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Mega Man Zero 4 has a robotic pufferfish enemy that appears in water areas. People that know me know that Stan Wawrinka has been my favourite tennis player since before anyone knew who he was. April 28th, , 5: He went on the run for a week, but was eventually caught. In , Ulliott was one of 40 players to appear in the first series of the Late Night Poker television series, the first poker show to use hole cam technology.

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April 27th, , 2: A fish is someone who does not really know how to play poker well. Be careful because when the fish hits something, it is hard to make them fold. Sometimes, they would call you with anything. Fish can sometimes be easily outplayed. Fishes can easily be spotted after playing a few hands with them.

There are different kinds of fishes out there. A fish is also weak when it comes to http: April 27th, , You know what they say if you have to ask what a fish is Hmmmm What do I think a Fish is in poker It is a player who is dropped into the shark tank of a poker table and get devoured by the bigger fish, sharks, constantly.

Also they get hooked on the lines of calling off their stacks of chips just to see what their opponant had. They take bait that is laid out by other better players. Maybe we should start calling sharks fishers of men Essentially they hook, line, and seal the fish in a bag. April 27th, , 4: April 27th, , 5: April 27th, , 6: Originally Posted by thatgreekdude. April 28th, , 4: Originally Posted by akaRobbo. April 28th, , 5: Originally Posted by wanderingthehall.

April 28th, , 7: April 28th, , 9: April 30th, , 5: April 30th, , 7: I'd either say a crappy player or someone new to the game. I don't like to call anyone a crappy player, seems kinda harsh. When I go to the casino, I do see players and can tell quite quickly they are a fish, or in other words they seem to be there to have fun and try new things more than being there to win their money. You should notice a lot of players or fish who are from out of town or whatever.

I am a newb and I could tell, so who knows what you pro's can see about me.. Fish is an opposite of a shark , hope it helps. May 1st, , 1: Basically a player who gets it in bad every single time against you and YOU always end up losing. May 4th, , 6: May 4th, , Big fish eat the littler fish, sharks eat all fish. Just a word used to describe who will be eaten and who does the eating. May 8th, , 2: Thank you for asking this?

Donkey is a mean name that a player calls another player for deliberately playing a hand badly, regardless of winning or losing. While a step below a fish, rest assured, a donkey is truly far worse than a fish.

So if you are called a donk, it is ment to be offensive. May 8th, , 3: I mean baiting, hooking and reeling in the catch. That's what you do, right?

As for the "sharks", they eat plenty of fish and are very difficult to catch! May 8th, , 4: A fish is also weak when it comes to bluffing and you can also easily see the tells they are showing. Most 'fish' are the providers of money, but also a nuisance.

Certainly for many annoying are bad beats, then we use that term probably from nerves. They also determine the players 'fish' who play with Any2 preflop. Page 1 of 3 Use the arrow to the right to read the next 2 page s. Join the Conversation at CardsChat. CardsChat is an online poker community of , members in countries. Why more than , poker players have joined CardsChat Quickly improve your game.

Learn from online pros. Join more than , active members on our forum. If "fish" means someone who played with bad starting hand, then. Page 1 of 3. What does "beating a level" mean? April 14th, The term "cheeky" when used in poker. April 5th, 5: What does lucky mean to you in poker? That I have had no obvious large exposures through dental amalgams or fish consumption in my life — only the standard things like vaccinations, flu shots etc.

The way things have played out have meant that I have less distractions than most. Viewing life from the perspective of what it could be if you get it right, rather than having it easy and feeling entitled to that ease, has been a blessing in that it creates a level of resilience to the bad runs and determination to stop at nothing to make it to where you want to get to. People that know me know that Stan Wawrinka has been my favourite tennis player since before anyone knew who he was.

For some reason I was able to identify with him very quickly. He often got criticised for a lack of mental strength under pressure when he was ranked around 20 th for a few years. Despite his mesmerising shot making that was always there, no one predicted that he had what it took to break out in the way he has.

My father was an amazing role model for me and continues to be an inspiration after his passing. Umpires needing to imprint their personality on matches. No…really…not that much now. Probably the biggest things are my own personality weaknesses and my inability to overcome them at times. Helping others less fortunate should be a practice done by those who feel it is right to do so, and for that reason.

The motive should never be to seek adulation for having done it. I feel a little disgusted any time someone publicises their having given to charity, etc. He would put anyone he cared about before himself at all times without hesitation, and never complain when things were tough, despite at least two and probably usually all three other members of the family emulating none of these traits.

That reality alone is remarkable to reflect on. Life can be viewed as the sum of the parts or the parts themselves. I believe in the holistic view of life, or the sum.

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