PF and Frost can go beyond this cap.

Thanks again for the explanations here. So where is it on ps4? The deciding factor is that darkfire feat which firstly, the tooltip on it is wrong. That debuff is less than it says. So to me, that just made it a no go When it came down to DC suggestions. So you need rapid attacks, and Blessings of Battle is our slowest At Will. Maybe they thought only TRs would be Drow? That campfire recovery thing — does it apply to revive sickness and injuries? But I have one! But that DEX primary….

But I like unusual races and specialised builds. But, as you say, so many tool tips are wrong and every patch can make ninja changes that only get discovered by Uber-BIS open beta players on the Test Server who can even do a race re-roll if their build gets too badly nerfed. And if the Drow enemy DEF debuff is actually half what it should be, there are better options. But, cosmetically, my favourite characters are my Halfling females, and I have one of each class as they make me laugh because they are so tiny and funny looking!

If you have all that, I think that using an unusual race is not going to gimp you into uselessness. In most Epic Dungeons, particularly FBI, healing is pretty irrelevant as deaths are mostly due to one-shots, not lack of healing. Epic Demogorgon died in 6 seconds or less. After the APG and other nerfs, maybe 10 to 12 seconds.

Just the raw, basic build, without all the fancy pants companions and insignia, is a really good build for a new level 70 gearing and booning up and is one of the best builds for leveling as well, due to the damage, healing, Crit, and dodging bonuses from the stats. It certainly does not need to be 5 Encounters. It more of a general layout if that makes sense. But back to the whole comment, very well detailed and knowledgable man.

It took me a while to sit down and just read this as I came home from work, lmao! I want to add as well to the last comment, it seems like ok, if you hit a divine glow on 5 mobs, those 5 mobs immediately has the 5 stacks of the gaze. But as you mentioned in your guide, I should have said Dragonborn or Sun Elf rather than human, although Humans can have 5 ranks of Bountiful Fortune as well as 1 to 3 in Cleanse.

But the build will certainly work with a Drow if he really likes playing Drow for role-playing reasons, just like I have Halfling and Tiefling DCs purely for that reason, so I tailored their builds to their race a bit. Anyone know what powers to use etc for solo content?

The latter two are the best dps moves we got. I know others that use divine glow, break the spirit, chains but I prefer the first option I mentioned. With Div Glow, dodging cancels the spell, so I have to be careful to make sure it hits before dodging. Then, in the time mobs take to reach me, I cast Daunting on the ground where they will be in a few hundred milliseconds, and then hit Sunburst. I blow them away and usually they die while flying through the air.

I used Chains a lot at lower level pre-Mod 6 as it sort of one-shotted a lot of mobs, but since being level 70 I only used it when farming Fire Motes for my Burning weapon set to try and CC some of the monsters running for the edge. But other than that, pretty great solid rotation you have going on for solo play. Ah, remember blowing mobs off the cliffs in Dread Vault? THOSE were the days! When are they bringing those 4 dungeons back? She was mostly Faithful back then, before the feat trees got all changed.

There was just me and the CW fighting the Aboleth, and you can see in the chat window the GF apologising for warming his toes at the camp fire! She used Exaltation a lot in those days. He was my second character she was my first who I mostly ignored since Mod 2 or 3,. His build is broadly similar to this one, but no bondings or fancy pants Companions. When solo, I started using Div Glow, Chains and Daunting Light, and was really surprised at how much more powerful he is.

And with 4 ranks in Holy Fervour and Anointed Armor, he is very tanky as well. Love the detail and metrics. You mentioned powershare is base power or unbuffed power. What does that mean exactly? Is this pre bonding procs? Pre Artificers mount buff. This is like this because bondings use to recklessly share all this buff power via bondings which when it was very rampant, people were get like over millions of power lol.

Just wanted to comment on frost. While I have not tested it myself, mainly because I am taking a break, I thought I would just explain how I suspect the debuff works. Keep in mind, this is a theory, so no proof. As Michela said, it scales with power etc, I am not sure if it scales with all buffs, or some buffs, or crit, or CA. My guess would be it does. As pointed out above, there is an effectiveness cap on dr debuffs, but as frost is not a dr debuff, it goes beyond this.

Because it scales, I am going to make a few reasonable assumptions from a CW perspective and give an example of how much it could in theory debuff. Since it was used single target, it also has a 1. Now keep in mind this is all theory, but it is still fairly OP.

