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He is in his fifth year in college studying business management, and he's got one year left before he has to make the decision whether or not to stay the course with poker or venture off into a career more reliant on his degree. I've been playing a lot on a different account. Make the money in some of the biggest PokerStars Sunday tournaments to earn a ticket for monthly freerolls where Platinum Pass packages can be won. Next, ababababba raised to , and savveboy re-raised all in. There are probably players in that tournament that know what they're doing.

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I played cribbage, euchre which is a variation of spades , and I played a little chess. I don't think I actually played any Texas hold'em until I was I probably played five-card draw for pennies, growing up, but nothing big until the [Chris] Moneymaker boom. I got in some poker games and I quickly learned how to make adjustments to beat those games.

What is the most indispensable weapon in your arsenal? I'd say it's the ability to adjust, to be able to recognize situations and to see what my opponents are doing and evolve my strategy to counter that. I don't think that I necessarily have one weapon that I would consider indispensable, but I guess I'm really good at recognizing weakness and knowing how to exploit it.

You're particularly talkative at the tables. Does that ever help you in any way, or is it more for your own entertainment? You know, I used to be a lot more talkative at tables than I am now. I don't really say that much, these days. I had a six-month chat ban … SPG: I kind of learned to be quiet. I honestly don't remember. There was some string of expletives.

It was well-deserved, but I don't remember exactly what I said. What's your favorite move in poker right now? My favorite move would probably be the fold. In tourneys these days … actually, I'm going to say the open-limp. Everyone in those tourneys is re-pop happy. I think it's better to just open-limp your hands, and if they raise you, you shove on them if you're strong enough.

If you've got a speculative hand, you can call a raise and see a flop. Of, if it stays limped, I think I'm strong at playing limped pots, and a lot of players aren't that experienced in limped pots, because they're always raising or reraising. Hand values shift depending upon how much is in the pot preflop. So, a lot of them make mistakes in limped pots; a lot of times they'll just give up.

I'll limp, and it'll be a three-way pot, and I'll just min-bet the flop for about a fourth of the pot if there are antes , and they'll just fold.

That's the way to chip up without risking quite as many chips. I've had pretty fair success doing that recently in the larger buy-in tourneys. Well, you were beginning to say that your favorite move was the fold. What was your reasoning for that? I just think that in the tourney scene online these days, it just seems like no one ever folds - for me, at least; maybe my image is too loose. I've been tightening up a lot more lately. People really like to call down and make raises. I've tightened up preflop considerably.

There are phases in a tournament when you can open up, but I've probably had a hole in my game where I was playing too loose for a while in multitable tournaments. I'm really focused on tightening things up considerably. I'm trying not to be a hero, I guess. When folding is the right play, I don't try to force it. What are your leaks? Right now, I think I'm playing really good.

I've worked hard on fixing my leaks; I have few to no leaks. I mean, I'm always trying to improve, but before, I was playing way too loose. I've been trying to plug that leak. Besides that, I can't think of any major leaks. I'm sure I probably have some that I don't know about, but if I knew them, they'd be fixed by now.

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CharlieBraun Wins Sunday Million. JB over 11 years ago. Some railbirds, with the benefit of hindsight, said it was a bad call. I'd like to know Scott's thinking on that hand. Maybe he he could address the hand in his column.

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