Monster Hunter World | Armor List & Skills Table (Searchable)

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Acquiring Equipment

Sharpener is a must for me. It could reduce sharpening time by up to 4! Now you won't have to worry about if the whetstone takes 4 animations or 3 or 2, it'll always be one!

I agree that it's nice. I haven't used Razor Sharpness enough to see if it's justified though. Also do note I was a solo player, so aggro is usually spent on me.

In multiplayer I think you can get away with it much easier. I feel like Sharpener, while always useful, is somewhat weapon dependent. I'm LR and have plenty of Lances that are green sharpness for a lot of hits. So sharpener isn't an autoget. Most of the time when I need to sharpen it's also a good time to exit area for some healing. Can you gem that in with 5 slots? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link.

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Want to add to the discussion? I am now going to name my Palico after you I think I love They will appear eventually so just keep plugging away. I wouldn't really rate it that high, just higher than mounting. It's not the first time I confuse the two. Very useful for sharpening during a battle you can't or don't want to run from.

When I gemmed it and fought in the g-rank battles with my SnS I would say it's a life saver. Online, you wanna be able to get a full combo off when your team staggers the monster.

Which is usually always. Worked better than full Velociprey. Is there any way you could add the free slots to the Notes for each armor set? Some of the sets are decorated as listed, whereas others have all the mentioned skills but also a ton of free slots.

Makes it hard to compare apples-to-apples. This is some good stuff, I'll be tailoring some future sets to this once more HR monsters head my way! How about the silver rathalos set? You see that chest piece of yours? Double it, simple as that, this is including sockets as well.

Pretty damn amazing stat. This leads me to believe that the Seregios weapons are actually better than I assumed. I've been using the GS and those skills are basically worthless with it. On LR it's wasted because most weapons dont change sharpness level. Narga belt and arms.

Doesn't really offer any major advantages over the listed set, but seems like a viable alternative. I tend to play heavily offensive. The best community strikes again, thanks guys for all the support ;. If there is problem just tell me , i try to change everything what helps to make this Armory better.

The Lao Shan set is really great for blademasters who don't use blunt weapons. My fav set right now. Where's the love for shield ab users? I'm still using it through village 7. I personally use it with lances, you can block pretty much everything without losing your positioning and you have speed sharpen to help you keep your lances sharpened, since most lances have a really tight green bar.

If you have decent Charms you can try to slot it up with the 3 free Slots Health, Defense, Attack etc. Thank you very much for the help: D Btw, will you keep this post updated if other sets are shared by people? The difference between this post on mobile and pc is frightening. Definitely only try and read on pc. I try to change that somehow ;D. The Kut Ku mix for high rank gunner doesn't give you Marathon runner.

You have to gem in marathon runner. I was going to post a reply to this post here but I kept on typing and it became a huge detailed explanation of my Gathering set. The Chamer God alteration explains why it is okay to not have Felyne Hairband X and still farm those enduring charms effectively.

Thanks for the set but i would appreciate if you could write just the jewels under the armorset you used. One correction though I'd like to point out: However, Sheath Jewels actually lower your Sharpening stat, so I believe that should be '2x Grinder Jewel[1]' instead. I just made this set yesterday - feeling good about it!

Thanks again for pulling all this info together. Thanks for the positive feedback ; and your right Tetsucabra S needs 2 Grinder instead of 2 Sheath. I use this mix for HR blademaster: Where you got Silver Los G-Rank items?

The two sets I just posted are exceptionally good with the GunLance my main weapon. I ran it up through rank 10 and am pushing my way through multiplayer HR now switching between them. I'm not sure which I like more. The build works very well in solo and multi-player. Though dumb players probably get annoyed bouncing their attacks off your shield due to their inability to NOT attack teammates Is there no gunner set HR and G-rank featuring evade extender? Here's a set I found out about a couple days ago and decided to make.

This is a G1 set. I call it the Heavyweight Quarterback Champion set because it looks like a football player with a champion wrestler's belt when using Vangis Faulds.

I don't have That Talisman though. My method for this version requires the 3-slot weapon so that the torso is free. So yeah, this was my attempt at playing with an armor set. I'll add pictures later because screenshots via miiverse are a pain in my ass. If you use any body armour with two slots, you can gem for Evade Extender with one jewel if desired, then use a talisman to boost whatever extra skill your body armour adds which is also boosted by Torso Up.

HG Earplugs lazy set: I really like Evade Extender with the Seregios HH since you can basically use roll as a way to run with your weapon out, especially if you play stamina neg L , but you can of course gem for something else. Maestro Set excluding pieces that are the same: Set is pretty accessible too; don't really have to grind anything too obnoxious, outside of maybe grinding some guild quests to G-Rank.

I've worked with Gore mats since I first killed one in Low Rank, and have simply switched out parts as necessary as I ranked up. A simple Blademaster set with workable skills, I rock:. I found rath soul z to be a nice sns set after all. Also kaiser set is very nice,mine has, handicraft,attack up large,fencing,biology research.

Btw my fav set for more challenging gameplay is the half crappy rath heart z set. Chest piece is freely interchangeable and the set has 3 3-slot armor pieces in the head, waist, and feet, 1-slot at the gloves.

This is my go-to set for any weapon that has natural purple sharpness like regios weapons, megrez's asterism, belebog's scythe, etc. Very flexible armor set. Downsides are that its a bit expensive to make, no natural points in handicraft, and by default has to dragon resist.

I personally prefer tremor res since it lets you dodge more effectively, and you get a defense effect from honing for defense. Hey, this is a great sword HR set inspired by someone suggestion I read somewhere I forgot where. Its not exactly the same but I managed to make a set with the same skills. Problem is it has element weakness to everything except fire but they range from to Somebody here can tweak it to fix this problem and the resistance is not that low anyway.

Higher rarity equipment usually have more slots and better slots. An armor set ususally comprises of 5 pieces: Armor pieces made from the same monster fall under a family or "series". Charm contains skill s and are equipped in the Charm slot. Only one Charm can be equipped at one time. Charms are forged and upgraded at the Smithy.

Charms can be upgraded to have more skill points. Decoration Jewels contain skills. Decorations and equipment slots both have levels from 1 to 3. Higher level decoration jewels contain more powerful skills. Slots can be filled with decorations of the same level or lower.

How armor skills work, and a look at some of the best skills to use.