To her horror she noticed she was getting turned on again, and it was going to be real obvious she was wet soon. The tension in the room was at it's highest as everyone, save for Roderick, was one loss away from losing the game. Her boobs were small, but perfect. The next hands were pretty uneventful. So hot when she grabs her breast at

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Beside Jason sat Roderick, Jason's best friend. Roderick was 19 and had just finished his first year of college, and his parents owned the house that they were in at this moment.

He was much smaller than Jason, but he was arguably better looking, and he was incredibly smart. Roderick actually took her to prom his senior year, but the two didn't really click so they decided to just stay friends.

Next to Laura was Allie, her best friend and a brunette. Allie was 18 and had just finished high school. She played softball in high school so she stayed in shape. Her athletic figure coupled with an amazing pair of boobs, made Allie drop dead gorgeous. She was also the more outgoing of the two and was always ready to try something new. Laura was actually jealous of Allie. Her personality and body made it so every guy they met would always try to get with Allie instead of her.

Laura thought of herself as plain in comparison. Like Allie, she was 18 and just finished high school. She was petite with shoulder length blonde.

She was small, but not really athletic, and her boobs were on the tiny side. She had never had a boyfriend before because she was so shy, and she always had a nice girl image. No one had even seen her naked before, and she wasn't very confident about her body.

So how did she get talked into playing strip poker? Roderick and Jason came back home from college for the summer, and Rodericks parents were out of town for the weekend.

So he predictably decided to throw a party while they were away. Allie and Laura jumped at the chance to hang out with their old friends again, and to celebrate finally being done with high school. The party went on for a while, but soon more and more people went home leaving just the four of them. The four of them played poker for a while until Jason got the bright idea to play strip poker instead.

Allie, being a bit tipsy, thought that sounded like a great idea, and pressured Laura, who was a bit of a pushover, into playing with them. So here she was, with an absolutely terrible hand, and taking off any of her remaining clothes would leave her showing more than she wanted to.

She looked around at what the others were wearing. Jason had lost his shoes and socks, and was down to just his jeans and his black T-Shirt, Roderick had only lost his shoes so he had on a blue button down shirt, jeans, and his socks still.

Allie had lost her shoes, socks, and her shirt, so she was only wearing her jeans and a pink bra that showed off her huge tits.

Laura has lost her shoes and socks as well, leaving her in her shorts and white top. She wanted to back out, but she knew that Allie wouldn't forgive her if she backed out when she had already shown off her bra. Let's go with three.

Laura handed Jason her three lowest cards and he handed her back three new cards. She looked at the cards hoping for a miracle, but they weren't much better than the cards she had before. It was just as Laura feared, she had the worst hand of them all. Laura slowly stood up and started undoing the button on her shorts. She kept trying to tell herself that it wouldn't be any worse than being in a bikini, but there was just something different about people seeing you in only panties that she couldn't get over.

She undid the zipper and slid her shorts down her legs, letting her friends get a good view of her white polyester panties. Laura glowed red, and quickly took the shorts all the way off and sat back down. She kept telling herself that she could back out once she had to show something that she really didn't want to show. The next hands were pretty uneventful. Roderick lost both socks and Jason lost his jeans, leaving him in boxer shorts and his T-shirt.

As Jason was dealing out the next hand, Allie decided to make a suggestion. I don't think I can-" "Oh, come on! She still wasn't comfortable with this, but the idea of seeing Jason or Roderick naked sounded interesting, and Allie had a point about the chances being low that she would lose.

Allie ended up losing the next hand, so she turned around as she stood up and undid her jeans. Jason and Rodericks eyes went wide as they saw the waistband of the jeans loosen around Allie's waist.

She bent over as she slid the jeans down her backside, revealing her perfectly toned ass barely covered in a pink thong. Once the jeans got to her ankles, Allie stepped out of them and the three of them got to watch her ass jiggle as she picked up her jeans and threw them in a pile with her other clothes. She quickly sat down and then started blushing when she realized the show she just put on.

To Laura's disdain, she lost again. This doesn't give me much wiggle room. Laura glanced over at Allie who looked hurt, and she realized how mean it must of sounded. Laura made a mental note to apologize, but she was more concerned about the game right now. She had the same amount of clothes as Allie and Jason, and losing anything else was something she didn't want to do. She just had to play smart and hope that luck was on her side.

Jason dealt out the next hand and Allie ended up losing again. Allie looked nervous as she stood up and she was clearly contemplating what she was going to take off. The guys couldn't take their eyes off the gorgeous, fit, teen. The guys were completely speechless as they tried to wrap their heads around getting to see their friends most intimate part. Jason passed around the cards and this time he was the one to lose. Laura gasped as Jason's six inch hard on bobbed into view.

This was Laura's first time seeing another man's penis before and she tried to take in the full view. She noticed a bit of clear liquid at the end of the pink tip and wondered what that could be. Jason passed around the cards again, but Laura couldn't get her mind off what had just happened. She was sitting her in only her panties while the boy she had a crush on was sitting across from her with his hard cock out.

She felt herself getting turned off, as she watched his exposed penis twitch. Laura quickly scooped up her cards as Roderick laughed at Allie's comment. She couldn't bring herself to see what Jason's reaction was to that statement.

Laura's embarrassment turned to fear as she looked at the cards she had. It was another awful hand. The best she had was a queen. That doesn't look good. Laura looked at the cards that Jason gave back to her. It was still a bad hand, but she got a pair of threes from it. If she was lucky, someone else might have a bad hand as well, and she wouldn't lose this round. Laura's heart raced as everyone laid their hands on the table.

She glanced around the table hoping to see a hand worse than hers. Allie had a pair of Kings, Jason had three sevens, and Roderick has a pair of fives. The color from Laura's face drained, and she suddenly felt sick. Laura looked at Allie as if she pleading her to help, but Allie just shrugged.

Allie and Jason would never forgive if she backed out after they were already showing so much. She reached her arms around her backside, and struggled to grasp the clasp of her bra with her hands shaking as much as they were. She finally managed to unclasp her bra and the loosening of her bra straps made her realize how all too real this actually was.

She slumped her shoulders and let her bra straps fall to her arms. She lifted one arm out of a bra strap, then the other, careful at to keep at least one hand on her bra at all times, so it wouldn't fall off. The only thing keeping her covered now was her hands keeping her bra on her, but she knew she had to drop it eventually. She tried to picture herself alone in her room instead of in front of her friends as she let go of the bra, finally exposing her tiny boobs to her friends.

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