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But he is defining that area liberally, saying that all reasonable requests for shelter will be accepted as long as rooms remain. I'd be here more. With gambling illegal in neighboring Tennessee and Alabama, this destination draws a lot of out-of-staters. To thrive in a crowded marketplace, Maryland Live! Even non-players will find something to occupy their time in the Gambling Capital of the USA, as the assortment of shopping, entertainment and restaurants is hard to beat. Bruce Deifik told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he will let anyone fleeing the storm stay for free at his Ocean Resort Casino until it has passed.

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The 25 Best Casino Resorts

Photo courtesy of moodboard. For gambling a la James Bond, head to the glamorous city of Monte Carlo , situated on the coast of the principality of Monaco in Europe.

Gorgeous Mediterranean scenery only strengthens the appeal. Photo courtesy of Olliesammons. Reno , the "Biggest Little Town in the World," was once the gambling capital of the nation before Las Vegas took over. With some two dozen casinos to choose from, Reno still offers plenty of non-stop gaming action, all in close proximity to outdoor adventures at Lake Tahoe and the California border.

San Juan , Puerto Rico gives Americans the opportunity to gamble in a tropical paradise, no passport required! Photo courtesy of SeanPavonePhoto. While cruise ships aren't technically a destination, they do provide a unique opportunity for gamblers to hit the slots and tables at a variety of different destinations and even during days at sea.

Most cruise ship casinos offer a less intense experience than the big land-based operations, making them great for beginners, but more advanced players can opt for themed cruises with poker rooms, high limits and multiple tournaments. Photo courtesy of Jupiterimages. One of the hottest spots in the Caribbean for a gambling getaway, Aruba has the distinction of being the birthplace of Caribbean Stud Poker. Many of the island's casinos can be found in the resorts along Palm Beach or in downtown Oranjestad, making it convenient to transition from the poker table to the beach.

The Stellaris Casino ranks among the islands largest and best casinos. Photo courtesy of Aruba Tourism Authority. For high stakes excitement in a tropical paradise, look no further than Nassau in the Bahamas. Located a short hour flight from Florida, this sun-drenched island getaway has it all: A must-visit for gamblers is the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, home to 7 acres of gaming space and host of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, the world's largest poker tournament after the World Series of Poker.

Photo courtesy of Spondylolithesis. After witnessing the grandeur of the spectacular falls, visitors to Niagara on either side of the border have a range of gaming options to choose from. Photo courtesy of AlexPro Got money to burn?

On average Americans gamble once per year, but then there are of course those who take it much more seriously.

The following are the top 10 casino cities in the US. You can also check travel deals provided by major travel websites to each of the destinations departing from your city using the widget below.

It's convenient and can give you an idea of how much you'll be spending. Despite the economic difficulties in Detroit over the past decade, the gambling industry is still flourishing in the area. Casino Player is celebrating its 25th year in print, and what better way to herald this landmark anniversary than a yearlong series of features detailing the 25 greatest casino properties nationwide.

With a budget of k, you could probably buy Dartmouth! But Jade Daniels will still have to drive to other states if she wants to play table games. Maryland law doesn't allow live dealers. And it's manned table games that tend to attract the younger crowd.

Over at Maryland Live's main bar, another young gambler named Josh Gover is enjoying his drink, but he's lukewarm on the gambling options. I'm a table game kind of person. I like Texas Hold 'Em. That's what I play, so that's the only thing about this place, it don't have tables. We made it an effort to set up the electronic table games here in a way that simulates a real table games pit environment. That's Robert Norton, Maryland Live's general manager. He's trying to pull in young gamblers with virtual table games.

But you can tell he's anxious to see real dealers tossing out the cards. To make up for it, he's packed the place with the newest slots. The Hangover and Sex and the City-themed machines line the walls, but He's editor for Casino City, which covers the gaming industry.

Even though e-tables won't bring in as many young people as the real deal, Narayanan says they're a good place for gamblers to learn the ropes, and eventually they might become loyal customers.

When you go to the blackjack table or you go to a craps table for the first time, you don't necessarily know what you're doing, and that's not a comfortable place to be when you're putting money on the line.

But if you can practice the game online, when you go into the brick and mortar casino, when you go to the land-based casino, it's real easy.

And novices who are self-conscious about even playing on an e-table at the casino can also connect with Maryland Live! The casino has set itself apart with its online play-for-fun feature. No money exchanges hands, but Vin Narayanan says the database is valuable for the casino. That's a big part of the strategy, is all right, how do we acquire young customers? Well, we'll put these games online, we'll get them to play, and then maybe we can give them some enticements, some bonuses to come in and play and they'll come to a land-based casino.

Then you just have to keep them coming back. Outside, still waiting to enter Maryland Live! You're going to wear it out, unfortunately. Probably by the time September rolls around we'll be done. To make things even harder for Maryland Live! That would mean yet another option for Jade Daniels.