Then it got revealed that Rak, like Akryung, already qualified for the final test. You'd think they'd work at hiding their identity, but instead FUG announces official "Slayer Nominees". And not just him, the Hell Train arc reveals that many Regulars focused on combat training at the cost of more mundane skills, to the point where one of the strongest D-ranked teams was nearly stopped by a simple math puzzle. To Rak, anything that is not an alligator is a turtle. Yuri, Androssi and Yeon.


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Spotlight - Far Cry 5 Trainer. Far Cry comes to America in the latest installment of the award-winning franchise. How to disable item spawning in minecraft Welcome occasion pastor anniversity No fever tight throat The word justin bieber in bubble letter Revolution x private server ancient Bls for healthcare providers student manual Lms ideas with brackets No relation to the real world as far as we know, anyway. Karaka has a masked helmet. Black March and the other weapons of the 13 Month Series.

Yuri, that was one epic nosebleed. Evan is one, given that he's a High Ranker and sidekick to Yuri and at the same time, a larger worrywart than Ship Leesoo. Happens several times, especially to Ship Leesoo. This never really is spoken out loud, but in the outer part of the Tower, life is a unfair horrible dog eat dog society, even in the royal families. Fact is, everyone has a damn good reason to abandon everything to risk their life for the tiny chance of reaching the top. According to Yuga, even this is possible with Shinsoo; see Artificial Human above.

Characters get them when they're agitated sometimes. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: After the Trustworthy Room Game, Viole just stares at the morning sun. According to Word of God. Wangnan, Viole and Horyang vs Lurker, Rapdevil and mind-controlled! Though Wangnan doesn't really contribute to the curb-stomping. Viole vs Ran and Novick. A more comedic example is Hachuling vs Quant Curtains Match the Window: Rachel has golden eyes and light blond hair.

As does Yu Han Sung. Ho's curtains and window are both yellow. Yeon has pastel red eyes and an alice band with her families insignia with matching colors.

The entire Koon clan has blue hair and blue eyes. Rak qualifies for this after he gets chibified Hot Clumsy Girl: The Mangdol Whale males.

They combine the cuteness of dolphins and seals and have collars that look like flower necklaces. Everybody from Anak's family. Akraptor's daughter, who isn't dead, but lost, or rather, kidnapped. Happens to several characters, especially Ja Wangnan and Baam.

The 10 Great Families are saturated with intrigue. Death by Origin Story: Anak Zahard and her husband. Enryu's Red Rain attack, which materializes spears.

A multitude of spears. Kurudan's Dansulsa abilities allow him to displace the impact of his hammer somewhere else, via a Lighthouse, usually the crown of an enemy who will be squashed into the ground. Several characters, including Baam and Anak.

The Flame of Yeon is a power only the direct, female descendants of the family have. Normally not even they can activate it until they become powerful enough, but Ewha 's activated to shield her from the periphery of Yuri's Storm of Roses attack for a few moments, saving her life. When Baam's fate is at risk, the Thorn will react to protect it and him, in one case outright evacuating him when King Zahard is about to kill him.

Aguero and Baam won Rak over to their side by tricking him. Wangnan somehow got Viole on his side when he tricked him into making his team win. Edin Dan also qualifies. Deity of Human Origin: The Axis, which includes Phantaminum , as they were gods made by humans out of humans.

Baam, but especially Rak. The moment he got bested by Akryung, he disappeared for several chapters, until the position tests were declared. Then it got revealed that Rak, like Akryung, already qualified for the final test. Aguero in season 1, Ja Wangnan in Season 2. Did You Actually Believe? Did you really think we were nice guys? Enryu killed the 43rd Floor's Guardian, proving that even Physical Gods can die.

According to Evan, Headon did one for Baam's test, which was set about 20 levels higher than expected. Although it should be noted that Guardian's tests are said to be much harder than normal tests since only Irregulars can ask to undertake a Guardian's test.

The top of the Tower has one, as none of the top High Rankers has cleared the th Floor's test not even The Great Zahard, King of the Tower and there are implied to be many more Floors after that. Although they were only unable to pass due to hostility from the Guardian, so it's not so much the Tower having a massive difficulty spike as it is the Guardian of the th Floor being a dick. The 2nd and 20th Floors are where most Regulars drop out because the difficulty rises immensely.

Betrayal and ruining people's lives is usual, but many don't like it. Then again, most of them also don't want to stop climbing. Baam is explicitly stated to be different in his attitude toward the Tower and other climbers by several characters.

