Deaths in November 2013

He Retired 01 Oct Source: A Graveside service will be held Monday May 21, at 2 p. Naval position Naval position: Porter -- Paul R. Her family and many friends will greatly miss her.

Angie Joy Morehead, 82

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The Launch Event Herself. The Agony of Genius Actress Italian Style Alfred the Auteur Alfred the Great The Making of a Bill Documentary short. TV Series Herself - Episode 1. Tippi Hedren and husband Noel Marshall Edit Personal Details Other Works: Edit Did You Know? For years, directors and producers came up to me and said they'd wanted me for a role, but [ Alfred Hitchcock ] wouldn't allow it. I'd never heard a word about it.

I want to set you straight before you make mistakes. Candy bars are twenty cents straight. Write the circus story straight. Tell the story straight. Sing the song straight. He drank his whiskey straight. I told him straight off what I thought about the matter. Related Words short , straightforward , solid , smooth , successive , consecutive , nonstop , true , decent , good , strong , away , dead , even , right , vertical , level , invariable , plumb , perpendicular.

Guest Star Day - Robert Lamouret, advertised as a ventriloquist, who calls on Annette for help as a waitress and Judy Marsh as a dinner companion. Film montages of Bobby, Darlene, Cubby, and Sharon performing with their younger selves are a highlight.

Paul Williams, as narrator, singer, and comic relief. He performs Bruce Johnston's Disney Girls. Short retrospectives are done on Roy Williams and Jimmie Dodd. Tim Considine comes on to review the MMC serials, and to receive his mouse ears. Mighty Mouse must save the galaxy from the evil cat Harry the Heartless and rescue Queen Pureheart in this animated adventure. Orkman - Morkel or Hyde - Orkin with a Cause. Mystery - Mystery of the Stranger.

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You're Fired - Frozen Feud. Roman Holidays on DVD - Ruff and Reddy on DVD - Henry Winkler shows include: Emmanuel Lewis and T. Missy Gold and Wolfman Jack shows include: C3PO and R2D2 shows include: Droids - Super Powers Team: The Biskitts - Saturday Supercade: Ted Knight and Howie Mandel shows include: Johnny Whitaker shows include: The 9 Missing Episodes!!!!

Wednesday is Missing - Phyllis Diller: Sandy Duncan's Jekyll and Hydes. Secret of Shark Island - Davey Jones: Phantom of the Country Music Hall. Haunted Showboat - Jeannie and Babu: Mystery in Persia - Tim Conway: Spirited Spooked Sports Show.

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Season Four Disc 1: Season Four Disc 2: Season Four Disc 3: Season Four Disc 4: Season Four Disc 5: The Smurfs - Season Five. Season Five Disc 1: Season Five Disc 2: Season Five Disc 3: Season Five Disc 4: Season Five Disc 5: The Smurfs - Season Six.

Season Six Disc 1: Season Six Disc 2: Season Six Disc 3: Smurf - Can't Smurf the Music. Season Six Disc 4: Nice - The Root of Evil. Season Six Disc 5: Season Six Disc 6: Season Six Disc 7: The Smurfs - Season Seven.

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