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Send a private message to Rapini. We have tried to address the key points required for arranging a ceremony in the park. Read detailed information about designated ceremony sites and site restrictions. However, during summer months there are free park shuttles. If the officiate and photographer advertise that they offer services in the park and your booking done through them, then they need an additional permit. Make sure all trash and ceremony items are picked up and pack out with you. Rocky Mountain Poker Venues added 3 new photos.

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No sites can be reserved for the exclusive use of your event. Scheduled park programs and activities may be taking place at the same time and in the same general area. Most designated sites can only accommodate small groups of up to 20 people.

The number of sites available to accommodate larger wedding parties 21 to is limited due to high visitation and resource protection. For wedding ceremonies, the overall number includes the wedding party, children, officiant, and photographer s.

There are limited sites that will accommodate these larger ceremonies, and these should be scheduled as soon as possible through the application process with the Concessions Office.

Not all party sizes will be permitted in all areas. Size limits vary depending on parking, time of year, and location of site. The maximum size for any ceremony is people. Read detailed information about designated ceremony sites and site restrictions. Failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions of this permit may result in the immediate suspension or revocation of the permit. Recorded Trail Ridge Road status: Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado. Info Alerts Maps Calendar Reserve.

Alerts In Effect Dismiss. Weddings, Renewal of Vows, and Other Ceremonies. Wedding with the Rockies in full splendor! Weddings or ceremonies may be scheduled up to one year in advance and no later than 7 days prior to your event. As parking spaces are limited in the park, carpooling or shuttling is strongly encouraged, and may be required. Normal entrance fees apply to all vehicles associated with the ceremony. Please read carefully to determine whether your ceremony will be possible in Rocky Mountain National Park.

We have tried to address the key points required for arranging a ceremony in the park. You will be required to read and sign the permit. Download a printable ceremony permit application.

For information, send an email , call or , or write to: For questions about sites, please contact the Concession Office for further information. Regulations Failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions of this permit may result in the immediate suspension or revocation of the permit. This permit may not be transferred or assigned without the prior written consent of the Superintendent.

The permittee shall exercise this privilege subject to the supervision of the Superintendent or designee, and shall comply with all applicable Federal, State, county and municipal laws, ordinances, regulations, codes, and the terms and conditions of this permit.

Failure to do so may result in the immediate suspension of the permitted activity or the revocation of the permit. All costs associated with clean up or damage repairs in conjunction with a revoked permit will be the responsibility of the permittee. The permittee is responsible for making all necessary contacts and arrangements with other Federal, State, and local agencies to secure required inspections, permits, licenses, etc.

The park area associated with this permit will remain open and available to the public during park visiting hours. This permit does not guarantee exclusive use of an area. This permit may be revoked at the discretion of the Superintendent upon 24 hours notice. This permit may be revoked without notice if damage to resources or facilities occurs or is threatened, notwithstanding any other term or condition of the permit to the contrary.

Permittee agrees to carry general liability insurance against claims occasioned by the action or omissions of the permittee, its agents and employees in carrying out the activities and operations authorized by this permit. The policy shall be in the amount specified in the permit in aggregate and underwritten by a United States company naming the United States of America as additional insured.

The permittee agrees to provide the Superintendent with a Certificate of Insurance with the proper endorsements prior to the effective date of the permit. Permittee agrees to deposit with the park a bond in the amount specific in the permit from an authorized bonding company or in the form of cash or cash equivalent, to guarantee that all financial obligations to the park will be met. Costs incurred by the park as a result of accepting and processing the application and managing and monitoring the permitted activity will be reimbursed by the permittee.

Administrative costs and estimated costs for activities on site must be paid when the permit is approved. If any additional costs are incurred by the park, the permittee will be billed at the conclusion of the permit. Should the estimated costs paid exceed the actual costs incurred; the difference will be returned to the permittee.

The person s named on the permit as in charge of the permitted activity on-site must have full authority to make any decisions about the activity and must remain available at all times. If any provision of this permit shall be found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this permit shall not be affected and the other provisions of this permit shall be valid and be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by law. Additional park specific conditions for Ceremonies The Permittee, in exercising the privileges granted by this permit, shall comply with the regulations of the Department of Interior, the National Park Service, and all federal, state, county and municipal laws, ordinances or regulations which are applicable to the area of operations covered by this permit.

This permit is valid for activities occurring in Rocky Mountain National Park, and does not permit activities on any other lands or waters administered by any other state or federal land management agency, private land or other units of the National Park Service.

Permittee will comply with applicable public health and sanitation standards and codes. Credit will not be given to the Department of Interior and National Park Service through the use of an appropriate title or announcement.

Any special instructions received from the official in charge of the area will be complied with. Any additional information relating to the privilege applied for by this application will be furnished upon request of the official in charge. No employee of the National Park Service may work for the Permittee in any capacity whatsoever while in uniform or if directly involved in supervision of the Permittee. No personal gratuity of any nature whatsoever will be offered to any employee of the Government in connection with the exercise of the privilege granted.

All natural and cultural resources are protected by law; utmost care will be exercised to see that no natural, historic, or cultural features are injured and that area be cleaned up and restored to its prior condition. The designated areas shall remain open to park visitors. Other park visitors shall not be requested to move themselves, their vehicles, or alter their selected activities by the permittee. Further, all pathways and trails in the ceremony area must remain clear for visitors to freely walk the path unimpeded.

Do not block the trails. The Southside Lily Lake Picnic Area is generally open to public use for recreational activities; however, the site is posted with a sign that informs users of the following: If you have any difficulty accessing and using the site for the times shown on your permit, contact a park ranger or volunteer for assistance by calling our Dispatch Center No banners, steamers or hanging objects will be allowed for event.

Nothing shall be attached to any natural or historic object or any National Park Service sign, bench, post, building or facility.

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