Also, it appears this CW failed to crit. What are the best weapon enchants per class these days? When I started 2. But things keep changing. Considering I have no Dread or anything? So I tried Fey and Shadowclad for a while and that seemed to work just as well. Has anyone even remotely reported this power scale with it to the devs? Because it needs to be fixed. I just really will hope that they fix this sooner rather than later.

Was wondering why Sellsword is chosen over Con artist? Do you know anything as far as the debuffs stacking? I have heard of groups running multi Con artist and or Sellsword and getting stacking debuffs? Jarek the new thoughts about Trans Frost is mod Well I knew multiple people told me weeks before the new mod came out, Another thing, I was thinking on up rise my recovery to 16k or more, and I was wondering if recovery has a cap or not, bc if has a cap I can priorize other status like power.

As for the recovery number itself. I will up rise so thanks! You know if someone tested the means that procs it? Halfling is another race that Im looking for, deflect chance and control resist are bis for PvP deflect cleric Sorry about this amount of questions hahahah Im trying to conquer the most available char to both PvE and PvP! Ahhh I read right now about Drow on the comments up from Contractions of Fate! So ignore Drow sugestion! Unless the dark fire on mod 10 is working properly!

Not a big fan of this companion. You get this companion from the cleric pack from the zen market The cleric pack is like zen, on pc anyway. The thing is most of the companions u suggested are little critical severity.

That didnt convince me. I have the polar bear and I wished deva champion but his pack is too expensive. So i have the bear, young yeti and astral deva. I got the deva purple for k! I 2 more slots have white sellsword and minstral. I dont know what to fill these. Sprite and book imp?

They are too expensive to justify their price. What do u think i should get? Its really hard for DC. Summoned companion — Sellsword At least have it leveled up to level 30 so it can use the debuff ability.

Like you barely get a big gain of AP from those upgrades which is truly disappointing. Man you do know how much it costs to upgrade the sellsword ofcourse right?

What companion deserves 1 million AD? If Im making this my active I have to go purple. Cause I have a purple deva already. What do u mean by packs can be used on all ur characters? U mean I will get 3 packs for the price of one? Since I have 3 characters. Secondly, yep, what jojo told you, is basically this. Also I dont have a problem with heals at all I always have my bastion on so severity is not gonna matter to me cause I almost always fill any bar withjust 2 empower stacks.

Wow I just figured out that I have completely screwed up my upgrade calculations. I will definitely do this. Sellsword will be my main.

Is it good at activating bonding stones though? The advantage of those packages is, that you can use them on all of your chars. So if you activly play with several characters, it might be worth the investment. U only get one bag tho and stil need to upgrade the companions toepic wich is pretty expensive. Those Booster packs only really have one thing of any real value or use — the free Companion. The actual gear in the Booster packs is pretty garbage, even on a rank 5 character.

Even better ones can be had rarely from special events. Or, as you are saying, get a Grey Quality one for a few gold and upgrade it.

I was looking at the different Booster Packs to write up some notes for my Guild, to see how many Booster Pack Companions are worth getting for dps classes, Tank classes etc. Each hit on a mob can proc the bondings, but speed of attack does not matter now as they changed the way they work. The only pack I ever bought was the SW one in a sale. It just died a lot, even with Loyal Avenger gear and R10 enchants on it.

So I still use the free Ioun of Radiance all my characters get from a free Arc promo from Except my DO DC. Thanks for ur detailed answer. U havent missed anything. I will do the sellsword. I actually like the companion itself so I will be happy with it more than any other. I was just too stupid not to upgrade it earlier. I keep missing the upgrade price just like u saw: There r other better places to spend the money on right now.

And Im not dropping the astral deva I just bought. Its purple at k. Next day I checked it the blue was k so I think I got a great price. Their bonus isnt that big of a deal cause once I build my character better Im gonna have much better AP gain so sprite will not be a difference. I can get 2 greater bondings with this price. Or a symbol of fire artifact and keep some change.

Ur build is just amazing as it is actually even without companions: I dont even have artifact weapons yet. My cw is and nobody wants it.

I spend more time with the DC now but AD priority goes to cw at the end: One last thing I just remembered. U recommend a full set DF armor.

Why did u choose raid over restoration? Also why not just take 3 pieces of DF and get 1 piece of a different armor since DF bonus only requires 3 parts. I currently have a full restoration DF set but I think replacing the chest piece with a drowcraft is better.

