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Their market share is so big that they can fire customers that are too expensive to cater to. Now that the software keeps track of each company's stock price history for the most recent 5 years, a new line item has been added to the Financial Profile for a company, in the "Stock and Earnings Data" section of the Profile, showing the week high and low prices for the company's stock adjusted for any stock splits or other equity changes. This is any interest in real property located in the United States or the U. Well Amazon is finally doing something about the criminals so get used to it. Any resulting net income is taxed at graduated rates. Players may also place a stack of chips for a bet as usual, but leave the top chip off-center and announce "on top for the dealers".

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A Ten on top. I wish they would just do sizes singlely. I buy a LOT of things off Amazon, and between prime music and echo and their credit card we are an Amazon house. Before prime I never bought clothes on amazon, but since I became a member I have done so on occasion. These stories are too worrisome. This should protect most people.

Back to brick and mortar for those items that need a fitting room. Seriously dude, what kind of a lazy fucker buys clothes without trying them them on in a fitting room before hand? There really are some lazy shits around these days. I have not been banned yet, but reading this article has me paranoid. I also cancel a lot of orders. I wonder if returns for 3rd party purchases and order cancellation get flagged in the same way.

Also, is there any easy way to print out the history of all the orders returned? I want to keep an eye out on my return ratio. I have been a customer since the beginning and have written numerous reviews to help other customers. So why take a chance at all? Your reviews are unpaid marketing work you do for Amazon, its vendors and manufacturers.

But the person they really helped most is named Bezos. Under the shiny surface is a not-so-warm, not-so-communal truth. Repeat it to yourself: Btw, there IS an Amazon community, after all…just not the one you imagined.

That said, Amazon is competing in an open marketplace, so instead of getting frustrated with amazon, just shop around. Most retailers are by now offering a lot of what amazon does online in the way of free shipping etc just not 2 day shipping , and returns for most others target is best are much more convenient.

I make a conscious decision to buy stuff i know I will be deciding to keep or not based on preference, from brick and mortar stores near me even if I order online from them, i can return without worrying about return shipping. And guess what, we ended up returning both items at least once before settling with the versions we have now.

Enjoy it while it lasts. If I create a new account, then? Am I able to purchase? What things I have to put different like name, address, mobile no? They track multiple identifying criteria. Credit Card , 4. You can still buy stealth accounts online though. In the past couple of years I have returned many items to Amazon, all books, and my returns are entirely their fault.

I am a book collector and buy hundreds of books annually. Used to be that Amazon sent them out in nice, sturdy boxes, well-packaged. Now, however, their policy is to send paperbacks, including tall, skinny paperbacks that bend easily, in envelopes.

I would estimate that at least a third of the books they send in envelopes arrive here bent, crushed, torn, or otherwise damaged. Amazon sends these out in envelopes as if they were disposable magazines. And so when I get one that is bent-to-heck, I send it back for a replacement. And then I hope that the replacement is not also destroyed when it gets here. My account has not been cancelled, but if it was, I would be furious. The problem is not me. It is a company that sends out expensive items with no protection at all.

I feel it is my right, when I pay a lot of money for a new book, to receive one that is in good shape and not damaged. Until they can start packaging their items better and get those items to buyers in the NEW shape that they were advertised as, they can expect a lot of returns.

My case is exactly the same. My account has not yet been banned, but it might be close to it. What I buy most on Amazon are books and comics. I dont buy cheap copies, but expensive items. The envelope they put the books in when sending them is a complete crap that damages completely the product. I wouldnt ever have consented to keep those damaged items, given the price I paid for them, but having read across the Internet that my account could get a permaban for this reason has made me keep some of those damaged items.

Definately extreme for amazon to ban you though. Amazon should honor the same policy. I was in the same boat. I only returned products that were defective and not as advertised. I remembering receiving an organic hair product that has no certification, not sealed, and actually shipped in a ziplock bag rather than being shipped with proper labeling and packaging.

It was a mess to clean up and I gathered all the parts and packaged it, to ship back for the return. Furthermore, clothing shopping at amazon can be a nightmare when the pictures look better than the actual item and the sizing are wrong, so you can get items that make you look like the family matters Urkel, when you were trying to get work uniforms, which happened to me.