The only thing Parakewl is a paragon of. Wangnan shows examples of this for comedic effect Dismantled MacGuffin: Enryu used an extremely powerful weapon called the Thorn to kill the guardian of the 43rd floor. He then split it into four pieces and left it behind for The Chosen One to find so that said chosen one can use it to slit King Zahard's throat.

Hard to confuse anyone with anybody. Ha Jinsung to Viole, his martial arts student. Even meets him in his dreams, the good fella. He fits nearly all of the criteria, up to one point even his gender fits, because everybody thought he was a woman.

Ho and Rachel , both partially. Hatsu until his swords were broken. Dude Looks Like a Lady: Done again with Nya Nia, with the author referencing his disposition to confuse the readers "Huh? You're really a guy?

Well, that was confusing. And then Baam stole Yuri's hairstyle and got assigned to be roommates with Yeon, who fully expected him to be a girl Even the official translation sometimes has people who would logically know better refer to Yu Han Sung with female pronouns. And now we have Quaetro Blitz. SIU has outright lampshaded the past couple ones and it seems this is outright becoming a Running Gag.

He isn't the brightest, but damn can he fixate. Character Development shows him to be less dumb and more very very direct, with little patience for plots and indirection. He almost immediately figures out that Viole is Baam and seeks out and finds Aguero despite the latter being supposedly dead at the time.

That makes him rather disturbingly clever given his tendency to run off on a whim often making him a Spanner in the Works to everyone's plans. Quaetro Blitz plays this trope straight. Ha Jinsung is weird. Quant is possibly the worst mentor of them all. But also rather eccentric. Emerging from the Shadows: Rak, he just wants to hunt the Strong, no matter what.

Kang Horyang's floating wing sometimes transforms into symbols expressing his feelings. Again, Black March, which has a female spirit and has taken a shine to Baam, and probably the rest of the 13 Month series. The Guardians who empower every Regular by making contracts with them. Nobody knows what's going on in their heads, especially not in Headon's.

While the story mainly focuses around Baam, Rachel, Aguero, and Wangnan, there are dozens of other characters, all with great characterization and well-fleshed out backstories. The gall he has is truly amazing. Shinsoo exists everywhere inside the Tower, even in closed off spaces, and anyone with the skill and contract can manipulate shinsoo.

The princesses wear whatever they want, though Maschenny did wear a pimped out dress and Yuri does own a fur-lined jacket. Yeon, Androssi and Yuri. You might remember that girl Baam is chasing. The one who he calls his light?

Yeah, totally a blonde. Shown to be subverted by the time Part 2 rolls around, Aguero figured out Rachel''s ruse and none of her Part 1 or Part 2 team-mates like her. Even Baam doesn't seem to be chasing her anymore given that he's, again, wondering why he's climbing the Tower.

Everything's Better with Samurai: Why is Hatsu, the son of a potter, a samurai? So far he is the only main character seen wielding a conventional sword, as almost everyone else uses Spears, Needles, or something even less like a conventional sword. Everything's Better with Princesses: Zahard's Princesses really add something to the story. Everything Is Better With Spinning: Love's Wonsulsa techniques, which are set around the premise of spinning the shinsoo into circles or spheres.

Everything's Sparkly with Jewelry: Augusgus, who is actually a member of FUG. Rachel seems like this, betraying and manipulating everyone to help herself, but as it turns out she's just faking being a cripple to gain this sympathy and help herself more.

Alternate character interpretation of Hwa Ryun. She is still a member of a terrorist fanatical crime syndicate. Just apparently less evil than other members of said group. Evil Tower of Ominousness: Maybe, but we haven't actually seen the outside of the Tower. Given what we've seen of the doors though it's a decent bet that if the Tower has a physical outside it's going to be pretty ominous.

The Da'an have eyes all around their head. Phantaminum, by Word of God is from elsewhere in the same Universe as the Tower and may show up in other stories by the Author.

Best way to frame glares and suspicious gazes, after all. Hwa Ryun after the Crown Game, where she lost her eye when attacking Rachel and accidentally hitting Baam instead. Koon Aguero Death Faked for You: Since Yu Han Sung plans it all. Aguero for much of Part 2 so far, who decides to let the world think he's dead for convenience. Rachel is also on the other side of this trope. After learning the truth, Koon assembles a whole team of False Friends to watch out for her — in both senses of the term.

