Joe Stapleton Takes to the Stage at the World Series of Poker

This summer, Stapleton got the call of a lifetime in terms of poker coverage. Successful payouts to me in NY. January 24th, , 8: Also that's a scary story about depositing and getting a charge from who knows where. Join more than , active members on our forum. Actually not, only when the room spends me some free dollars for this.

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Mostly I play poker, but sometimes I can also put sporting events. I like to bet on tennis, basketball, sometimes soccer. Although, poker is usually more profitable for me. I bet on tennis and basketball no NBA euroligue is best to bet. July 18th, , 5: No I don't , I barely like flips at poker but what is the best option if you are short stacked? No, if I'm going to be using my own money I want to be in control of it so far as possible.

Much more skill involved in poker so that's what I would rather play - I also think it is just much more fun. July 18th, , 6: Sometimes I play in a casino Dream Catcher. But to be honest it is not always good for me to end. I think it is better to play only those games that bring you a stable income. This is poker for me.

I gamble every day. But in any way you thought about betting in sports or casino. I'm playing with my life. I feed the bull every day and keep it clean in the corral. This bull is bigger than me 10 times and the horns have like my legs. This is a very scary gambling game. I don't know when it will end. I can't ask the bull. He doesn't speak the human language.

I have been to horse races and placed bets. I get in pools for Word Series, Super Bowl etc. When in Vegas I'll play a few slots.

Football is another vice that I have a compulsion for and enjoy watching hours on end. Thank God its not all Year long. July 18th, , 7: I bet on football,horse racing,greyhound racing and golf. July 19th, , 1: I like playing poker for I can controll a lot. So, I do not play any other gambling games because I have not such an experience as I have in poker and because I cannot controll as much as I controll in poker.

My significant other is getting me interested in black jack. July 19th, , 2: A rule to keep myself from losing my life along with my money. Which means, basically no.

Here's the only other gambling I do: Similarly, I keep a bankroll, to avoid ruining things outside poker. I'm "OK" with going broke but only in my poker bankroll. Luckily I don't have much of a desire for casino games and sportsbetting. But I did have have some free play on a sportsite and bet Croatia to make the finals. Winning money was nice but to watch that team play the way they did, with so much heart and skill was the real win.

I love to bet on college football. I do not bet a lot on my favorite team because I bet with my heart instead my head, but I will bet on any other team. Some Black Jack the game is so addictive when you win a lot and the next day you loose it all lol. Page 1 of 2 Use the arrow to the right to read the next 1 page s. After that, they sent me this. Please be informed that currently we are offering the 3 options below to receive your Payout: I opted for the W. Be advised that it doesn't deduct from your account until after they pay you.

Also, their live support is very helpful. I will write a review of my experience so far on fullflush in the main poker room section. November 30th, , 2: December 1st, , 7: Their software is almost identical to BetOnline but without the sportsbetting turned on. December 2nd, , Just made a second withdrawal today. Will let you all know when I get this one. December 3rd, , 2: Just received my 2nd W. December 3rd, , 3: January 24th, , 8: January 30th, , 1: Originally Posted by UnluckyDude.

February 2nd, , 9: Originally Posted by baka. Any one else bothered by how much the fees are to cash out? Probably the only reason why I haven't joined yet February 6th, , 4: Looks like full flush is trying to do a good job and for 5k price pool under players , thats favourable variance.

February 12th, , 6: Do you have to deposit there in order to cash out? Or can you freeroll and grind up then request a cash out? February 12th, , Originally Posted by Vfranks. February 18th, , 7: Originally Posted by waterboy No, you don't have to make a deposit there in order to cashout. I have been talking to a few online friends I know, and a handful of them have cashed out with no problems.

And not one of them has deposited. And players could instantly cashout upon cashing. My only gripes with this site are, no tournaments have antes, and the payout structures are terrible. Example, 25 players minimum needed to run some games, and they payout 25 places I kinda like the no ante thing there if your late in a tourney and you go card dead for a few orbits you can wait it out instead of being forced to shove cause the antes will kill ya. Originally Posted by Bowman February 18th, , 9: February 19th, , 7: February 19th, , Originally Posted by dolchinkov.

Are you know that? February 20th, , 2: Now I know why it's a ghost town and I hope I can contribute with information so it can stay that way. All Tourneys are rebuy and they pay so many the minimum that you have to be in the top 5 just to break even. They have cents in their tourney because they won't make a separate but uses the micro cash game setup so it just gives a very confusing feeling to it. Sit'n go are a joke nothing more to say Cash game is a bit of a jungle to figure out and really didn't want to try to find rake answers on the site.

Hello, Below you will find the information for your payout: This site is rotten to the bone Do you want to play poker there? February 20th, , 3: Originally Posted by UnMarc. February 20th, , 4: February 21st, , 2: Sure would suck to win more than that and have to pay fee upon fee.. Also that's a scary story about depositing and getting a charge from who knows where.

I think I'll try and use my Netspend card to deposit, if I do need to do some more research. February 23rd, , 4: Full Flush is very legit. Successful payouts to me in NY. Favorited on many forums. Small tournies for players that don't have all day. My one complaint is there is a lack of freeze out tournaments and yea the cashout fees are harsh if you dont wait for the big pay day.

February 24th, , 2: Originally Posted by wanderingthehall. You've peaked my interest. Did you have problems withdrawing after playing on different ip addresses?

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