Drow chest offers power as main and critical as secondary. DF chest offers recovery as main and critical as secondary. What do u think? I also have the lvl 5 ice forge on my CW so I can get elemental. I see that you said you have the lvl 5 ice forge on your CW, do you have it on your DC as well?. Just from picking the armor pieces u suggested. I dont even have any azures or bonding yet.

Every single slot I have has a radiant. Every upgrade I make goes to power and recovery. Which is why I want symbol of fire so bad. I have spent so much and long to upgrade it. They didnt mention anything about this in the game or the wiki. The base items are account bound so they should stay so.

There is no sane person thats gonna upgrade professions on each character he wants to get elemental for. With Black Ice Shaping, you can upgrade gear only for your own class, so you have to rank it up on the DC character if you want to make upgraded Elemental DC gear. Just like you have to run the Zones to get the Boons for the DC. The first 3 ranks come from the Icewind Dale campaign tree, of course.

I have one DC with 24 Grandmaster Alchemists making them in six slots atm, but I have a lot of characters, at least 2 of each class, and want to upgrade Black Ice Forge to Rank V on one of each class. Warborn is for PvP, anyway. So you cannot make them and sell them on AH, or even make them and put them in the Shared Bank Slots for another character to use.

Noway Im going through that shitty icewindale campaign ever again. I will get the lighttender gear so No need to upgrade dragonflight.

Thnx for mentioning the half cost thing thought I might use it for another profession. I like the IWD zone and it takes about 1 hour a day for 18 days to get Rep , instead of 35 days, nothing costs AD to unlock anymore and the artifacts now cost k instead of k each.

Does the blessing of battle buff work on all enemies or just the enemy u hit with it? The power buff and defense. Every ally within a certain radius of you when you cast Blessings of Battle will get the defence buff. Check out the casting animations. As you cast, you move one hand to your side: I know all that.

Why didnt they make it like anoited army? Blessing of Battle is a two-component At Will, a minor defence buff on allies and the radiant damage the DC does against the target. The enemy target does not matter, except for the radiant damage part. As you prepare to strike your target, you bless nearby allies and yourself with a minor defensive prayer that reduces incoming damage.

The allies must be within a certain radius of YOU, not within a certain radius of the enemy you attack. Healing from damage spell Crits, like with Repurpose Soul, DOES depend on the allies being within a certain radius of the enemy you hit. BoB does not work like that. The Power buff is not part of the At Will itself, without the feat. It does not mean the enemy target of your damage. It IS poorly worded. The power and defence buff affects every ally within range of you, so the target you hit is irrelevant.

Often, we will all be attacking the Boss, as Bosses do not spawn endless summons like they used to, but a defence buff and power buff affects ME, not the enemy. If the Daily procced Anointed Action at all, it would be a decent passive and would not need a duration buff, but as it never procs at all for me anyway….

Ppl dont use AA for its heal or for its action gain. Its only used for the 4 immunity hits especially when most of the time u r playing with high gear dps that just wanna fast run. So they dont really need anymore damage buff they just need protection. Thats the main reason of it. I used to use hallowed ground often that I forgot the AA. When I remembered it I just rarely use hallowed ground anymore cause its crap in comparison in real applications like orcus or in chaotic crowded enemies around u battles but whatever each has his own style.

A little part of it is close to what I need actually but its still not assured. I know all of that. I know its a buff for me and my allies. I know the enemy is not affected. My question is very simple I dont know how to rephrase it. The defenese from incoming attacks that my ppl get. Is it the incoming attacks from anythung or just the target I chose?

Was this clear enough? I dont know how to explain this again. It is poorly worded on the stupid tooltip but what can I do? Thats why Im asking here. I have a CW main so thats where all my resources and campaigns are.

I dont spend much money on the sad DC although I spend most of my time on him recently. Contractions is def right about the wording of tooltips. The buff applies to anything they attack because it is a buff on the individual party members. It is not a debuff on the monster and it is not a buff on an area on the ground, it is a buff on every character in the area when it is cast, and the buff persists if they run away, until it expires. If they attack a monster that has not been debuffed, there is no debuff on that monster.

I can think of nothing else to suggest, except perhaps that you get some remedial treatment for your exceptionally poor comprehension skills. Imagine what will happen when I get to my full potential! Seems pretty useless… Happy New year to my fellow DCs! Yeah might take the chicken instead until i get something better for my last active slot.