Interesting case of mainly the male cast being sexy with their clothes off. The only sexy shots you get to see of the ladies are Yuri's Proper Tights with a Skirt , Yeon's shoulders and Androssi in shorts and t-shirts.

The guys don't only flash their abs, they sparkle! Shinsoo can be made to shine brightly. Rak calls everybody except Anak turtles. He names her Lizard. Hoaqin openly said he thought Hwa Ryun's kind were of filthy blood and disgusting.

Yeon didn't really do much, did she? Even though she is practically second-strongest. And that how it's supposed to be. Parakewl is prone to this. Rak Wraithraiser might kind of an idiot compared to others, but he has the balls to stand behind his dumb ideas and the luck to succeed.

His blunt approach seems to let him see through a lot of the plotting and subterfuge going on around him, so he's not so much stupid as he is direct. Look at all the abs in the Furo Scene! And when Quant and Lero-Ro are showering. Finger Poke of Doom: Yuri and her death-bringing fingerflicks. Also, Yeon gets the third highest score in the Shinsoo Competition by just grazing the meter with her knuckles. Fish out of Water: Subverted somewhat in that many or all of the Positions will have multiple members and one person can have the ability to fill multiple positions.

They are generally kept short, except for Rachel's. Koon Aguero Agnis can do this via shinsoo reinforcement of his limbs, as shown in the Crown Game arc. Bar Guardian's tests, the administrators can change test rules at will. Flying fish , floating castles and levitation. There is a material called Suspendium that has levitational abilities when imbued with Shinsoo. Many flying cities, castles and testing areas, making for absolutely wonderful Scenery Porn.

Flower in Her Hair: Yeon and the flower-shaped family crest. It gets broken later on. Doubles somewhat as an Anti-Magic zone since all contracts and spells are nullified on this Floor due to there being no Floor Guardian to uphold them. The Koon family tournaments. Some argue that the climbing of the Tower is this as well. Hwa Ryun, Edin Dan.

Subverted by Koon Aguero Agnis, who is implied to be stronger than he appears. It's because I like giving orders. Baam grew up having no friends or any kind of human contact until Rachel came along. She herself said that he has always been lonely. Some techniques require this. Only Manservice and plot development, guys, nothing interesting like Goseng or Yeon in a bath.

Though Pockets are more like gadgets with watches. The entire 30F story-line with Aguero, FUG both sub-groups , Viole, and an un-named group affiliated with the Workshop all trying to out-gambit each other. May have evolved into Xanatos Speed Chess in the Team Finals with the number of Chessmasters currently in-play and how quickly the various plots are bumping into each other and coming undone.

Probably an accident as the author is Korean and the strip is written in that language and the names are later Romanized, but Khun Aguero Agnes and Jue Viole Grace , despite their third names, are both male. It is not Headon that chooses the Regulars, he merely approaches them and sees if they are worthy of proceeding. Gentleman and a Scholar: As sociable as you can get in a group of ruffians.

Girl in the Tower: Essentially the catalyst for the entire plot; Headon even spells it out. Except that even though they met up, they must still climb the Tower together, because Rachel will not stop midway. Later revealed that she faked being an Ill Girl. Hinted at during Ho's funeral.

She is a bit Ax-Crazy though! Not exactly your run of the mill girl, though. Glowing Eyes of Doom: Yuri Zahard and Quant Blitz.

Rak also gets a turn with this at one point. Grey and Gray Morality God-Emperor: King Zahard, an existence that is like a god to the residents of the Tower. They are, however, designed to retrieve small things and hold enemies down. Ship Leesoo tries this against the Bull.

It was a she. The effect is as you might have imagined. Bloomer guardian suffered one against Daniel Hatchid after Hwa Ryun pointed it out to be his weak spot. Everyone flinched except Hwa Ryun. He purposely directed A Team to their defeat just to give Baam and the other people in his friend list in B Team a chance to pass.

Baam and Ja Wangnan can get pretty crafty from time to time. Still not a patch on his mentor though. Headon is decidedly creepy and is either sadistic or merely enjoys fulfilling his duties in as literal a manner as possible. The invisible inventories and fishing reels always make it seem like the fighters are pulling weapons out of nowhere.

A straighter example of this trope is wherever Ren and Yu Han Sung keep their giant monsters. Animas store their Shinheuh in Bowls. It seems the feeling is mutual. She sacrificed Baam with no hesitation, betraying someone who looked up to her his entire life , pretended for years to be handicapped, played with the emotions of others in order to further her goals, maimed a teamate, and showed absolutly no remorses for her actions.

