Dozens And Columns Roulette Strategies

The main thing to remember is that the splits must always be more than 1. If you want to cover more of the table, you can bet on 2 Dozens at the same time instead. The player will enjoy full enjoy real taste. You must have enough wins, but there can be losses in the trot, too. This is my understanding and it works for me. I still have me arse in a sling, so this post is suspect. Not where to bet, how much to bet.

You place bets in a way so that only certain numbers can make you win or lose but if any other numbers come up you will not lose any chips. If you are like most of us then you can use all the helpful tips you can get.

The 5 free systems I have for you are designed so you either win or lose, and any neutral games cost you nothing, remember if you bet 7 chips and lose 7 games you are down 49 chips, after this you will get caught in the silly betting trap to try to get your losses back.

The fear can make you; make bad betting decisions to try getting your money back. The idea is to keep your losses down so when you win, more of your win is going to your Profit. You can never tell for certain what number is going to come up next, but if it does not cost you any chips every time then this is a great technique to use to keep you in the game. What the wheel tells us about the ball. You are best to play a system based on the only real information you can rely on.

If you divide the wheel into 6 parts you will find only 2 things can happen. The ball will leave the section it is in on the next spin or.

It will stay in the same section. How this would work, if you know the ball is leaving the last section it was in then use one of the 5 plans where the bad numbers the losing numbers are in that section.

You can never know where the ball will go; the question is how good are you at predicting where the ball will not go. This is just to help you keep the losing spins as low as possible, try this out by not using this, see if there is any different. Which way are you better at,. When you play with this or when you just play the way you play?

Play the way you are best at. Self control this is a very easily forgotten secret, but it plays a huge part in your gambling this decides how much you win at the end of the night. Some win by luck or a system they can win at the start or the end of the night. But unfortunily you wanted to make another 20 chips or were just trying to get back up to chips what Eva the reason at some stage, Self control.

This is something very hard to fix depending on your personality. I have seen it a hundred times people making lots of money enjoying the buzz and later on I see them with nothing. Not everyone can control themselves even when they know that self control is the problem, how are you in this situation? On every win lower the divisor by one and subtract the actual bet from your deficit.

Now the Safety Brake When my bet gets too high, I just increase my divisor by 8 or This causes a smaller bet and takes longer to clear the deficit. Logged Jun 30, If dogs don't go to heaven, when I die I want to go where dogs go. Thanks Sam - I'll see if I can make a working copy of that spreadsheet. There are two ways to use the divisor Use the divisor to keep from losing. When your losses reach X, decide how many bets you want to place to clear X The second is the way I use it most of the time.

Hi Sam, not sure if I'm following the posting rules being a newbie and all Can you simplify this method for me a little as I'm not quite understanding it. Logged Jul 11, Add two to the deficit and raise the divisor by 1. Logged Jul 13, TwoCatSam on Jul 13, Rob I am not offended and I am definitely math challenged. You must have enough wins, but there can be losses in the trot, too.

Now, that is the way I understand it and, God knows, I could be wrong. I can tell you this: I've used it many times and it does work unless you get the trot from hell and I don't know what saves you then. I still have me arse in a sling, so this post is suspect. Thank you Sam for trying to explain.

However you have the symbols wrong. The big number deficit has to go before the divisor for the division to be correct. Btw, anyone know where Lanky is? I suggest you check the spreadsheet for flaws. I put check-able arithmetic results for each bet made and for each spin in the test in locations where I can see if I made a calculation error in writing the software.

Last time it was the number of positive results used in a simple addition column of wins. Someone here pointed it out and the baloney festival was over. Sorry no prizes for winning the festival. I know that you do not have a winning system. I'd advise you not to take this into a real casino. Apr 5, Likes: No flaws, No special software, good functions in excel, rest is handwork. I will come back If I have reached Rheti , Apr 25, Dec 25, Likes: Judy Garland" I am always chasing rainbows.

Good work on your part though but one must also learn how to win. You shall find the eventually while keeping an open mind.

Nathan Detroit , Apr 25, And Gizmo, I have to correct You.. That makes a difference.