It was a disaster, and I do hope there is better process to help buyers and sellers. So it is possible for customers that still want to shop at amazon, to email Jeff and explain your situation. If I have to guess, Amazon probably thinks that you are returning products that there is nothing wrong with…also, Amazon likely checks the products you return.. There certainly are some people who need to be banned.

Definitely, somebody bought and returned. TVs come from my local retailers, and computers online from the manufacturer, same with camera lenses. There definitely are people abusing their formerly generous return policy. Not saying the people complaining are bad customers.

Just my experience in recent years. The free returns is being abused whole heatedly because you folks are taking the term out of context. I got an email like the one posted by OP. Not sure which way to go. I make a lot of small orders. Amazon gotta lose money on me. But no returns, ever. Any chance to get banned for this? Amazon is a private company so they can do anything they want within the confines of the law of the land.

There is no law preventing any retailer from banning a buyer for using excessive free shipping. Also I gotten credit over and over and over again with apps that I bought without troubleshooting the handy free money just doing away in our business. Who is the culprit I say I think Amazon knows the culprit points to them you do not give refunds right off the bat is that we do business.

I had associate called me from the billing department and told me Resta sure they will not close my account.. Hi, having posted about this on the MoneySavingExpert. After all Amazon is supposed to be the most customer centric company on the planet. Amazon Executive Customer Relations cannot be contacted directly here in the UK by email or telephone. I have been selling at Amazon for over 8 years. I ship average packages a day mostly orthopedic products…one thing I can tell you: It is unbelievable how buyers abuse the returns at Amazon.

Here a few examples:. Basically the knee no longer needed a brace…get it? Unless you did not get what buyer abuse it, you are part of the problem. I had over 10 thousand items with Amazon Prime at their fulfillment center at end of Yes, my fellow sellers, Amazon buyer abuse will destroy your business unless you take action.

Fullfilling your sales yourself does not protect your profit as much as you say. Fullfill yourself, buyer can still file not as described claim, and receive the refund and keep your item within Amazon allowed threshold. If you encountered so many returns, you would want to increase the quality check on your inventory, or do not sell at all.

Actually, his reports suggest that Amazon Prime shoppers are abusive on the policies. I have Prime and I shop a particular way. As soon as this seller took his merchandise out of FBA his products practically became invisible to Prime account holders.

So do many other prime members. Aside from that one change, everything else you mentioned still applies and yet the only real change the seller experienced was a decrease in abuse, not a continuation. Your returns may have went down but I absolutely guarantee you so did your sales!!! As I wrote in another post I never ever ever buy from third-party I ONLY buy things that are sold and fulfilled by Amazon for the exact reason that you are talking about, all third-party sellers make it very difficult for you to return something!

Has a 90 day return policy. Some stores have a NO limit return policy, meaning two years later you can return it if our you have the receipt! That sounds like a pyramid scheme or some kind of multi level marketing MLM deal.

Happy to see you wised up. I sell on Amazon and every frivolous refund costs us money and negatively impacts our seller metrics. The only reason Amazon has its no questions asked refund policy is that all of the costs are passed on to sellers. Time to sue Amazon. Prime member pay for Amazons return policy. Please keep posting this over and over again so that Amazon employees who come to these websites to scare people into not returning items they have a right to return will get the message! Got a blackberry device a few years back, and then decided it was a bad idea.

Got a Sony flat-screen for about 3k, Exchanged it for another one that was more expensive and paid the difference AND paid for shipping. Bought and kept hundreds of other stuff during about 4 years, including having Prime membership for the last 2 years. Honetly, being banned from Amazon was a blessing. Reason being, I had gotten too used to sitting at home reading review after review, doing research etc etc.. Amazon and other online-only retailers forgo the expense of having a chain of stores and personnel to manage those stores and all the other expenses that go along with it.

You abused their system. You were not banned for the return of 3 items, get real. So the Amazon ban forced you to shop the way people had been doing for years before the internet. My husband and I were banned because our adult daughter who lives with us did too many returns. I called amazon to explain the situation and they were supposed to have someone call me back. Instead they sent a standard email response not addressing our issue at all. My husband and I have never returned anything purchased through Amazon.

The irony is that our daughter will one day move out and be able to purchase on Amazon again but my husband and I may never be able to purchase from them again.

No, your daughters ban will follow her too. Amazon is very good at security on their site. When she moves out, ask her for her account info and just use her account to order what you want from Amazon. I live alone and pay my Prime membership by myself, but I have a friend who has 5 young adult children with 5 young adult spouses and they ALL, all eleven of them, use the same Prime account.

Boo hoo for me. Then stop being a fucking irresponsible parent and look after your kids, they live in your house so you my dear are fucking responsible for them. Amazon is nothing , but a bully of the highest degree. I accept that a probation period might be necessary to discourage excessive returns, but an all out lifetime ban is the most retarded thing I have ever heard. Also, Amazon is starting to open retail stores.

Does that mean I cannot shop there either? Suddenly, sometimes with an ultimatum letter and sometimes with no warning, they lock you out forever. First, if you ever return something for an exact replacement e. Amazon is absolutely responsible for the item until it is literally in your hands. Second, sizing mistakes happen. Instead everybody should have a return-o-meter indicator on their account that constantly gives you a feel for whether Amazon finds your returns excessive.

Only a fucking loser buys clothes or shoes online, get off your fucking lazy arse and go to a shop and try then on, you fat lazy bastard. Now they charge and pretend that they never offered free returns. If you had that kind of money to drop on a diamond ring, why on Earth would you buy it sight unseen? Why not go to a proper jeweler? And the box being empty upon delivery? I highly doubt that too, unless your post man decided he needed a gift for his girl.

Something about your story sounds very shifty here. I had a similar experience with eBay a couple of years ago. I was one of the first members there, been there for 16 years, fine buyer and seller. A customer decided to lie about an item I sold him and eBay took him at his word without talking to me, no warning, just suddenly cut off from eBay, an indefinite ban on selling.

The simple solution to this all is to stop shopping at Amazon altogether. This is what I have done. I used to buy everything from Amazon but not anymore. Amazon have got too big for their boots and the less people that buy from Amazon the more it will hit their profits.

There has been a recent case in the press with regards to a lady that got banned in the US. After contacting the press with regards to this her account was reinstated. Amazon need to make their returns policy a lot more clearer especially when it comes to what the acceptable returns limit is.

Add to the facts that there are reports on the web with regards to Amazon sending out items that are used as new and you will find that there is no point shopping with Amazon.

Final point to add is do I miss shopping at Amazon? I just prefer to give my hard earned money to other retailers, especially brick and mortar shops who know how to treat their customers fairly.

Hi, Im a french guy and i have the same story. Amazon close my account and i dont know how to have the garanty of my article. I understand for the abuse, but when you buy on internet it is not a science exact Im very hungry. Most, if not all excluding Amazon , will ban customers for life only in case of shoplifting or any fraudulent activity that breaks law.

They will simply refuse the return. Temporary ban will be justified in some cases after a warning or two, but all out life time ban with no warning that also permanently bans your friends and family members is simply too excessive.

Permanent life time ban can be justified after a few incrementally longer temporary bans without banning families and friends living at different address. Yes, what Amazon does is not fair considering other outlets will ban your returns only for a year.

You can still shop there, but no returns. BB is one of them. There are always many legit ways of doing so. The risk of keeping a no-return customer on Amazon is great. You could, for instance, give negative reviews on every single product and seller. If everyone accused of abusing returns is still allowed to use the website, it could really mess with the ratings of products and sellers.

But when Amazon bans those who voice their views then we are back to having a restricted economy instead of a free market economy, and that is a problem. This of course meant that I had to return many items, mainly because they arrived broken, scratched, received the wrong item, or the description on the site was not accurate. Also, the way items were packaged was absolutely horrible with many product boxes being torn, ripped and dirty.

Product boxes were dirty, torn and even practically destroyed. As a Prime Member for many years I never worried about returns.. I was returning almost everything I bought for the reasons given above. And then I got this email the other day: If we are not living up to our promise, please reply to this email and let us know what we can do to improve. To speak with a member of our Customer Service team, call 1 or click the Contact Us button on any Amazon. While we welcome returns when orders do not work out, we want to do whatever we can to ensure that you are happy with your Amazon shopping experience.

We look forward to seeing you again soon. Sincerely, Account Specialist —. What makes this bad is that I am still receiving damaged merchandise that I know I will have to return: Electronics whose boxes are torn up. Clothing in the wrong size with stains and tears on them. Why am I worried about being banned? Because I am disabled and home bound. I cannot drive due to my disability..

And no one to take me shopping. I depend on Amazon Prime not only for my products.. And having them delivered to my door and picked up by UPS is a blessing to me that I gladly pay my Prime Membership for. I am afraid of even answering that email for fear I will only anger someone and hasten my ban. And since I need to return the aforementioned products.. I am also positive the ban will happen. Which greatly saddens me because I love shopping on Amazon for myself, family and pets due to being disabled and stuck at home.

If I do get banned.. I would appreciate anyone telling me how to get around this. Being disabled and not being able to drive with no help from anyone makes this a very bad situation for me. Here is my email address for any advice dealing with this. Sometimes you have to choose your battles. By that I mean, be more selective about what you buy and from whom. For example, I only buy larger items such as furniture or appliances locally, even if I have to pay a little more which insures they get here in one piece and if not, having the option to deal with a local merchant to resolve problems.

I research, research, research and use different vendors appropriately based on price, reliability and good reviews. So then, seems my process is working well. Hi Terri, Thanks for your kind reply. I did indeed do my research..

Amazon never banned me.. I will never order gifts from Amazon again over this issue.. I can save up my returns for really necessary things. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Then you go on to list all these errors made by Amazon and have absolutely no mention of Remorse purchases.

Bullshit, you overbought and are unwilling to take responsibility for your actions. You must be american like most of us. If they ban your account, you can go to google and look up Amazon Stealth Accounts. I have gotten numerous merchandise that has been faulty or downright trash yet I am the one to be banned?

Have you thought about revisiting your buying process and maybe perform some research on the product or read a few reviews before you make your purchase? Of course he has not even considered changing his buying process. As a result he had to actually purchase a stealth account with fake info to circumvent the block so he could continue buying from this terrible retailer. For me the problem is limited edition games and artbooks.

No matter how many times I return items and complain, Amazon insists on sending them in those flimsy bubble envelopes that provide no protection against items getting dented or crushed.

I know why this happens. This quota is set unrealistically high, so they barely have enough time to find the item and shove it in a bubble mailer… let alone actually unfolding a cardboard box, taping one side shut, placing the item carefully inside and then surrounding it with adequate packing material. I miss the days when every order I received from Amazon came in a box, with the items inside shrinkwrapped onto a cardboard backing that held them in place. Been a buyer since Goldberg, though he consistently says it in the most assish way imaginable, is not wrong.

Best advice would be to limit returns as much as possible. Either I get the item undamaged, or I exhaust my allotted returns limit and they ban me. Also explains why I like my limited edition stuff in mint condition. I know I can live without Amazon too. As can we all. I never do credit card chargebacks, only exchanges of damaged merchandise for undamaged.

Being OCD AND a collector… Considering how often Amazon sends damaged merchandise, why not just stop using them before getting banned and finding a merchant that gives a little more care to the packaging of your collector items? You already know Amazon will not be doing anything to make the packaging any better since their focus is on speed and efficiency.

After Amazon ultimately sent me an undamaged copy of the item referenced above, I did just that. I now pre-order all of my limited editions through my local game retailer, where I can inspect the condition of the boxes before I buy them. Once Amazon started charging sales tax, and once my discounted Prime membership expired, there was no longer any financial advantage to buying from them.

The reason I stuck it out for so long was because I thought repeatedly complaining to Amazon about the quality of their packaging and reminding them of how excellent it used to be would get them to realize they were losing business. So Amazon actually makes more money by using inadequate packaging resulting in cosmetically damaged merchandise. What a world we live in. I recently came into a litttle money so I decided to get prime and indulge myself with some of the electronic items on my wish list.

I didnt know at the time that amazon is populated with chineese sellers that sell fake crap brand name stuff that amazon should be ashamed of having on their site. Is there no quality control measures with them? One of the items I bought was a zmodo security system with good reviews. I researched for a week before choosing that. It actually arrived with cameras and no dvr box to connect cameras to. After waiting another 10 days for the seller to ship it to me, I plugged it in and worked for 2 hours then stopped.

A matecam that I ordered was supposed to be in a shipment that was delivered in a box with other stuff only there was no matecam in the box. I have come to some conclusions after reading these postings here. Buy shoes from someone like Zappos, free returns if they dont fit, no questions. The single and only reason I shopped amazon for those items is because I thought it was safe to do so.

Knowing now that it really is not in case you want to keep your account active for other purchases, I will be looking to other retailers for those things from now on. My tip is buying products sold and shipped by Amazon only. First of all Zappos is owned by Amazon. When the price looks so low that it makes YOU want to buy, know that your decision making is flawed since you base it on absolute lowest price.

For example, buy directly from Amazon and not a 3rd party seller that is selling the same catalog item for far less than Amazon. Oh and feedback is there for a reason, review it. I think the Chinese sellers probably have enough market restrictions to deal with on Amazon.

Freedom should be for everyone. What about electronic books? Why is this a problem? We often get buyers who are completely unreasonable and want refund for no good reason. We of course deny these types of trouble makers, however this can lead to an A to Z claim, which we will win.

This is where it may lead to a buyer being banned. Amazon may choose to refund the fraudulent buyer out of its own pocket to keep the peace, and give them another chance. As the Buyer has been refunded they may not know that they actually lost the A to Z case behind the scenes. So the Buyer thinks they got away with it and they continue repeating this process.

I wish they listed the total number of orders and amount spent, but I estimate I spent in the tens of thousands with them. I received an email warning about excessive returns. As an Amazon merchant who constantly loses money to scammers gaming the return policy I cannot tell you how utterly enjoyable it is to read stories about dirtbags getting the Amazon ban-hammer. Oh it does my heart good to hear your sniveling excuses and whiny complaints and how Amazon crushed your thieving schemes.

Your tears are like sweet nectar of the gods—they taste so magically delicious! I hope all of you who delighted in getting something free at the expense of someone else suffer daily in the knowledge that you have been found out, exposed and summarily kicked the hell out from Amazon for life.

Oh and by the way…thanks for shopping on Amazon! That is NOT the purpose of being a Prime member and it sounds like abuse to me. They get lazy about researching the products they want to buy because, after all — they can just go ahead and return them.

How convenient for the buyer. I think maybe some people have never been banned from anything, and when it happens via Amazon it seems arbitrary and without due process. I think it is an understandable complaint. I know people who admittedly returned their laptops every 9 months to Costco until they changed their policy. Guess what, Amazon as a business also has the right to choose their target customer base.

Also some of threatening Amazon to shop elsewhere due to this. Amazon, when they ban you, closes your account. If your account is attached to the cloud, then, I believe not sure you will lose access to your cloud data. As in not sold by Amazon.

If one writes to seller directly about a defective product and they issue refund. Does that count against you as well? Also of one is grandfathered in — had my account for 10 yrs and my sister is part of my account though different address. If she does a lot of returns I am assuming that would count against my account as well. Anyone in similar situation? However, you would have to pay for the return for sure. I would rather not have to option to return stuff completely free knowing there is a risk of getting in bad standing.

I have not been banned yet, but agree with bringing lawsuits against these companies doing this. The shopping channels on tv are also guilty of this. The lie through their teeth to sell products then ban people who return them due to the lies.

A company has a right to ban a person from their business if they believe they are abusing policy. What is the law going to do? Dictate how they write their contracts? Abuse the return policy to just below the threshold of being banned. MANY companies have policies like this in place. They ALL use the money back guarantee moniker because they know damn well that the majority of people are too lazy to return the items once they get them.

What Infomercial companies refused to allow you to return their junk? For all of you making excuses for AMZ, my last order was to be delivered to a locker. I did not know a locker could refuse delivery.