She made it pretty clear that everyone is a stepping stone for her, and is only interested in her dream. Pretty much everyone in-universe and out hates her, and Baam himself became enraged when she refused to answer his questions and acted disdainful towards him. Her "Why are you still alive? The thing that is commonly known as The Lobster heals Viole's injuries. Aguero, Anak and Viole.

Hwa Ryun has been travelling with Baam for 5 years, it's hard to believe that it was all Innocent Cohabitation. On the flip side this is Baam, who's response to Androssi saying they "wouldn't have time to date" if he didn't hurry back soon was "Date? Want Laure to do something? Hold his blanket and pillow hostage, that works wonders.

Several characters, especially Rak and Akraptor. Aguero even points out that Rak is unexpectedly perceptive when he sees through Aguero's trick to get the other to help Baam in the final Second Floor test. Also one of the first characters to figure out that Viole is Baam and immediately upon hearing that Aguero is supposedly dead declares that Aguero is scheming again and doesn't believe he's dead.

Could have been lucky, though. Viole has Blinding Bangs. Headon has eyes in his mouth. Hwa Ryun has her mask at first and then an eye-patch for most of the series so far. She is holed up in her giant Opera Lighthouse all day long in her floating castle, plays computer games and watches everything. The Regulars have no home they could speak of, mostly renting rooms, cottages, or entire buildings on each Floor while they train, rest, or take the tests.

Hatsu, Rak and Quant. Knowing that what Baam values most is his friends, taking them hostage is one of his enemies' most common ways of manipulating him, particularly by Karaka's faction of FUG. Quant Blitz and Ja Wangnan. Hwa Ryun, of the Red Witch clan. Huge Girl, Tiny Guy: When we first see her, Yuri towers over both Evan, her Guide, and Baam.

While Evan comes from a race noted for their lack of height, we have yet to know if Baam has grown enough to match her. Only three human characters of a rather large cast are not white. Hunting the Most Dangerous Game: Rak seems to be fond of this. According to Word of God Yuri is around the top Rankers; however her Guide, Evan Edrok, who is constantly ordered by her is in the top Then again, she is a princess. They also have very different roles within a Tower group, and we've yet to see how Evan would do in a straight-up fight.

It's strongly implied Evan's rank is more due to his influence in the Tower rather than his actual fighting power.

Literally; Arms Inventories allow people in the Tower to store weapons in strange floating racks that can be summoned or dismissed at will. Phonsekal Laure and Phonsekal Irue can both use their masterful Shinsoo control to allow himself to fly. Lero-Ro, Urek and many other Rankers have also been seen flying and levitating — it might be a standard power for Rankers, with their superior ability to use Shinsoo.

Baam learns to use a blue disc to surf through the air, and later, this upgrades into energy wings. I Have Your Wife: The reason Viole works for FUG: Laure's blanket and pillow are constantly stolen and used to have him help out for comedic effect by his teammates.

The rest of Koon's family, especially Aguero, Maschenny and Hachuling. Rachel, Androssi and Yeon. Yuri is more than just implied. Koon Aguero Agnis after the fall of his branch. But then he went and nabbed a few things out of his father, Koon Eduan's treasury. Ho stabs Rachel in the back as he takes her hostage. The Lamia Man shot Koon through the back.

Cassano punches through Horyang from behind. Androssi's team before they got formally introduced. Rachel 's group that she steals the Hell Train with. What Aguero thinks of his half-sister. Quant's tactic of saving Rachel, Wangnan's plans in general, Baam also has a few of these. Rak, as every reader you ask will attest to you. He is a goddamn badass and nobody knows anything about him.

Inherent in the System: A major theme in Tower of God. The current climbing system allows those who reach the top to fulfill their wish, but on the way up, many suffer, die or drop out. The main problem is that there are set limits of how many Regulars per batch can pass. This increases competition between Regulars who go out of their way to play mind games with each other, lie, trick and deceive each other and often abandon friends and fight innocent people.

Hwa Ryun and Baam spent five years together, yet nothing happened. And then he became a Celibate Hero. Can't have been all that innocent when he learnt what sex is. Baam and Rachel probably count as well, but we don't know how much time they spent together before the story started. Silver Shithead and later, Silverfish. Hellion and Yeon Family's Flare. Almost each test has one of these. Since age is something really relative in the Tower, tons of these.

Baam is an Irregular. Interplay of Sex and Violence: When ever Ren fights you get the feeling you walked in on a SM session. He is one of the creepiest guys out there. Also, Ship Leesoo decides that he is from now on Anak's daddy. Quant's Black Fish technique renders him completely invisible; very useful for Scouts.

It's All About Me: It's All Upstairs from Here: I Will Find You: Baam's vow to Rachel. It has changed its meaning a bit over the course of the series, but still is the creed of Baam's main driving force.

Also counts as Yuri's driving motivation for the series, as in both seasons all she wants is to meet up with Baam again.

Subverted somewhat by Novick who throws boomerang-like weapons instead of traditional spears. That's what Yeo Goseng's name really means. Her name is really High School Girl. She is a straighter example of the joshikousei trope since she actually wears a school uniform. Journey to Find Oneself: Aguero is climbing the Tower to find what he is lacking. Some Shinsoo-based attacks function that way. Just because Edin Dan rightfully told her off after she asks him to be her legs, she goes berserk and literally takes his legs from him.

Even with that, just ask Baam about it. Actually, many other characters fit the bill too, since betrayal runs deep in the Tower. Killed Off for Real: Ho, Nia, and Gyetang.

Other than that, a lot of Regulars die in the first few chapters, approximately in the first test of the Second Floor. Enryu killed the 43rd Guardian. Knight in Shining Armor: Knight, Knave and Squire: Rak is the Knight, proud, optimistic and strangely idealistic.

Aguero is the Knave, a pragmatic loner with great skill. The Bull does this when it wakes up with its neck, as does Rapdevil with his hands before he punches the Shinsoo meter. The really big species of Flying Seafood Special. The more combative Wave Controllers. The daughters of princesses who have been empowered by Zahard inherit the enhanced powers he granted them, which is why they're forbidden to have children or relationships with men, period.

Biological daughter of Eurasia Blossom and Po Bidau Gustang, two of the 10 Great Family heads, is ranked higher than both of them and is joint highest ranked Princess. Koon to Aguero all the time, even if he is his best friend. Rak, who just passed the Door Test by gambling while Aguero was still trying to figure it out, and Parakewl, who simply attacked the Goblins in the fish hunt, nearly screwing up the plan. Evan Edrok is the attendant of a Zahard Princess, as is his father. Baam, after Rachel tried to kill him and never was found.

Anak, who took the name of her dead mother. Koon who never bothers to remind his teammates. She made Miseng cry just at the idea of her cooking. Let's Split Up, Gang: Aguero suggests doing this after Baam's 'death' to cover up that Rachel has tricked them all and so that he can keep an eye on her.

Light Is Not Good: Also, her alias was Michelle Light. The way she came down from the light that Baam sought, how she was illuminated, how she taught Baam everything, her golden hair and her attempt at murdering Baam out of relative pettiness just really qualify her.

She even has the "Light-Bearer" position. To a greater extent, "Hoaqin". Ever since his introduction, he's been said to be nothing but bad news and when we finally get to see what he looks like, he's completely pale white and glows eerily.

Like an Old Married Couple: Anak's parents, for obvious reasons. Ship Leesoo and his sweatsuit s. Regulars in general, which comes from the fact almost all of them come into the Tower with basically nothing but the clothes on their back. Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards: The "wizards" in this case are the Shinsoo users, who still can focus on physical combat as Magic Knights.

The difference in power growth and a lack of Shinsoo resistance causes most warriors those not capable of using or resisting Shinsoo to drop out at the latest at the Second Floor. Rak, Levin and Anak. Loads and Loads of Characters: Here's a run down of characters that play a rather important role: Loads and Loads of Races: Besides normal humans there are the Red Witches and Silver-Haired Dwarves, the Da'an tribe, which are a docile tribe of giants with eight eyeballs around their head, at least 3 kinds of Horned Humanoids , 3 kinds of Winged Humanoids , 3 kinds of Lizard Folk , several races with eggheads and varying numbers of eyes, shape shifters, shrimp people, all kinds of Amazing Technicolour Population , Monstrous Humanoids in general, giant slimes, dog people, Puppeteer Parasites , lava eaters, and many more.

Baam, trapped in a cave for years, shunned and feared by his people. Irregulars, feared by everybody. Do the math what happened. Everybody regards Viole as such. The metaphor and punnyness of Baam's name Baam either means night or chestnut. Love at First Sight: