Serendipity (Final Fantasy XIII-2)

Media Matters For America. Murphy and Ortiz ask Prosser about one of his old employees, Ismet Vukaj, they've discovered he had priors for robbery and want more information about him. Isle Casino Black Hawk. They go to the clinic, where the receptionist tells about Tracy and Matheson's visit with the doctor and the fact that a private detective was also inquiring about the pair. Some gamblers feel Laughlin is more laid-back, more like the good old days, and opt for it as an alternative to the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. Melee , Nintendo of America officially localized his name as "Marth".

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The interview with Martin doesn't go well; the brother thinks that his brother is with his girlfriend and he asks the detectives if they have any weed.

Kathleen Halloran, the woman caring for the brother tells them what she knows about the victim's girlfriend, Elena Lozada, including the fact that the girlfriend they recently had a big fight with the victim about Martin. Jones and Medavoy are redirected to investigate an assault case.

They arrive on the scene to find two tenants trying to move into the same apartment. They give Jones and Medavoy all the information they have on the man, Jerome King, who rented them the apartment, which the detectives are going to pursue. As for the tenants, neither will get the apartment, nor will any of the other tenants who just arrived on the scene to claim the apartment. Bale gets the status of the cases, and asks Sipowicz about the exam, but Sipowicz is reluctant to discuss it with anyone.

Murphy and Ortiz talk with Elena Lozada and she tells them about the fights she had with her boyfriend about his brother Martin. She wanted Martin to be moved to group home, before they could start a life together. She also tells them about a neighborhood drug dealer named Ricky C. Back at the squad the detectives find out who this dealer is and Sipowicz and Clark are going to pick him up. A good looking realtor, Brigid Scofield, comes into the squad, which immediately gets Medavoy's attention, which is a good thing since she is looking to talk to him and Det.

Normally she only deals in sales, but agreed to help Jerome King with this rental property. Jerome King, because he wasn't a US Citizen convinced her to forgo the usual credit check if he put up additional security, which is going to make her libel when the tenants decide to sue. After she leaves, Medavoy makes a comment to Jones that indicates he has a decided interest in Miss Scofield. Sipowicz and Clark grab Ricky Carson while he is conducting a sale. They get both Carson and his buyer.

Jones and Medavoy are awaiting results of fingerprints found in the rental fraud apartment and are now leaving to pick up with the woman who had placed the ad for the apartment. Ricky Carson tells Sipowicz and Clark what explained himself to their victim about the business he was conducting with his brother "Ozone" Martin.

He indicates he would never result to violence to make a point; something his record will later validate. Bobby Halliday's father comes into the squad, he is worried about the affect going to central booking is going to have on his year-old son, who in his mind is still "just a kid. Bale invites the man into his office, where he cements a deal. Only the father doesn't know that Bale intends on getting IAB involved and when Bale wears a wire during their transaction the father is going to be arrested.

The detectives think Bale is going overboard in his treatment of a man who was just trying to get his kid out of a bad situation. Bale gets wired up. Sipowicz tries to talk to him about his managerial style, but Bale throws Sipowicz's record and reputation back at him. He used her computer to set up his apartment scam.

They show her a picture, which she identifies as being Jerome King, but they tell her that it is Eddie Palm and they tell him about Eddie's past. She is in denial and doesn't want to cooperate with them any further, as a possible accessory to the crime they put her in the cage. Bale becomes outraged at this turn of events; he presses Halliday to tell him who got to him, "was it Sipowicz?

After he leaves, Bale goes back into the squad room and begins to go off on Sipowicz, who denies any knowledge of getting to Halliday. Clark points out to Bale that anyone could have warned Halliday. Alyssa Pelican is finally ready to talk and she tells them all about Jerome King's dealings and his ability to never pay for anything.

She agrees to help them trap King. Word comes back the detectives from a neighbor that Martin and his brother had been fighting a lot recently. They also know that Martin's brother had found a group home to send his brother to in Poughkeepsie. They decide to bring him in for further questioning. Martin comes in with Kathleen Halloran, who reaffirms to Sipowicz that she was with Martin every minute yesterday.

