Women for Tri IRONMAN World Championship Slot 2018

Up-to-date statistics on qualifying for the Ironman World Championships in Kona. Brett ZenTri December 23, at 2: Ironman will now contact the athletes if they want to accept their slots, if one declines the slot will roll down to the next athlete. Ironman Austria Average Winning Times. Many hours of work has gone into the creation and development of the reports, statistics and analysis in this post and across the site. There is going to be a second cutoff in August, adding another 10 male and 7 female slots.

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The selected entrant will embody the spirit of Women for Tri through her life experiences and current participation in the sport of triathlon. As such, the Selected Entrant shall be required to demonstrate her personal completion of a triathlon as an age-group athlete and not as a relay participant consisting of, at a minimum, a 1.

If the Selected Entrant has to withdraw from the Event due to personal reasons, injury, failure to meet to the Validation Requirements, or any other reason after the Selected Entrant has already accepted the Women for Tri Kona Entry, the Selected Entrant will still be responsible for the Fundraising Minimum.

The Event is scheduled to occur on October 13, Dates subject to change. The Women for Tri Kona Entry is an opportunity not otherwise available to the public for purchase and would otherwise require qualification into the Event.

The Women for Tri Kona Entry is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged or returned. Please apply only if you are prepared to pay for, travel to and enter the Event. Travel, accommodations, equipment, and any other associated costs or expenses including all entry fees or other costs or expenses associated with the Validation Requirement are not included.

Taxes and fees, and all additional costs that may be incurred, if any, are the sole responsibility of the Selected Entrant. The Selected Entrant must comply with all instructions and protocols required including, but not limited to, tickets to events or background checks and is responsible for all documentation required.

Looking at the Regional Championships, here is how their two floating slots per race would have been assigned:. With the participation numbers, all floating slots from the Regional Championships would have been assigned to the male Pros, i. It was closest in South Africa, just one more female racing would have created an even split of slots.

Assuming that there are always going to be an even number of slots for a race, there are likely seven Ironman races with additional floating slots. The number of male and female Pros racing there will determine the distribution of these slots between male and female Pros. Under these assumptions, the participation in four races with floating slots would have led to two male slots, the remaining three would have had an even split between male and female slots.

While you can debate this selection of races, they are probably even slightly optimistic for the females. Among the 23 regular IMs, only 6 or roughly a quarter of all races had a strong enough female participation to lead to an even split of slots. This would mean a total of 41 female slots and 59 male slots. In Kona , there were 40 females and 58 male Pros on the start list.

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