This is how you can increase your odds of winning Blackjack this CNY

Having seen some of our family members or friends always winning every year, we think that there may be some mathematical function to tilt the game our favour slightly. Chinese Bj At Online Casinos. Having seen some of our family members or friends always winning every year, we think that there may be some mathematical function to tilt the game our favour slightly. Screen Shot at 2. Monster 2 Users Atom:

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We hope that would tilt the game in our favour. Just so everyone is on the same page game, we will be playing the Singaporean CNY style of Blackjack, where each player, including the dealer, is given two cards, both placed downwards.

This is unlike that of many casinos where the dealer usually reveals one of his two cards allowing players to better calculate their odds of winning.

Each player must also have at least a minimum of 16 points for their hand. We will also assume that each game is played with just 1 deck of cards. Before we start, we want it to be known that none of us on the team are card gamblers, nor are we addicted to any form of gambling i.

If you lose more money this year following our advice, please blame it on your poor luck instead. Of Ace x No. Obtaining 17 points and above is a good hand statistically, due to the good odds of beating the dealer without taking on additional risk.

In each hand, the probability of winning stands at Which means that in order for one to win 3 times in a row is. In the table below, the probability of the possible final hands that the dealer can have, according to the his up card is demonstrated. As shown above, chances of the dealer going BUST when his final hand ends with more than 21 points is highest when he has an Up card of number 4,5 and 6.

However, if he fails to obtain a Blackjack, his chances of hitting 21 points with his final point decreased greatly to 5. Receiving a 2 as an Up card is usually deemed as not that great a hand to many. One of them is to be a dealer, or they may take turn to be the dealer, e. In this article, players beside the dealer shall be denoted "player s ". The game probably evolved from the fact that amongst friends, it is difficult to host a casino rules blackjack that needs a dealer which plays very differently from the players.

In casino rules, the cards are opened, and the dealer must play at least until 17 points but must stand once reached, while the players have no limits. This is complicated for a home friendly game, and it appears that the odds are stacked against the dealer. So most friends don't volunteer to be the dealer. A unique feature is that the dealer is allowed to selectively reveal some players' hands, settle bets with them and then hit again and reveal other players' hands.

Another unique feature is a special status given to owning 5 cards unbusted. Although Chinese Blackjack has some standard rules, unusual house rules are common. In Malaysian kampung blackjack , which is likely to be a derivative of the original Chinese Blackjack, 'Kampung' means village in Malay the following rules apply:.

Players place their bets. The dealer shuffles the cards thoroughly and to prevent dealer cheating, one player may "cut the hand" by which a player take a number of cards off from the shuffled deck before dealing begins. The dealer may deal the cards clock or anti-clockwise, and may choose to deal himself first or last.

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