She is little worried that the detectives are planning to interview Martin on his own. Jones and Medavoy grab up "Jerome King," and Alyssa plants a well placed slap across his face. Sipowicz and Clark reinterview Martin, who tells them that Kathleen wasn't with him the entire time. They ask him if Kathleen asked him to lie; the only thing he tells them that she wanted him to lie about was their relationship.

He admits to having hit his brother in the past, but was always sorry about it. Meanwhile, Jones and Medavoy begin their interview with "Jerome King," who, in light of all the evidence and witnesses they have, admits to really being Eddie Palm, just before a ten second countdown expires.

He also tells them where they can find the money. Sipowicz and Clark go back to interview Kathleen, who admits to her relationship with Martin and admits to killing Martin's brother over the fact that he, was going to send Martin away, rather than let her care for him. Medavoy finds the real estate agent and informs her as to the status of the case; the good news is that most all of the money is going to be able to be returned to the tenants.

He tries to make a little small talk and manages to get a drink invitation. After Bale goes home for the evening, John Irvin pulls out some anonymous flowers that were delivered to Ortiz. She admits to Sipowicz and Clark that she told Halliday about what Bale was planning to do. Social services arrives to take custody of Martin, and he asks Sipowicz, who he finally seems to recognize to accompany him.

Medavoy's trial is today. Murphy and Ortiz go off to investigate a molestation case. Jones goes to Craig Woodruff's apartment and after breaking into it, finds him there, dead. Sipowicz and Clark arrive on the scene and they need him to account for whereabouts.

Bale wants him to voucher his three guns with the desk sergeant. Murphy and Ortiz go to the school and talk to the boy who was molested. The boy tells them that a man wanted his underwear for three DVDs. The man touched him. The boy was smart enough to get a license plate number of the van.

Medavoy testifies in his trial, each side quickly presents their case, but Medavoy asks to speak on his own behalf and tells the story about him trying to help his daughter out.

Jones comes back to the squad and wants to talk with Sipowicz and Clark. He went home to get his other gun, but couldn't find it; he suspect's that Michael may have taken it. After assuring them that he didn't use that gun in the crime, Sipowicz tells Jones to tell Bale that he turned all the guns over to him. Clark and Sipowicz talk with Craig Woodruff's landlord and he tells them a relationship that Woodruff might have had with a neighbor.

They talk to the neighbor, Jocelyn Barker and she admits to having a relationship. They ask her for husband's name, so they can ask him some follow up questions and likely glean whether the husband was aware of the relationship and perhaps did something about it. Bale introduces Murphy and Ortiz to Det. Donnelly, who is working a case similar to theirs. He accompanies them to the church, where the brown van is registered. They meet the priest, Father McIntyre, an older man who transplanted to the city three years ago.

He tells them who usually uses the van and where she can be found, running a soup kitchen. Donnelly is a little suspicious of the priest; in the meantime, the detectives are going to have the van impounded.

Back at the squad, Medavoy is awaiting the results of his trial. Michael's Aunt Tammy comes in and talks with Sipowicz and Clark. They inquire as to whether or not she has a gun; she admits that she and her husband have an unregistered firearm. Bale looks for an update from Sipowicz and Bale tells him they better find another suspect soon; otherwise they are going to have to look at Jones real hard.

Jones tells Sipowicz and Clark about Michael using the e-mail account of one of his friends. He tells them that the friend and his parents are coming in for an interview. The ruling comes in on Medavoy's trial; he is guilty but is only given a 5 day rip. Sipowicz and Clark talk with the boy and his parent's; the boy has been in e-mail contact with Michael.

They want him to tell them where Michael is; the boy eventually relents and tells them that Michael is staying at his brother's NYU dorm. They go to the dorm with Jones and find Michael there, with the missing gun. Murphy and Ortiz meet Lynn Cahill, the woman running the soup kitchen, and she doesn't have any knowledge of anyone else using the van, but agrees to contact them if anything out of the ordinary comes up. Clark and Sipowicz interview Michael about the gun and his whereabouts in the morning.

Michael comments that the best thing his father ever did for him was to get himself killed. Donnelly tells Murphy and Ortiz what he found out about Father McIntyre's past, he once had a sexual charge pending against.

It gives them enough reason to want to speak to him again. A uniform has found a gun in Woodruff's building, giving Sipowicz and Clark reason to look at the building's tenants a little harder.

Sipowicz and Clark interview Jocelyn Barker's husband and they press him into thinking that his wife is a suspect; but the man admits to committing the crime.

He claims that even though his wife affair was over, Woodruff kept making reference to it. Murphy, Ortiz and Det. Donnelly interview Father McIntyre. The father is a little suspicious of their questions.

They lay their cards on the table and Det. Donnelly starts to lay into McIntyre much harder, by bringing up his past. Murphy and Ortiz get him out of the room, just in time to, because Lynn Cahill comes into the squad to tell them about one of the attendees of the soup kitchen, someone that she found out has a copy of the key for the van.

With this new information in hand, Ortiz asks Donnelly if he would like to let Father McIntyre go or should they. Donnelly responds by leaving and not saying a word. Jocelyn Barker comes into the squad, looking to talk to her husband. Medavoy returns and Bales comments that a 5 day rip is good and that he was right to go to trial; Medavoy goes into Bale's office and lays into him, accusing him of torture and committing an exercise out of the command and control playbook.

Bale admits to nothing and tells Medavoy to go home and get some sleep. Sipowicz and Clark come out their interview with Jocelyn Barker's husband and tell her that they are going to begin processing her husband for the murder.

She tells them that he husband is lying and that she killed Craig Woodruff. At the soup kitchen, Murphy and Ortiz get their suspect, who lawyers up the minute he determines what they are really after during their interview. The paperwork on the Woodruff murder is complete; it will be up to a grand jury to decide which Barker committed the crime. In the first sign of benevolence Bale decides that they can let the gun charge go away against Michael's aunt; he tells Sipowicz to change the 5.

Donnelly comes back to the squad to talk to Murphy and Ortiz and apologize for his unprofessional conduct earlier in the day, citing his own experience as an altar boy as the reason. He offers to take them to dinner and they accept. Sipowicz talks with Michael about his relationship with Jones; Michael believes that Jones is angry with him and will probably send him back to Social Services. He'd rather go back into the system than to have Baldwin mad at him. Jones comes into the room, ready to take Michael home.

Jones is looking to take some lost time; the final custody determination hearing for Michael is set for this afternoon. Bale grants him the time to do what he needs to do and then Medavoy comes into his office to plead his case, but Bale isn't going to cut him any slack. The jury in the trial against Simon Kerensky is hung and the judge declares a mistrial. It will be necessary for Lucy Welker to testify again, only it probably won't happen until February. Faced with this new burden, Lucy wonders why no one else involved has to deal with this, she blurts out the name Ike, which is the name of Simon Kerensky's brother.

Lucy tries to backtrack mentioning that name. In the precincts lobby, Jones asks a couple of fellow cops to help set up Craig Woodruff into making a drug buy and if it looks like it will take to long to pull off, perhaps the matter could be helped along with something being planted on Woodruff.

They are reluctant to get involved and Jones tells them not to worry about it. Lucy Welker is briefed on how she will be protected for the near term. While she is being taken through the lobby when they are leaving they encounter Sipowicz, who is bringing Ike Kerensky in. The sighting makes Lucy Welker uncomfortable and she wants Det. Clark to bring her to see her doctor. Ike Kerensky doesn't believe that Lucy Welker has anything to worry about from his brother and he also has nothing but good things to say about him.

While Clark and Lucy Welker are walking down the street, Clark spots a man who begins to fire on the pair. Clark shoots back and takes the gunman out and gets a partial plate number on the white Cadillac that drove away.

He calls it in and his colleagues arrive to help assess the situation. Medavoy meets with his delegate and a trustee. The trustee recommends that he take the 30 day rip, but despite that advice Medavoy decides he is going to bear the burden of the trial room. Bobbi Kingston reports to Jones that Michael's father had attended his son's parent-teacher conference this morning. Despite the fact that Craig Woodruff didn't yet have the right to do it, his lawyer is probably going to use that to show the judge that he is taking an interest in his son.

She tells him that school reported that Michael was upset by the situation and Jones who is frustrated by these events vents his feelings toward Bobbi, who has only been trying to help Jones and Michael through this situation.

As she leaves she reminds him that she is not the enemy. As Sipowicz enters the precinct lobby, one of the cops that Jones had approached earlier tells him about what Jones had asked them to do to Craig Woodruff. Sipowicz tells him that he'll talk to Jones. Lucy Welker's sister Janet comes into the squad wanting to talk to someone in charge.

She wants the business with her sister to stop. She wants to take her sister home. Clark stands up for Lucy and when Lucy herself protests against her sister's interference, her sister leaves her to deal with the situation on her own with her police friends. Clark in follow up conversation with Lucy presses her a little more to tell the complete truth and he asks her more about Ike Kerensky's involvement in the case. She tells him that Ike had tried to talk his brother out of setting the fire and she also admits that she and Ike were lovers.

Murphy and Ortiz go out to the address attached to the Cadillac that carried Lucy Welker's attempted assassin. Sipowicz and Clark have brought Ike Kerensky back in and they are telling him that he is going to go down as a co-conspirator if he doesn't tell the truth about the fire. They decide to put him in the downstairs lockup to give a taste of what he has to look forward to. The girlfriend of the shooter and owner of the Cadillac isn't moved by the fact that her boyfriend was killed in a shootout with the police as she is when she finds out his accomplice Butchie is the one who was driving her car.

Sipowicz tries to talk with Jones about what Moretti told him. Sipowicz tells him to let him play it out, but Jones isn't so trusting that the system is going to work for him. Medavoy tries to give Sipowicz advice for his upcoming exam. The desk sergeant calls upstairs to report that Ike Kerensky tried to hang himself in his cell.

At the hospital Sipowicz and Clark try talking Ike Kerensky into doing the right thing. Murphy and Ortiz interview Butchie about his driving the getaway car and he finally tells them that he and his friend were hired by Kerensky. Jones arrives to the hearing late, he wasn't able to find Michael to bring to him to family court.

The judge isn't going to proceed in the case until Michael is found. The judge adjourns and leaves the room and then Craig Woodruff makes some threatening remarks to Jones if he doesn't return his son to him. Bobbi Kingston tells Jones that she can help him if he is in fact hiding Michael. Jones indicates that he truly has no idea where Michael is located. Medavoy meets with the lawyer who is going to represent him at his trial; he also thinks that the trial is a bad idea, but since that is what Medavoy wants, that is what they are going to do.

Sipowicz and Clark bring Simon Kerensky into the squad. Sipowicz reports in to Bale, who congratulates him on his plan to take the sergeant's exam. Bale offers him his copy of the patrolman's guide, with all his notes in it. ADA Munson and the detectives bring Lucy Welker good news; the driver of the getaway car and Kerensky's brother are going to join her in testifying against Simon Kerensky.

Munson commends Clark on his handling of the case. Jones returns to the squad and tells them about Michael's disappearance, they all offer their help. Clark and Sipowicz arrive on the scene where a woman, Lucy Welker, was beaten by a guy she describes a white homeless guy that looks like a lion.

She can't give them any better description than that. Medavoy arrives to work with a black eye, given to him by a woman he describes as 5 foot nothing and Murphy offers him some makeup to help reduce the shine. Bobbi Kingston comes by to tell Jones that Michael's father is applying for visitation rights and probably eventually custody. Jones is surprised to find out that the hearing is this afternoon. Bale arrives at the squad, with a note to give someone a call, he is brought up to speed on the morning's cases and notices Medavoy's shiner, which he asks him about.

Medavoy tries to pass it off as an accident in the shower. ADA Munson comes to the squad to talk about Lucy Welker, it turns out that she is material witness in a case they have against her boss Simon Kerensky.

Munson wants to put some of their own people on the case, given the support she was given by the pair on the recent McClintock case. She decides to give them a chance and Clark owns up to her that he was entirely responsible for the trouble on that last case. Sipowicz and Clark go to prison to interview Kerensky.

He doesn't know anything about the attack, but asks them to give Lucy his best. Ortiz reports that Lucy Welker has purchased a bus ticket out of town. She and Murphy are sent off to collect her from the bus terminal. James McGowan stops by the squad at Lt. Bale's invitation and following up on an anonymous tip Bale asks him about Medavoy's possible employment at his bar. McGowan denies his employment, but Bale, detecting a lie, threatens to come down on him if he doesn't tell him the truth.

McGowan leaves the office and Medavoy waits in anticipation of Bale's next move. Meanwhile, Jones talks with a lawyer about what can and cannot be done regarding the hearing with Craig Woodruff. Murphy and Ortiz find Lucy Welker and manage to bring her in, where Lt.

Bale is laying into her about her legal status if she runs. The detectives manage to get him to back down and Clark gets her to talk about what really happened this morning. She tells them that Lou DaSilva, one of Kerensky's employees, threatened her if she goes through with her testimony against Kerensky. She is so scared at the moment that she'd rather be put in jail than testify. Jones talks with Craig Woodruff about Michael. Woodruff claims that he has straightened out his act and is grateful to Jones for all that he has done for his son.

Sipowicz is searching for Lou DaSilva and he gets a line on where he can be found, so he and Clark go after him. Lucy Welker's sister Janet arrives at the squad and she tells Murphy and Ortiz what she thinks about her sister's ability to go through with her testimony. Jones meets with Michael and he tells him about his father's request for visitation rights.

Sipowicz and Clark have returned with Lou DaSilva and talk with him about his whereabouts this morning. Lou DaSilva denies knowing Welker, but then admits to attacking her in an attempt to steal her purse. Lou DaSilva tells the detectives that he rather do the time for the assault than do anything that will hurt Kerensky, because if he does that, he knows that he is done.

Bale calls Medavoy into his office and tells him that he knows about his job moonlighting at McGowan's. Bale tells him to turn himself over to IAB, but he should continuing working his regular duty while this makes its way through the system. Sipowicz gives Medavoy some things to think about, including talking to his delegate and the option of turning in his papers.

At family court the visitation hearing begins and both sides present their arguments for the judge. With no compelling evidence against Craig Woodruff, the judge grants one supervised visit per week, pending a psychological evaluation. Lucy Welker is brought in to give her testimony against Kerensky. She is very nervous and Clark offers her support, which helps her to get through it. Jones brings Michael for his first visit with his father. Clark, Munson, Lucy Welker and her sister return to the squad; since Lucy was not able to complete her testimony she will need to return to court in the morning.

Bale won't authorize overtime, but Clark volunteers to keep an eye on Lucy's apartment. Sipowicz offers his assistance in getting her place setup, even though it is not on his way home. Medavoy talks with his delegate about his options. At Lucy's apartment, Sipowicz and Clark make sure the place is secure. Clark assures her that he will be across the street in his car and available if she needs him. And that is where he begins to pass the night.

Medavoy tells Jones about his daughter's plans to buy a house. He is going to need to find a part time job to help her out. Jones tells him about a position as a bouncer, but he doesn't think Medavoy can handle that kind of job. Medavoy is a little put out that no one thinks he handle himself. Sipowicz is contemplating the stabbing case when Clark arrives and tries to discuss it with him.

Sipowicz is distracted by the effect of the killing on the victim's family; he is also bothered by Clark's feeling for the case. They run the case by Bale and then Bale checks in with Sipowicz's mental state, post shooting and everything else that has recently been going on. Sipowicz tells him that everything is okay. An antiques dealer, Gerard Prosser comes into the squad to go over the details of a burglary case that is being investigated by Murphy and Ortiz.

John Irvin takes an interest in Mr. Prosser, especially after they discuss his tea service. Murphy and Ortiz ask him for a list of any old employees as a place to start their investigation. Sipowicz and Clark interview the widow and she tells them about her husband's inability to let anything go and the stare down he go into with his killer.

Medavoy talks with bar owner Jimmy McGowan about the job. McGowan wants to know if Medavoy can handle a situation without resorting to violence. Medavoy cites his over 20 years of surviving on the job as his main qualification. Murphy and Ortiz ask Prosser about one of his old employees, Ismet Vukaj, they've discovered he had priors for robbery and want more information about him.

He also gives them a gift to pass along to John Irvin. Clark has the transit records of the bus passengers. One of them was stopping in the area where Sipowicz knows there is a parole office. Medavoy and Jones catch a stabbing homicide and go to the crime scene, while Bale sends Clark and Sipowicz to interview the victim. Murphy and Ortiz interview Ismet Vukaj, who only admits to having one of Prosser's picture frames in his home, when the detectives warn him they are coming with Prosser to his house to see if any of Prosser's missing valuables are at his apartment.

At the hospital, Sipowicz and Clark interview the stabbing victim. The victim was able to take a photo of his stabber with his cell phone. Sipowicz can only comment on the victim's inability to think about the consequences of not backing down. The cell phone photo indicates that the stabber might be the same guy for both of today's cases. Medavoy announces to the others about his new job bouncing and invites everyone to come on down.

Sipowicz talks to Medavoy about his new career choice, but it comes down to everyone doubting that Medavoy is going to be able to handle himself in that job. Medavoy thanks him for his lack of encouragement.

John Irvin stops by Prosser's home to thank him for the gift of the creamer he needed for his tea service. Prosser inquires as to John's availability and invites him to lunch. Prosser tells John Irvin about his recent slate of financial disasters and now the robbery on top of it all; but Prosser wants to know more about John Irvin. Meanwhile Sipowicz and Clark meet with their possible suspect, Frankie Rosales' parole officer.

They go with her to the home where he lives with his sister. Despite Clark's treatment of the sister where'd that come from? Before they break in, Clark insists on going in first, citing Sipowicz having too much on his mind. Sipowicz goes first anyway and they get Frankie Rosales, with Rosales on managing to get off one shot with his gun before it jammed. John Irvin asks Murphy and Ortiz about the status of Prosser's case, he tells them about the lunch he had with them, but then also mentions the financial difficulties that Prosser told him about over lunch.

He is not sure, but he thinks that Prosser might have robbed himself for the insurance money. With that bit of information, Murphy and Ortiz talk with Prosser about the case they've built against Ismet Vukaj, who they really like for committing the robbery.

Not wanting to get an innocent victim in trouble, Prosser confesses to having committed the crime himself. Clark and Sipowicz have begun their interview with Frankie Rosales; they bring up the robbery and then the incident on the bus.

Frankie Rosales tells them that nobody is tougher than he is and works his way right into admitting to the murder on the bus, and later the robbery of the video store. Sipowicz brings Bale up to speed on Rosales confession and Bale commends him on doing good work today. Medavoy is working his new part-time job and Jones comes in. A large man starts to make a scene and diminutive Medavoy manages to get him to leave without any violence.

Sipowicz goes to the hospital to tell the stabbing victim about the status of his case. As Sipowicz leaves the hospital room, he catches a glimpse of Bobby Simone in the next bed. Back in the squad's locker-room, Simone makes an appearance.

Sipowicz asks Simone about death, what he should about his new boss, his future on the job, his wife and 3 kids and his partner. Simone tells him to become a teacher and to continue being a father to his 4 kids his own 3 and his partner. Simone also tells him to stop thinking too much about what's ahead of him. Simone promises to be there for Sipowicz whenever he needs him and as they are finishing their discussion Clark enters the locker room.

Sipowicz asks him if he would like to grab something to eat, he promises Clark that he is not going anywhere and that he will be right there with him. He takes Clark's keys and leaves with Clark in pursuit. Outside of the bar three shots are fired in their direction, one of them strikes Sipowicz in the shoulder. At the hospital Sipowicz has been stitched up and is going to work. He tells Medavoy that he thinks the shooting was a random act, or related to Clark and had nothing to do with his stalker.

Murphy and Ortiz interview the bartender, who admits to making the call to Sipowicz about Clark's drinking. He also tells them that an off-duty cop works his door, but he had left before the shooting occurred; he also tells them that he isn't giving up that cop's name.

They convince him it is in his best interest to do otherwise. In the squad's coffee room, members of Sipowicz's AA support group are there to give him some support. Someone called and told them that he had begun drinking again. Sipowicz goes there, finds out who does the security equipment in their building and then he confronts Hatcher, to find out who requested that credit check. Hatcher says that it wasn't him, but that he will look into it for him as a "personal favor.

Murphy and Ortiz talk to the off-duty copy who worked as a doorman at the bar and he tells them about the woman that Clark was hitting on and the arrival of a man who broke up their relationship.

Then they talk to Clark about what happened and he is able to give them the name, Christine, and number of the woman. Sipowicz stops at a security firm that did work the IPI Agency to see if he can find out who purchased the listening device. After Sipowicz tells the owner how the device was used to help with the abduction of his son, the owner agrees to search back through his records. Murphy and Ortiz talk with Christine, the woman that Clark was with last night. She tells them that the man that came into the bar to collect her was her father.

She vouches for the presence of her father in their home between the hours of 2 and 3 am, the time when the shooting incident occurred. Sipowicz finds the guy who installed the listening device at Hatcher's request and also took Theo for a ride.

The bartender has come back in again and is talking with Jones and Medavoy. The bartender remembered a guy from a couple of weeks earlier that Clark had stolen a woman from. The guy hadn't been back in the bar since that night that was until last night.

Jones and Medavoy ask Clark about the woman and he eventually remembers her first name and where she lived. Sipowicz gets Hatcher and takes him for a ride. Sipowicz holds a gun at the back of Hatcher's neck. Sipowicz tells Hatcher that since he has he has involved his family he wants Hatcher to know what he is capable of. Sipowicz lets him go with those words of warning.

The next day the woman whose attention Clark stole comes into the squad. The woman remembers the name of the guy was Larry Mytelka and she finds one of the many business cards that he gave her. In the meantime, Sipowicz with Bale has been called down to IAB and we find out what Hatcher was capable of, he has made recordings of his recent conversations with Sipowicz, including the one from last night.

Martens tells them that with the evidence at hand, that at a minimum they are looking at a departmental trial. Bale asks him to hold onto that information for at least one day. Jones and Medavoy interview Larry Mytelka about what happened in the bar the night he lost the woman.

Using John Irvin as their "eye-witness" they get Larry Mytelka to give up the fact that he fired the shots. Bale meets with Stan Hatcher and Hatcher's uncle and works out a deal to get the whole matter between them dropped.

Hatcher doesn't like the deal, but his uncle convinces him otherwise. When Bale returns to the office, he calls Clark into his office and tells him that he needs to straighten up if he wants to continue to "be here.

Sipowicz thanks Bale, but Bale doesn't want his thanks. Bale didn't feel good doing what he did and he wants Sipowicz to know that he did not win a confederate based on these recent events.

Clark asks Jones if he wants to go to the gym or get dinner. Jones denies the request, citing that Clark's recent behavior bothers him. Clark asks Sipowicz if he has put in his request for reassignment to another partner yet; he asks him to hold off and asks for a chance to get his act together. Sipowicz tells him that he hasn't, and that "we'll try it. Annoyed with this, Sipowicz shuts Clark out of his interview of one of the victim's neighbor. She tells him that the victim worked as a phone sex operator.

After the interview Clark tries to address the situation, but Sipowicz isn't listening. Back at the squad room, Sipowicz takes delivery of a package of kiddie porn. When he signs his name, the FBI agent reveals himself and takes him to the coffee room, where his partner and Lt. With the recent pattern of harassment to back him up, Sipowicz and Bale get the FBI to drop their investigation. Clark leaves for court, he is testifying in the case against Steve McClintock.

Scott Garvin and his attorney come to the squad to report the probable kidnapping of his son. Garvin has received a ransom call. Sipowicz, Medavoy and Jones listen Scott Garvin tell the story of his relationship with his son, someone he'd recently cut off financially.

So, when the Palms became a Station, what should I have done? Obviously, go to the players club desk and ask for details about their players club. I played their kiosk games and sometimes was rewarded with point prizes. So, I took my own advice and — belatedly — went to the players club desk and asked for written details about their club.

Talk about fine print — I was given a folder with FOUR pages of print so small I finally had to look for my trusty magnifying glass! It took me awhile to find information on this subject that puzzled me. Details galore in this folder but not much detail about the various worth of points. However, 7 merely says this: I talked to knowledgeable friends who had been playing at Station properties for a long time and also asked about this issue on the vpFREE discussion forum.

They are introducing a brand-new casino management system that will make major changes to how they track customer play through their B Connected players club.

Unfortunately, they are giving out very few advance details. Here is the little I have found out:. Will this generate even more extra fees to try to pump up a casino bottom line — or perhaps lead to more and better promotions to increase customer visitation?

I am cautiously optimistic about this latter result. Although our regular monthly mailers are pretty much as they have been for quite a while, we are finding a few extra offers mid-month in our snail-mail box and computer Inbox.

Maybe this is the beginning of a long-lasting trend? From an ad in the R-J, a good idea for casinos that have limited in-house options for utilizing the comps you earn: Senior Thursdays, with new and increased benefits. For adults and children! See the details at the Silverton Casino website.

It will be set up, not only in their older established casinos, but will fold into the system those recently-acquired Vegas properties, like the Cannery and Aliante, as well as new sales pending in the Midwest.

This roll-out process at 29 gaming properties will take time, the company says, lasting the rest of this year and well into When completed this will be one of the largest player reward systems, topped only by the one of Caesars Entertainment.

I usually am not excited about them! My life story is the subject for a documentary film Granddaughter Kaitlynn is making as the required thesis for her masters degree in Film Production. She is starting to understand that, although it looks like two very different worlds, there is much the same. I learned the value of being careful with money when I was a very little girl so it was not a surprise I became a frugal gambler. I knew I would be a teacher as soon as I started first grade so it was not a surprise that I wrote books teaching about smarter gambling.

So she is filming as we enjoy comped casino meals. She is filming us as we play video poker. She already knows about coupon runs since we took her on one a couple of years ago when she turned So that was on the top of her must-film list. But Kaitlynn got the footage she needed — and I got some photos to share with you. Many readers asked for a trip report. We have eaten at the Range Steakhouse many times and it is always top-notch when we want to go gourmet.

Since we are both at the Seven Star players club level, we took advantage of their Diamond Lounge frequently. They serve hot food from 4 p.

We eat very lightly these days, so we often find items we like to make our complete small meals. We especially like their chunky chicken salad with cranberries and walnuts. These days when we want to visit other casinos, we take the river taxi! Especially during the weekends, the restaurants, beach, and family pool are crowded with kids. Good there is also an adult-only pool for a quieter experience! The sandy beach is popular for all ages and the jet ski rental business there is booming all summer.

Down through the years we have enjoyed many side road trips. The Indian-owned Avi Resort and Casino 25 miles down the Colorado River has a Vegas-style hotel and casino, with many amenities that include a movie theater, an RV park, and beach and water activities. There will be a stopover in Havasu City to see the bridge and have lunch and then the cruise back to Laughlin. One of our favorite places to take friends and family is the historic former mining town of Oatman, Arizona, on Route 66, about a minute drive from Laughlin.

These days it is a quirky tourist destination with fake gunfights in the streets, wild burros roaming carefree, and the usual places to eat and drink and buy kitschy souvenirs.

Many visitors to Laughlin are those who drive from Las Vegas, as we did. That drive used to be a traffic nightmare before a divided highway was built. And now it is even easier since the bypass around the Railroad Pass Casino has been completed. However, a little bit of the old bad memories came back on this last trip since there is now construction between Searchlight and the Laughlin turn-off and we had to contend with about 16 miles of no-passing single lanes coming and going!

Some visitors take these charter packages regularly every few months, praising their convenience, with straight-through flights and included room accommodations. When they land in the Bullhead City airport across the river, a bus is waiting to take them straight to the hotel.

The prices for these vary, but for many visitors, after they pay for the first trip, the future ones can be discounted or completely comped depending on their previous casino play history. Some gamblers feel Laughlin is more laid-back, more like the good old days, and opt for it as an alternative to the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas.

Yes, we occasionally do. Down through the years I have talked about providing casino vacations for our families. However, they end up being a frugal bargain if you compare it with paying for the whole thing with money out of pocket!

This one is not with family but a chance to meet up and socialize with friends. As is usual, we will have a comped suite and most of our meals will be free. No serious gambling this trip — just the goal of relaxing with no stress. B-Connected Summary — So Far! Part 2 Posted on September 19, by queen of comps.

Here is a warning for slot players and VP players: Your journey to reach a certain tier level can be slowed down if you frequently pull your card or change machines or even change games within one machine. The tier credit countdown stops whenever you do any one of those things, and then starts back at zero whenever you start back to play again. But as you can see from the above item, it would seriously affect the VP player.

Here is some text I read in their recent newspaper ad: These new changes will affect each player differently.

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