Blackjack Exploration II

SGI Onyx workstations acquired by Square, the demo was Square's first foray into 3D graphics , and many assumed that it was a precursor to a new Final Fantasy title for the Nintendo 64 video game console, which also used SGI hardware. The Opera House 1. Nevertheless, the monsters around here are strong and great for stockpiling both experience and AP. Animals and plants are dying With the exception of the addition of two full motion video opening and ending sequences and new screen-transition effects used for the start and end of battles, the graphics, music and sound are left unchanged from the original version.

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1.27: Traveling on the Southern Continent

There are five troops on the balcony. Talk to all of them. In the room at the north center of the balcony, there's a troop who will make you fight it's a single Commando. Now, enter the left door on the balcony. Inside this room is another soldier. You should now be at 17 troops in all. Now, enter the door on the second floor here. You'll be in the barracks. There are six troops here, and one will make you fight a Commando.

Enter the door to the northwest to find the last troop, which will make you fight a Commando. That's all the troops. If you followed the walkthrough, you should have a total of 44 Points. Now, it's time for the banquet. Here, Gestahl will make you answer some questions for some more Points.

The answer you should give is in bold. Now, talk to one of the Emperor's Royal Guard. They will ask you if you want to fight.

Beat the three SP Forces within 2 minutes and you get 5 points. If you fail, you get 0 points. The SP Forces are really easy.

Now, go back to your seat. You should have gotten 49 total Points at the banquet, so that means you should have 93 altogether. Now, you'll have a strategy conference, and only Terra and Locke will be in your party afterwards.

The rest will stay and make sure Gestahl's not lying to you. When you leave, one of the Emperor's Royal Guards will come up to you and give you prizes based on how many Points you've earned. Now, you can get all the chests in the Imperial Palace. The room above Kefka's cell contains a Gale Hairpin , and the bathroom below it contains a Revivify.

If you want, you can go talk to Kefka as well and watch his reaction. You'll also find your other party members scattered around Vector except Setzer, who went back to the Blackjack and took Cid with him. You can go back there for an extra cutscene. Go to the basement of the house there, and the door should be unlocked provided you got the points from the banquet. Inside, there's lots of treasure. There's also a Flame Sabre in the stove.

Now, go to Albrook and go to the port. There is a Warp Stone in the crate behind the Imperial soldier at the port's entrance. Talk to General Leo , and he'll tell you that Shadow and Celes will be joining you on the cruise.

Locke will flip out when he sees Celes, and Celes will run away. Now, Leo will tell you to stay at the Inn for free. Give us back the girl and the Empire's Magitek Armor! The Slave Crown on her head robs her of all conscious thought.

She'll follow our orders. On the surface, Edgar pretends to support the Empire. The truth is, he's collaborating with the Returners, an organization opposed to the Empire.

I am his contact with that group The old man you met in Narshe is one of us. He was Cid's first experimental Magitek Knight. But the process wasn't perfected yet. Something in Kefka's mind snapped that day! Save your thanks for the Moogles!

I can't remember anything Have you made a decision? Will you become our last ray of hope? She changed into a Her very existence strikes fear into her own heart. When she accepts this aspect of herself, I think she'll be all right. Then free those of my kind imprisoned in Gestahl's Magitek Research Facility.

One of them can surely help her. We haven't much time left We have no choice but to entrust you with our essences You want to help me I haven't long to live. Just as Ifrit did before me, I'll give to you my power I remember it all I was raised in the Espers' world.

I'm the product of an Esper and a human That's where I got my powers I finally feel I can begin to control this power of mine Your plan would combine Narshe's money with Figaro's machinery to storm the Empire We have to open the sealed gate To the Esper World?

We'll never beat the Empire without them. When the gate has been opened, the Espers can attack from the east. We'll storm in at the same time, from the north. No way around it. We have to establish a bond of trust between humans and Espers. Only one person can do this Half human, half Esper My existence is proof that such a bond CAN exist I'm the only one who can!

I'm to bring the Magicite remains of these Espers to his excellency! A Magicite mother lode!! The Emperor is a liar! I got to know the gal who brought us tea. After a while, she just blurted out the whole crooked plan. For one year, actually We're on a tiny, deserted island. After the world crumbled, I awoke to find us here together with Since that day, the world's continued its slide into ruin.

Animals and plants are dying The few others who washed up here with us passed away of boredom and despair. Magic is disappearing from this world They no longer exist You mean Terra, too? I can lead you out with my last ounce of strength. Archived from the original on May 15, Final Fantasy VI in Japanese. Archived from the original on February 6, Archived from the original on March 10, Interview with Ted Woolsey".

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1.26: The Blackjack to Albrook