We work very hard to create the very best product that we can for you. In the top right we see a Minimize button minimizes the game, returning you to the Today screen while the game keeps running in the background. In one situation, I was left with two other players. Control if sound is played or not. Rags means that these cards are crap, and as we could have known from the Ice mark, we should probably fold. Hopefully that experience shows.

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You will get your two cards, and people start betting. In this situation, the small and big blind need to get the game started, because all the other players on the right side folded. Ice means that you have weak cards. With these cards, I can hope for a Straight 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 but the chances for that are really small.

We can also press the button in the bottom right the question mark. This will show you a hint, but only after you get the first cards dealt not when the flop is made, etc. Rags means that these cards are crap, and as we could have known from the Ice mark, we should probably fold. But, these hints are just general suggestions for what you should normally do with this hand.

There might be good reasons to act otherwise! In this situation, we have two people who HAD to bet, and the other players folded. So there already are quite some players eliminated for this round! I can Call by pressing the blue button in the bottom left; available here are Raise, Call or Check, if no raise was made , and Fold. Note that you can set these buttons to display on the right as well.

Johnny, Slick, and Tiny all fold. Then the flop will be dealt, and play continues. After calling, the flop is displayed. This is almost the perfect situation for me!

Now, one of the two remaining cards would have to be a 6, and then I would have a straight: Francis thinks a while, and then checks too. Francis started the game by raising, so maybe she has high cards, and the 4 public cards may be useless to her. Or, she has a 6 and another random card, and she already has a Straight. Now the river is dealt, and it turns out to be 10 of clubs. This is bad news. Now, there are 4 clubs on the table, if Francis also has a clubs she has a flush.

With a random 6 and 10 she has a straight small chance , and with a 10 or 8 she has a higher pair than I have. If I fold, I just throw away my money without letting seeing what Francis might do. If raise, Francis might re-raise, and then I might lose a lot of money.

So I decide to just bluff. I pretend that this 10 is exactly what I needed, and I raise 40 chips. I hope that Francis now thinks that I have another clubs, which would give me a flush.

And she falls for it! Francis folds, which makes me the only remaining player. As you can see, it sometimes pays to ignore the Hints the game gives! Now the next player gets to be the dealer, and the game continues.

As soon as someone is out of chips, that player is out of the game. In the end you will find yourself with only a couple of players if you manage to get that far! The AI in this game is very well designed.

In one situation, I was left with two other players. I was able to use that knowledge to get him to bet all his chips when I had a strong hand, and I made him lose. I became impatient and wanted to see what would happen if I started to take more risk. That way, she was able to get even with me, and even beat me in the end. This proves two things: I already had the highest amount of chips, and then also got four of a kind. The last two sevens were dealt on the turn and the river, so I could have never expected this on the flop, which just gave me a pair!

Two players folded, but the other three players also had strong hands, so this tempted them to Call when I raised. I raised various times, every time letting another player getting all in. You can see this when you look at the pot in the centre. But when my bets started to raise above their chipcounts, these new bets and calls were placed in another pot, in which only 2 or 3 players participated. The way the information is diplayed on the screen took a couple of rounds to get used to, because there is a lot of information on-screen all the time.

I started to really appreciate the complete way everything was displayed. Get your PPC trial here! Installation and trial Installation is easy, and can be done using either the. The hand rankings are as follows: Now, the next person can do three things: Menu screens Starting the game presents you with the basic menu screen. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Well you've found the best! The action saves so you can come back to it while you are on the go. Great Customizable Game Play for all skill levels! We have also added a number of features that have been highly requested. Give it a try and see just what we've done. Existing users can purchase the upgrade in the left column or try the trial. If not satisfied re-download the latest 2. Game Play The game play of All-In was designed and has been refined to give you exactly what you want.

Straightforward and attractive poker with easy to follow action and tons of customizations. Best in Class Poker Graphics Engine designed so the action is easier to follow. Career See if you have what it takes to be a champion playing in our career mode. Play your way through the Crazy Bird Poker Circuit and see if you can build your reputation and bankroll to climb up to the pro ranks.

Multi-Table tournament action in the featured events. Play ring games or single table tournaments to build your bankroll. Keep track of career money and statistics.

Obtain the rank of professional and enjoy even more challenges. If you try both us and the competition you'll see the difference immediately! And if you are just starting out why not give yourself the best shot of improving. Why practice against an inferior AI? And more importantly, will the game still be fun when you are good?! Players play using one of 3 random styles of Play: Tight, Normal, and Loose.

Players will 'Go on Tilt' if handed one too many bad beats! Some Players even show 'Tells' that may give clues on their hands. Settings All-In is filled with Customization Galore. The game play and look of the game is completely up to you.

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