First of all, this is outstanding. Several of my guildies pointed me to this, including our best DC. I DPSd my way through and used this guide to respec, having only one boon to my name the first in Elemental Evil. Got myself to just over iLevel also using this guide and ran eToS for my first epic dungeon. With a few rather nasty hiccups early, it went pretty smoothly despite none of the group having high-end gear. There seems to be a pretty-well educated group of DCs responding in the comments, so I figured this would be as good a spot as any to ask a few questions:.

I figure Astral Shield would be a logical third choice, but what about Exaltation? Keeping the tank alive was the big part of my problem, so I figure targeting him with Exaltation would be tailor-made for that kind of situation. Any thoughts on this in light of the above build? I learned a ton not only from the build itself but also the comments below it. I run seal and blessing as at wills, chains, divine glow or break the spirit dg for groups that need a little extra help or are taking damage often and bastion for clutch heals.

Your dailies can also be a life saver. Anointed Army is super helpful on trash mobs that are swarming and hitting everyone and hollowed ground for when the group can settle into a dps burn. Exaltation is great for a dps and dr buff but you could hit shield fully empowered and then have bastion as clutch. Keep doing your campaigns and running dungeons, you will get artifacts.

I like the answers here actually. I got everything I actually needed in terms of enchantments etc. But for my opinion here on what to do, these guys are right and also, others actually try 26 points in virt, then 15 in righteous, up to Weapons of Light. In Epic Dungeons, most deaths are from one-shots, and we cannot heal Instant Death. Tanks need to know when to hold up their Shield.

A little slow to cast, though. Slotting for dps in a very weak dungeon group is never a good idea, except that you do need to proc some DoT damage for the Righteous Feats to trigger. Break the Spirit is my Encounter of choice for that, as well as the buff when Empowered, but it only applies once.

But, just as we cannot heal Stupid, we cannot Buff parties that have very little to buff. They need to have a decent build, gear, power level and use their best ability combos as well. Exaltation affects only the DC and the party member single target, but it IS a very good buff on the Tank, if you can target him. Or maybe a tough Stronghold Encounter, for the practice? Even most non-Conqueror Tanks do at least triple the dps of my Halfling. But she is made of Titanium!

In dungeon groups, the problem is being able to target the Tank and hit him with it. The most annoying thing about NW combat is when I am trying to finish off a demon or something, the game makes me turn and target a more powerful or less damaged enemy. Same in some CTAs etc, when I try to kill the shaman and controllers and I keep being forced to shoot at the dragon.

The same thing can happen in a group with targeting Exaltation from range. You can hit the badly damaged TR instead, when what they need to do is Tumble away and go into Stealth and heal themselves. The Tank we cannot lose.

So, you need to be up close and right behind the Tank. But you can cast each in Divinity and then an empowered Exaltation on the Tank and the other two in normal mode. Exaltation does not give you that much APG. But it used to grant NONE back in the day.

Div Glow grants me most Action Points, followed by Bastion. Interested in hearing more. Am I missing something? Jarek, you recomend the new mod I would like to ask to you put some coments in your next update about the new weapons and armors of Hey guys, I came to comment here specifically to give an update on myself. First off love the build. Thanks for all your time and hard work in writing this up.

Could you comment on the following bug list and how it effects your build? Anytime anyone asks me about it I point straight this way and they never come back disappointed. Great job man keep the updates rolling! Thanks alot man, I really appreciate the words.

I actually just made updates today to it, all over actually, including the build itself so now it should be even a better read, hopefully.

Just more or less making better suggestions for people. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Why is light tender set bis when it gives less power than dragonflight? Way less cause it takes recovery as main stat and then power. Even at vivified its less power. Let alone elemental dragon flight. So yea, the power difference is there in those sets. I was strictly talking about restoration relic set.

Disregarding the raid cause it doesnt give recovery. I dont want to lose recovery for critical. Do u think I should? I dont like it. I cant use bastion of health because of this when I I need it so much for healing. Since my crit is low so I cant rely on critical healing. Also, I used to have strength as my secondary and I respecced to charisma for faster charge. I really dont know if its actually helping alot but I noticed the bad healing cause crit is much lower now.

Since I can only get a few silveries just on my companion so I dont know if my recovery can be high enough to achieve the goal in first paragraph. Well remember, there are many ways to achieve recovery easily. That really helps alot with recovery. It involves having a heart of the dragon artifact as your main, you can check out what they said here and read the comments on it to properly understand how to do this. Do you have an opinion on the Token of Chromatic Storm?

Is this a viable option for an end game DC? I ask because I have been running it as my main for the artifact power. TLDR the comments, but been using your build and just checking updates as you do, you took out Bear your Sins? Even tho its getting fixed in Mod11? Did this get dropped for haste? I think you saw wrong. I have 2 greater rings of helig on my DC , and have 3 greater rings of dod. My base recovery is 14k. But to me, seems you already have great recovery.

Do you think you will be updating your guide with the new DC changes? So if you get updates out, you may be the first! My build, nothing changed much. The changes actually favored my build and suggestions alot. Just curious, I have a holy avenger at perfect.

Hey there, well in my view, the enchantment is pretty bad, however…. They need to fix that CD on it for me to ever consider it viable. I play on ps4 and I was curious as to the effectiveness in FBI of the Pure Plague fire because I see the extra damage in the log building see the proc show up. I try to avoid being the most used DC build for a different flavor. Any thoughts or tips on how to choose??

That response is great. I have been testing out my righteous DO and it has been melting through t1s and 2s but have yet to get up to svard or plague so I may adjust when I get there. It really is a superb encounter. DO righteous with some faithful Support — http: DO Righteous with some virt Support — http: Just a question unrelated to your build.

What chestpiece transmute is that and where do I get it? Again, thank you so much for this build. I have some questions and if you have the time maybe you could advise me. I am new to the game and about to hit level I will likely build as close to this as I can and strive to get somewhere near where you are.

Now, I have spent some money on a bunch of zen. If you were me what would u focus on first? Weapon enchant, and stuff like that to get ilvl up? The companion gear you use is from an event, right? I read on the wiki that the event is no longer running.

Does this mean it will likely drop out of circulation? One thing, the gear is available on Pc AH. If so I may just grab it. I still see some on the auction house.

Sorry for so many replies but I looked it up and it seems like all that pet gear is from Sword Coast Adventures. The Loyal Avenger Gear is suuuper expensive. Do you have an opinion on the drow set? My guild keeps yelling at me telling me to get it. Well to me, elven, dusk and dragonflight will suit you better. Trans Dread which I currently use seems less and less great as my crit has gone lower and lower. On level 73 mobs, the debuff is roughly 7.

Not sure if you had any advice? Worth trying out Lightning or is Frost BiS right now? Also, would the owl be worth it for daily runs? Why not radiant all the way to max base power the recovery on comp should suffiece. I try for people to understand a balance with cruels and even radiants and cruels. Still to me the best companion to have. Good, but not sellsword good.

As for the rest, rustmonster, usually the tanks go with that. Chicken, an alright choice as an active but I see more tanks going with it and as for the Cultist, not that much of a fan of it personally because of basically whenever it proccs, it will be only for 10 seconds, meh.

Are the feats and boons up to date as i seen diffrent feats 1 on ur video and the feats on ur page. Feats as in Heroic and the righteous feats with part virtuous?. Currently trying to get my cleric dungeon ready with 2xRP on PS4 right now. I was wondering what head piece transmute is that? As mentioned, comes from that HR booster zen pack.

Hi Czar Jarek, thank you for this awesome guide. Because simply, those move, when you time them in divinity and get them on empowered and use, will make life easier. As for you gear itself, at 8. I took a bullet because of this race switch lol. So what Contractions explained is right. After all, this build is all about the Power and Recovery. I main a Hunter ranger. After I maxed it out the ad started flowing in unexpectedly fast.

I decided to focus on a dc with the influx. I built a 15k dc in 2 months. A friend of mine referred me to your build. I have to say. Being a dps main I noticed that this build is a dream to run with for any dps as it seriously ups the dps. I have to seriously compliment you on this guide. I have mastered the Hunter ranger class and noticed that majority of the guides for the hr leave a lot out.

Especially with regards to certain secrets with rotation. Starting up my dc with this guide helped me immensely. I find myself playing more on my dc than my Hunter. I just have one question. What is the fastest way to condemn a group of enemies. I found that dg chains and bts and BoB work well. But usually it takes 3 or 4 skills to proc it. Is there a faster way to proc it if you are running with a full end game group that melts things fast. Usually on a boss fight I start with full divinity and action points.

Then BoB then AA. Is this a correct rotation to maximize the dps against a boss fight. Sorry if I seem a bit clueless. This is kinda how I figured it out. Was curious on your thoughts.

I noticed the major similarities in the divinity swapping. It a bit slower gameplay than the hr. I usually run with a maxed gf who has great understanding of a pure buff tank with the heart of the black dragon.

The melt is real. Do you perhaps have any tips on a faster proc. I would use it if I could turn the visuals off. But alas we do not have that option. Hi i still aint herd wat the best race roll stats to uses the ones at the start of the guide or the current stat picture at the end of the guide or do u have any uptodate race roll stats that u aint updated. If you actually read the ability rolls part and at the end of that same section early on, you would have seen it.

I noticed you mention the sphene restoration rings as an option for running on your character. I actually use three of them on my con artist for the recovery boost, along with 3 silvery 3 azure. It gives up a little power for a lot of recovery. Is there something i missed? I just recently came back to my DC after having him idle for a long time and got my hands on a trans holy avenger. I am wondering how I could maximize it. Recently it was noticed on the forum that Fire of the Gods does not proc on a Crit with many weapon enchants slotted.

I tested a few myself and only Trans-Vorpal was working. Trans Frost or Trans Plaguefire did not. The DC has been plagued by this sort of bug for a long time, some feats just not working, certain enchants like Feytouched not proccing with certain powers etc. I really should take the time to check with some of my other Trans weapons enchants.

Remember when Chains of Blazing light just never worked in PvP? Enemy team would stand on it and it would not even fire most of the time, and never actually chained anyone. That has allegedly been buffed, according to the NW. I picked Tiefling for role-playing reasons as I knew nothing about how the game worked back then. She used to use Anointed Action, but then that stopped proccing from Anointed Army. So she changed to Hastening Light.

But then I found they were not proccing the enchant! Then that stopped Fire of the Gods proccing! Same with Plague Fire. Not worth using Vorpal on her, but my DOs are specced for high Crit. I must have sold one of the Plague Fires and Terrors, as I used to have 2 of those as well. Frost and see if fire of the gods procc from it. If you do indeed test those things, let me know. Czar Jarek Yes, that happens sometimes. This site is a great resource but has its limitations, sadly.

I wish I could edit posts after making a typo! Still not got round to testing, but I will definitely try and do it this weekend. To do it properly, I should really use each At Will individually for at least 5 minutes, and then each damaging encounter.

So that will take some time. All DC players who read this should also file a bug report in-game and post on the official Arc forum in the Bug Thread:. I am on PC, by the way. My female characters still lose their lower garments when they get on their mount. They claimed that one was fixed several patches ago!

I also have dread. I updated it now for mod Yeah, it has recovery instead of crit but this 0,5k plus bonus 1,5k power seems to be more important. I think You have wrong description in head piece. Guise is for burn and Corona for sustained power. Both are among my top choices, never once said I preferred that over rex. They are all among my top choices of main chest piece. In my view, you need to remember, guise is constant 2k power along with the it has.

With having a long guide, you tend to forget somethings to properly explain. Thanks for fast reply. You mentioned Primal second and I saw it on Your character screenshot so I got it wrong. Also, I was thinking only about first two minutes of fighting and I ignored what happens after that, so again, my bad.

Any recommendations on where to stick it? Hey hey Jarek great guide. To answer you about the main thing you said with MW3 vs Pioneer. Any chance Jarek of upgrading the Chult boons Im still trying to work out whether to take defence or deflect now we can get another 4.

Hey Karen, thanks again for the reminder. I was reminded a million times about this but I really keep forgetting. Thanks for sharing your build.

I have a question, as well, what is that about the GWF sigil trick? I tried to look that up, but I found nothing. How does that work exactly? This guide is more like a basic template. I noticed that there were about a dozen Epic Sellswords on AH for about k to 1.

The price difference at the lower end was less than upgrading a blue! No idea where they came from or why they were so cheap. Every single last one of them sold! As the gear is account-bound, all my Alts can use them. But the Active Bonuses are rubbish for high end characters. Hey contractions, long time no talk. I updated my mod for mod 14 and added companions, fixed up some stuff in the guide etc.

So everything is updated for mod 14 a few days before the actual mod. I basically went for power companions to get more base. I understand being busy! I really should try and do that. I can get a free Ghost from the Jubilee crate. Her attacks can increase party Crit Chance by 0. And you probably should try that lol. And hey everyone, updated guide already mod 14 that comes out in a few days so feel free to check it out.

Made some changes and more clarity on a lot of the sections. Not sure when you sent this but I can join if need be, sounds cool. I just posted it last night. If you want to send me an email: