(USED) Doujinshi - Black Jack / Dr. Kiriko x Hazama Kuroo (灰色のヴァカンス) / Antenna

List of Black Jack chapters. More closely following the timeline of the original manga by Osamu Tezuka , the new anime is however somewhat discontinuous with the anime. We update daily, so if a new game is out for the general public, you can expect to find the review here. A curse is placed upon the household- Black Jack and Kiriko have turned in to girls! Check out the latest slot machine releases that you can play online at several reputable casinos. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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It shows the closely knit unit he was apart of, of friendships made and friends lost. It needs to be translated in to English because I really don't know half of what's going on. The war angst continues. On that note, when does it ever end in Agent Orange? After Kiriko's story wraps up, it transitions in to a retelling of one of the cannon Tezuka chapters in which the two doctors work together to save a woman who was mistakenly given lethal poison.

Of course after that it's a trip the bar and mansex. And again, when does that ever end in Agent Orange? Do not try to write summaries while hyped up on Smarties. It's very hard to focus. Genderbending, Gag, Fluff Summary: Pinoko finds what looks to be a strange voodoo-ish artifact while cleaning up.

Unsure what to do with the creepy dried hand, she throws it in the fire. A curse is placed upon the household- Black Jack and Kiriko have turned in to girls!

Needless to say they are less than pleased with this predicament. The pair end up going on a vacation on a tropical island, and yuri smut ensues- Although in the middle of everything they suddenly change back in to the proper gender. It also included what looks to be a short story which has been posted for the hell of it. Angst The two of them seem to be getting along at first few pages.

Further in and we see a very different living situation than normally portrayed. Black Jack is the dominant and shoves Kiriko around, but then buys him a pet bird, which shortly thereafter I'm assuming dies. Largo also passes away, and it's not clear if it was from the symptoms she was exhibiting prior or if Kiriko intervened. Wine and Roses gives off this angsty vibe. This was a weird one, as the title and the cover trick a prospective reader in to thinking that the story is going to be one of a brighter tone.

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Agent Orange - Volume 4