But AMZ insisted it was all my problem and denied my refund and took back the products, even though I never had possession of them. Two days later, they admitted the carrier used the wrong delivery code.

The package was actually damaged and returned to AMZ. I will buy whatever I can from now on from local retail outlets, pay a few more dollars and know that I can return them, no questions asked. Amazon does too many things, and not many of them very well.

This is not new or unique to Amazon. Many companies will ban customers from returning items if they return to many items. I imagine almost no one can reverse a ban aside from a select few in a specialized department. I have returned items that were defective without retaliation. However, I now read the reviews before purchasing.

If an item has a large percentage stars less than 4 stars I pass and do not buy. So if this is all based on if Amazon is making money or not, can anyone then provide some input on if it would be better to return items and NOT have Amazon pay for the shipping? As in choosing order created my mistake and the others that will not provide free return shipping? Obviously there is still restocking costs involved, but it might not trigger the system to flag the account?

It is just impossible to avoid returning some goods when shopping online, however getting a lifetime ban is something I would like to avoid at any cost. Rules out me buying a lot of stuff on Amazon going forward though. It seems that the US is unlucky for Amazon. Here in the UK I can return around a month. I have received no warnings either.

I have read all the comments on here from both sides. Say something in black and white, so we know what to expect. I get that people abuse the return policy, but if there is a policy against this, this should protect both the sellers and the buyers.

Who do Americans need to return so many items? I am an Amazon buyer for 7 years and I have yet to return one thing.

It seems to me that people are spoiled. Amazon has been nothing but great to me. Though it makes sense obviously — Amazon has the best Customer Service in the world,.. I can see that being suspicious. Taxpayers may also qualify to deduct away from home expenses for travel, meals, and lodging , but not against excluded income.

The IRS makes available the list of countries with which the U. Refer to Publication , U. Tax Treaties , for more information regarding United States tax treaties.

To claim the foreign earned income exclusion and either the foreign housing exclusion or the foreign housing deduction:. You can obtain currency exchange rates at several web sites referenced below. Translating foreign currency into U. For you and your family. Individuals abroad and more. EINs and other information.

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Credit or debit card. This option is useful if you do not have a U. Return to FAQs 7. A transcript of your tax return information is free. You can obtain a free transcript on the IRS.

Transcripts may also be obtained by calling and following the prompts in the recorded message, or by completing and mailing a request for a transcript to the address listed in the instructions. You also can obtain a transcript of data from certain information returns such as Forms W-2 and You can designate on line 5 of either form a third party to receive the transcript. Copies of Forms , A, and EZ are generally available for 7 years from the date you filed the return.

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It has been mathematically proved that, in ideal conditions of randomness, and with negative expectation, no long-run regular winning is possible for players of games of chance. Most gamblers accept this premise, but still work on strategies to make them win either in the short term or over the long run.

Casino games provide a predictable long-term advantage to the casino, or "house", while offering the player the possibility of a large short-term payout. Some casino games have a skill element, where the player makes decisions; such games are called "random with a tactical element.

For more examples see Advantage gambling. The player's disadvantage is a result of the casino not paying winning wagers according to the game's "true odds", which are the payouts that would be expected considering the odds of a wager either winning or losing. However, the casino may only pay 4 times the amount wagered for a winning wager. The house edge HE or vigorish is defined as the casino profit expressed as a percentage of the player's original bet.

In games such as Blackjack or Spanish 21 , the final bet may be several times the original bet, if the player doubles or splits. In American Roulette , there are two zeroes and 36 non-zero numbers 18 red and 18 black. Therefore, the house edge is 5. The house edge of casino games vary greatly with the game. The calculation of the Roulette house edge was a trivial exercise; for other games, this is not usually the case.

In games which have a skill element, such as Blackjack or Spanish 21 , the house edge is defined as the house advantage from optimal play without the use of advanced techniques such as card counting or shuffle tracking , on the first hand of the shoe the container that holds the cards. The set of the optimal plays for all possible hands is known as "basic strategy" and is highly dependent on the specific rules, and even the number of decks used. Good Blackjack and Spanish 21 games have house edges below 0.

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